Free Services: Look Before You Leap! (Applies to buying as well)

I agree with you 100%, but we have fewer issues with that, due to the forum rules. I see a lot of things like I am doing this for clients, limited spots and I’ll take x people for free too. or I do this all the time for clients so now I’m doing it for anyone who wants it for free.

Those ones worry me the most, but we should be careful with everything tbh… If you’ve got that many paid clients for it, what the fck is your motivation to do it for free also. Usually when you’re doing something for free that you do for clients, you’re trying to drum up more business.

I think we have some shaky businessmen around here, doing things for free and then causing harm, so that they can get more clients.

I’d worry less if they didn’t bounce from vibing like well, you researched the topic at least, to sounding downright delusional, in the space of a few posts.

Just be careful peeps, all around and try to know what you are getting into and how to protect yourselves, in case you make a bad decision.


The most I’ve ever gotten is a tarot reading. I would never let someone else do a ritual for me because I don’t know the intent and state of the magician during the time of the ritual. Intent is the most important thing during a ritual and I only trust my own intent during rituals.


Wow wat peopls do to gst oney. So sad.

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Indeed and I should have said I think it can go both ways, being scanned and scanning, but @Angelb1083 covered the scanning someone else part so, always be careful, even when you are trying to help someone else.


Bump, more people need to understand this.

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Magic first and foremost most, specially for the founder of this forum, is a business. He makes money off the competition. Of thousands of magicians who, due to the nature of magick itself which is dream like, can’t trust their results and visions. So they keep jumping from wagon to wagon. So to curb it completely might be hard.

Honestly this was directed at being careful what you accept on our forums, and as free services particularly on our forums :slight_smile:

No offense. I think we all comprehend that this forum is run by a business owner and many of us do rituals for hire and offer services as well, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who does it, is doing so to truly help others or that they won’t intentionally make the problem worse, or even that they know what the fck they are doing, but still are selling their services or giving them away for free. Many people don’t even comprehend possible energetic conflicts between people, let alone spirits and spiritual currents.

Maybe even- they don’t realize they have parasites themselves or any number of other things, but the issue here is, people are not using good discretion and I am merely asking them to think about what they do, and who they do with it. :slight_smile:

I’m not really trying to curb anything, rather I was trying to raise awareness. Even if it only helps people connect the dots, between Wow life was great, then I got a great free ritual, but now my life has suddenly turned shitty or I’m fighting parasites non stop. Maybe they will remember reading this, and at least take action to actually help themselves, rather than become something not even worthy to be fed upon.


When you scan you are as equally open as people are that you are scanning. In my case I brought out the parasite that decided it liked what I was putting off.


Well said, that was how I felt about it too, but didn’t want to be incredibly redundant lmao.

I also think less than half the people I see doing scans, or getting them are actually able to do them, or have any idea how it works lmao. Sometimes I read those posts and go yupppp ya crazy man, to even begin to believe this.

We have a lot of the the blind, leading the blind. somedays.


Bumping cuz I’m going back to bed. Be safe kids.


Title change/bumping in an attempt to reach more members.


With respectful apologies, I took the step of changing it again because it’s not so much about “the forum” per se being unsafe, just advising people to look before leaping with free stuff.

And that is indeed why we insist on a 3-month probationary period before people can offer free readings & other free services - not because that somehow assures the person’s work, but so they have a body of posts and interactions on here, and you can quickly research them before deciding whether this is right for you. :+1:


Great point. The best can admit when they’re wrong.


Bumping/heading to bed, be safe!


Wonderful post. Too many of us have learned this the hard way. Lucky for me I learned it the hard way before I ever got into magic. It is exceptionally rare to get something for nothing - no matter what area of life. And like you warned in this post, I paid dearly. If I knew the price that I would have to pay, I would have gone without the free things that were offered to me. I can only imagine what that would be like in the arena of magic…

Live and learn I guess🤷‍♀️


Are you now stronger that you went through those things?

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I feel like those people must have had problems already or a major vulnerability. It seems unlikely that a simple reading or any occult related exercise could lead to major problems from just one short experience.

I’ve had bad stuff happen, but I was deep into it, i.e., I was spending my entire waking time going into such things, like communicating with spirits with no knowledge of what I was doing.

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You’d be very surprised…

More likely than unlikely

Great point. They are busy doing their own stuff. Moreover, regulars are more adept and knowledgeable of their own experiences. Adding a random person to the mix is unlikely to help them and may even make things worse.

What do you do during “ritual”? Are you helping people to achieve goals through magick?

Are parasites blocking those who need the information from getting it by doing things like distracting their/its/his/her victim?

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Yes. Definitely. It took so much energy for me to get out of the situation and I never wanted to be so vulnerable again. People like that prey on the weak. You’re already struggling and they pretend to be nice and help you and then kick you when you’re already down. Then they treat you like garbage and you should be so lucky to have them in your life because now they’re going to help you… it turns into a toxic cycle .“Holding the hand that holds me down,” quote by Breaking Benjamin

Anyway, I learned how to take care of myself after that so that I wouldn’t have to depend on someone else for my survival. If you give someone that much power over you they often times abuse it. Never again. These days I’m happy to trade with people service for service or money for service. I never accept handouts though because there’s always something in it for them. I would rather have a person be upfront about what they want. Then I can decide if I’m willing to pay that price.

So in a sense, it did make me a better stronger person but it was one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned.