For Those Who Lack Their Energy Or For Those Whose Energy Is Tainted

Is there anyway I can work this routine with a shower? I only have a shower room, I’m afraid. And does it matter how big the crystals are? I’m only down to a few small gemstones as I had a massive purge in July and got rid of hundreds of books, dvds, crystals and god knows what else, in my move to a more minimalist lifestyle :rofl:

@VoodooWalk I’ve heard of the massive benefits of Vit C (I looked into it more seriously in Aug after my mother had a heart attack and was lead to read up on Linus Pauling’s work in that area, of which, naturally, he is vilified by mainstream science). Do you think it could work by fasting for 2-3 days on water, Vit C, and coconut oil or would that put too much strain on the body? I’m just sick to the back teeth of beig addicted to sugar and it being the bane of my existence, leaving me with so little energy to live a normal life. I want to start getting serious with meditating in the New Year, if not before, but I’m usually too tired to meditate less I fall asleep or lose focus! If I don’t sort my health out, what with me feeling the way I do with depleted energy reserves, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m dead within 5 years, even though I’ve not had a serious health problem yet. I am able to ingest around 7,000mg Vit C/Lysine/L-Arginine daily but I don’t feel full of energy.


Not to presume to answer for @C.Kendall but another respected member on here once suggested load anything intended for a bath into a spray bottle, here’s the post: Uncrossing?! Help! - #12 by TheWanderingFool


Coconut oil helped with Vitamin D, E, and K. (You could also take the capsules.)
Vitamin C helped with getting over the pain of not being able to get out of bed and the shivers.
Fasting helped with keeping my mind focused on getting sober.

Another thing I’ve been told to use for energy / feeling depressed is melatonin before going to sleep. It helps you sleep through the entire night.

Honestly, I think it would help, but I don’t know if it would be the same way as what I did. I got mine from one of my friends who was obsessed with vitamins and their affects. Dude was a straight up modern alchemist.


Thanks, Lady_Eva, I’ll keep this in mind. At least there is an option for those with only showers!

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Think I’m going to do a 2-day fast on Christmas day. We only really celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in my house and I usually can’t wait to box all that crap up on Christmas day and get on with the year! 2019 will start on Dec 25 for me.

I’ve not got the singular capsules of vitamins D,E, and K, so do you think a slight overload of multivitamins will suffice until I can get some in? I’ll combine that with Vit C megadosing to bowel intolerance and ingesting Coconut oil throughout the day. I’ll hydrate with water and herbal teas.

I do use melatonin, in fact! I swear by the product. However, I have noticed since hitting the bread again this month (I hadn’t eaten it for years) It’s not working so much. Wheat makes me feel shitty but it’s been a cheap option to fill up. But I feel like I’ve been dosed with a horse tranquilizer yet can’t sleep at night even with melatonin. Clearly, I’ve got a sensitivity issue with wheat and a LOT of toxic crap in my system.

Vitamins are fascinating things and god-given, thankfully!


Wheat’s evil, and not in a good way.


I second this. Bread is horrible for you.


Yes, I concur and WILL give it up again. I managed without it for long enough. When I eat it, it just feel like my energy is smothered by this heavy, exhausting cloak. I don’t feel like me. I just feel like a bloody zombie on it. Which begs the question, why eat it? Human habits are ridiculous and confusing at the best of times! My mother is addicted to bread and I’m sure helped play part in her heart attack but she refuses to give up. 98% of her arteries clogged and all 4 ventricles to her heart badly damaged up and she won’t try. That’s crazy for you! :laughing:


A bath, and call on Poseidon to wash away everything, that does actually help.


Water drakes can help too. Evoking a Water Drake is a bit harder than Poseidon though.

Especially if your severely allergic

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Also, I lived for a long time without a bath, and I realized you can buy an inflatable tub on amazon. I was able to fit it into my shower and it worked really well, it had a plug on the bottom that you just release, or you can deflate the tub to get the water out.

Before that, I would buy these scented tabs they have at Lush that you put in the shower and the scent carries through the hot steam, and I would burn some incense and use an oil diffuser as well.

Any time it rained outside I would run out to it as well and sit out in the grass to meditate in it.



Love the focus on helping oneself, as opposed to just making a half-hearted call for help before chilling in front of Netflix.

There’s a spiritual truth here - there will never be help for those who don’t take the time to help themselves.


Is there any possibility I can message you on here. I am in need of advice about how you we’re able to get off of the opiates. I have come a long way on my own, but I am in a situation that’s not helping me progress. My living situation is extremely stressful due to a narcissist husband and father which now I have another issue with benzos. I feel stuck mentally and with my craft (I am new a bit over 2 years I have been learning and practicing on my own) I just feel stuck like I can’t progress it’s a long story. I am at a crossroads or more like a prison is how it feels.

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Do u have any suggestions for me. I met a vampire who attacked me and sent me these insanely powerful alien like entities to feed off me. They can put u in a trance like state and use my own tongue n mouth to take my voice and do spell work against me taking my fee will. The main entity only speaks in half truths and everything has double meanings. I almost died because it was making me see stuff that isn’t real and making me feel like it was pouring acid on my brain to make me a vegetable. So I decided to kill myself before that happened. They are so dangerous. They shove digital looking images in my head showing this guy cutting me open alive. He was staring at me with feces around his mouth and sucking shit off his finger saying"it’s my little shit face" which was funny in itself but the torment hasn’t stopped. This has been going on for eleven months. I even decided to become a vampire but I have a hard time concentrating as they control my mind. I’ve called on spirits for help n nothing works… Should I start feeding off of them or should I bind the entity to someone else. I need some real help here banishing don’t work either. My next step is to make a wand to make them obey. Oh and they block all psychics from seeing him and them. I’ve gotten so many clearings and readings and removals. I have to fight this bitch off I’m assuming. Im pretty sure this guy marked me or something and put a curse on me. I did clap back spells for that and sent him his bs back to him. I have more info if u need so we can pinpoint what they are and what should be done to stop it. Reverse feeding. I can use this cord he put in me to hurt him as well correct. But idk how to do that stuff. I’m new to vamparism

Oh and I’m also on some insane medication because they make it look like I’m schitzophrenic but I’m not. They talk to me incessantly as a form of torture. Almost turned my mind into mush. I have to take meds for Parkinson disease and they make me feel like shit but it slows the interaction slightly. He also uses the entities to spy on me and talks to me thru them. I actually have messages from this guy where I admits he did this. This entity put half it’s energy body inside me so it could posses me. I have four vampire entities as well I had to purchase them so I wouldn’t die from the feeding. I’m gonna get more and use them to help me survive. I can’t even call on a vampire for help because they won’t let me go into theta state. They are blocking me from any line of defense.

This is crazy idk why no one will help me.

First off, I would like to thank OP for their very helpful contribution. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I have been looking for. Seriously, THANK YOU.

Secondly, I would like to add a suggestion for male sorcerors: Semen retention.

There is great power in semen retention, as the seat of a sorceror’s energy is his sperm. For the sorceress, her womb.

Methods include the hard way, the easy ways and the easiest way.

The hard way: cultivation of iron clad discipline. This method is likely to result in sacral chakra blockage however.

The easy way number 1: orgasm without ejaculation. I am currently endeavoring to master this useful skill.

The easy way number 2: sublimation. Sublimating the sexual energy with creativity can not only help reduce requirement of orgasms per year down to zero, but also unblock the sacral chakra.

The easiest way: vasectomy. If your sperm are trapped inside your balls and cannot be released when you ejaculate, you retain your prana, yet get to have sex. I think if most sorcerors realized this, vasecomies would be a very popular and even traditional. If one wants a chikd ao bad, one can adopt. One may even find a way to use sorcery to create a sort of Pygmalion child, bit I am not advanced enough currently to speak of such things. As for them not being blood related, there are methods of “investing” in another as it is termed, infusing them with one’s energetic signature. However, I lnow little about this process. As I progress, I shall endeavor to learn it.

Hope this helps.


I agree, I don’t understand why people don’t see it as necessity, when I don’t retain my sexual energy I literally cannot conjure any emotions passion or barely any visualization skills