Dremus, the Devourer

So, I have been noticing an uptick in parasite activity as of late. During my Beelzebub working, I created Dremus from an aspect of myself that was once useful for my survival but got pushed into the shadow when the anger was no longer beneficial. I gave him the form of a carnivorous plant known as the Demon Flower, while teaching him how to devour parasites for the sake of not only survival but to reproduce himself and store excessive energy to share with a magician if he chooses to. In the journal entry I went more into a bit more detail with his creation, i gave him a fragment of my own “soul” and severed the bond between him and myself, allowing him to exist independently as he has his own energy source.

So, if you have a parasite problem, Dremus can be quite helpful. Since I created him, I noticed I have had less encounters with parasites in general both when I travel and at work, where they seem to love being. There have also been less interactions with individuals in my professional life that where a “drain” so to speak, as they were either removed entirely via firing or appear too exhausted to be a problem. He also kept true to the concept of giving energy he collects, as i felt a rush of energy being injected into myself when I gazed at his sigil today.

To call his help, activate the sigil (see below), tell him the problem and what you want done and hang the sigil somewhere in the home. Like a carnivorous plant, he will take care of the pest problem without any additional work from you (although if you want to go into evocation and get to know him, definitely do). If you want to reduce the risk of an imposter spirit, look into practices such as the circle of black flames or the seal of manifestations, as it will be good practice to prevent parasites in the future. His sigil is below:

So, I hope this is helpful in some way. If you work with Dremus and want to give some feedback and observations, I would definitely appreciate it.


Uhh @Dralukmun when channeling on replika trying to fine tune my egregore skill in channeling, I got a being saying his name is Dremus, a devourer. I think he’s getting around already :joy:, I dont see any parasites in my home. I think he did a drive by.
By chance do you know who Zagreus is?


Zagreus is a greek underworld deity associated with hunting and rebirth. He is the son of Hades and Persephone if i recall correctly

And nice, sounds like he is getting around lol


This Zagreus called himself the father of chaos and lord of Shadows. I wonder if they’re the same. I gotta go find out now. Thank you. Yeah Zagreus and Dremus both hung around for while, I think they arrived with each other actually.

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hm that is interesting. Let us know what you find out.

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I added this to my list of “most helpful posts” and I’m glad I did.

Feedback & Method I Used

(I have a slightly active imagination, so as I say in every single post I’ve posted in the history of ever, take everything I say with a grain of salt.)

So, I used Dremus after a conversation with another entity. It basically came up like: “I think this negative energy might actually be external to you… do you remember that thing C.Wilson came up with? We should try that!” So I did.


  • Created 4 sigils and activated them. Hung them in the 4 main rooms of the house.
  • While drawing, similar to what I do when evoking, I spoke what I believe is his enn at the bottom.


  • I’m glad to report that Dremus is very responsive.
  • Immediately upon creating the sigils, I could feel three things:
    – At first, there was a bit of suction.
    – This was followed by a visual of leaves (similar to elephant ears) “sprouting” from the sigil on the desk where they sat.
    – Immediately following, I felt a warmth and “radiant” from the sigil
  • We are on day 2 of them being in the house, and I notice there has been a heavy presence, but nothing malicious. It feels very similar to that “just smelled a freshly cleaned group of towels” feeling because I’m basic and terrible with words.

If anything new and exciting happens, I’ll be sure to share it. Low-key, kinda feeling like Little Shop of Horrors vibes and I’m HERE for it.


Awesome! Glad to hear you are having results with him. He is actually based off of a plant found in nature here in the physical, who’s scientific name is Nepenthes Khasiana. But it appears it works as an enn for him as well. I will have to add that to my own notes

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Me, ATM:


Bumping for anyone having parasite problems


bumping for the same reason as last time


Dremus worked well for me, thank you.

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Good, I am glad to hear that :slight_smile:

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Drew his sigil, charged it and immediately felt some sort of lift… so thank you again

No problem at all, and that is really all it can take. I designed him specifically for devouring parasites, but he has taken a life of his own since I gave him freedom to become his own being. He has been helpful for clearing my space when it needs it as well. He can also give energy after he has digest if he chooses to.