Hey guys my Name is Charlemagne from Salt Lake city , I don’t consider myself a magician or a practitioner , But yes i do have experience with invocations and evocations. My Grandmother passed away in 2016 and she left me her personal journal which i soon came to find out was her own personally compiled grimmoire. I started using it in 2020 when things got tough.

Her journal REALLY works but I’ve always had many questions . Last night i asked my spirit guide about a group of people I could join to discuss such matters about magic and spirits. Then the following day which was today, i saw an article on BBC about some guy called Matthew Lawrence, aka EA KOETING , who owned a forum for satanists. So i came here…Unfortunately i’m not satanist, but I’ve been led to this forum…I did go through some of the topics on the forums before signing up .

And i realized a couple of spirits which are in her grimmoire for example , Frimost , Clauneck , Aniquel and Lucifuge etc . But she also added other hebrew names which she says were given to her to call them quicker. So one thing id like to know is that have i sold my soul unknowingly ? Cause i was really shocked when i read about lucifuge , i didn’t know he was such a powerful demon

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