Demons of Order, Logic and Willpower

Im having a really hard time at my new job. Its not pumping gas im struggling with, its the paperwork office shit. Has anyone contacted a demon who specializes in organization or maybe one who can sort of super charge my brain so i get it? I fucked up so bad at work today and its all that damn paperwork. They want me to close the gas station by myself and i dont know what the fuck im doing. I kind of like the job, its completely different than what im used to. Is there a demon who could help me adapt quicker? I just want to kick ass at my job, but i feel terrible for how i left the little office but i didnt know what to do. I had everyone pissed off at me for a while today (your not allowed to pump your own gas in oregon) everone was waiting on me while i fucked up this guys off road diseal discount cause i dont know what the fuck im doing. The station was packed with angry people for at least 30 minutes. Anyway im just rambling now. But yeah is there a demon for that? Lol.


Not sure about a demon, first thought that came to mind was Thoth. @Yberion has a post that may help.


I only know the Angel Pafessa who helps at work.


There’s a Serviator i once created for myself,
for a similar problem.

i was Stuck in a mental State,
of complete Agony.

I simply couldn’t rap my head around certain things.

Nor was i able to meditate properly.

I was in a very bad stage there,
mainly composed of fear,

The Serviators Name is:


And while it was originally created by another forum member,
i custom fit tailored it to my needs,
once i had integrated it.

It’s not a Demon tho.

It’s a Holy Guardian Angel.

It will structure your thinking,
your emotions,
and basically, give you the same effects,
as if you meditated for a few lifetimes.

that still takes time,
to fully enroll into you.

So it’s not a quick-fix.

But in the long run,
it’ll help you tremendously.

It doesn’t have a Sigil,
since i never intended to give it forward to anyone else then myself.

it can be accessed through the picture i posted there,
since i used that myself,
to integrate it into me.

Note again:

It will not change your desires,
or increase them.

It will LOWER your desires,
it’s an Angel.

It will Structure your mind,
and clean it up.

So you have more focus,
are more in control of yourself,
and also less ceceptable to outside influences.

The capacity i took out of having it integrated into me,
and working with it,
for approximately 2-3 years,
was pretty much equal,
to 2-3 Lifetimes of constant meditation.

So it’s probably around 1 year of Use,
for 1 Human lifespan (around 80 years), of Meditation.

I disintegrated it,
due to it specifically asking me to be released.

It had done it’s job on me,
and wanted to return to it’s source.

(Re-integration into the original caster,
usually clean the experience and skills of the Servitor completely up.)

Similar to what happens to us,
between incarnations,
when we go back,
and come into a new life,
we normally get washed out the stuff we had experienced,
because it wouldn’t apply,
to the new State of the World,
we’re being born into.

More experienced approaches to Reincarnation,
allow you to bypass that,
at will.

But that’s a different Topic.

Azathar will definitely be able to help you.

Azathar is currently in a decomposed state,
as far as i know.

So you can only access its shadow,
it imprints it had left on the Astral Plane,
which is going to be a Tulpa.
(the next weaker Thoughtform. - a shell, still containing those memories it had stripped off,
when integrating back into it’s original creator.)

To re-vitalize,
you’ll have to re-create it.

Call it forth,
utilizing the Picture i gave you.

When you feel nothing happening:
Fuel more Energy - especially life energy from yourself,
and Divine energy from above,
into it.

Once it awakens,
and becomes alive again,
it might be a little confused,
so don’t integrate it right away.

Keep it as a familiar,
for at least 3 Days,
so it can become comfortable,
with being needed again,
and with living again.

Take that time,
it’ll only hurt yourself if you skip that.

Since it’s like sitting a newborn child,
behind a supertruck,
asking it to drive that thing.

Once it’s grown strong enough,
integrate it.

Keep it in the back of your skull,
for the beginning,
where you feel it the most.

But let it comfortably do it’s thing.

It’ll blend into you,
and become completely unnoticable to you.

It’s very calm,
and doesn’t care for the Trouble you’re facing out there in the World.

It only cares,
how it can structure you,
and get you through that struggle,

And since it’s single minded,
completely focused on that,
it’ll be very good at that.

should be thanked for it’s work,
a couple of times,
every few month.

Simply tell it,
to remind you of that,
and you’ll have a “knowing” inside of you,
when it’s time,
to feed the Serviator again,
so it keeps alive.

If you don’t feed it with Gratitude,
it’ll wither away and die.

It doesn’t need much Apriciation,
but it needs a little bit,
to keep healthy and going.

that should pretty much sum it up.

and you should combine it with meditating,
every now and then,
when you have time,
and it feels right.

Those are usually breaks,
Azathar gives you intentionally,
to adjust to changes,
and to complete work it’s been doing up until that point.

Normally you don’t notice much,
because Azathar kind of likes doing that in your downtime,
when you’re sleeping,

it’s more effective,
to give it some spare time,
for doing it’s job,
during conscious awareness aswell.

and BIG Disclaimer:

This will make you smarter.

You’ll become more intelligent.

by a few notches.

If you don’t care for that,
and don’t want to become more intelligent,
you REALLY shouldn’t use Azathar.

Because that effect,
can’t be avoided.

It will make you smarter.

There’s these Virus like little creatures in your brain,
i think they’re called Mithochondria.

You’ll find out what they are specifically when Azathar works with you.

those have to do A LOT with how you think,
and how intelligent you are.

And Azathar basically re-programs them,
to work more in alliance with your true will,
your Sat Nam.

That’s all you need to know about it for now.

So if you don’t want the smarts,
don’t use it.

Apart from that,
i wish you great success!!




Perhaps Lucifuge, as he is the keeper of pacts and a scribe. Surely he has some form of organization skills that he could teach/help with.

Vine is also one I always recommend when one finds themselves in a bind as he is known for destroying obstacles


Oneis3 I know the prefect Goetia spirit that can help in your situation. Number 31 Foras

Foras will strenghten your Logical abilities and Wit which will help you do your task more efficiently. Also that spirit will empower your Charisma, Eloquence that will help you deal with customers better. Also as a bonus that spirit will sharper you humor so you don’t get stressed out by your coworkers.


Perhaps you could consider having a chat with King Paimon?

He can definitely change your mind, or change your mindset.

I know that’s a bit extreme considering what the guy is asking for, but it’s just a thought.

When it comes to chaos Magick, if you can allow yourself to know that you are creating these entities, consider working with Tzeench.

I know, a fictional entity, but people have had crazy success, including me, with using supposedly fictional entities. I called on something from the Necronomicon Spellbook, and I had extreme success, so don’t count anything out.

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@Yberion thank you for the great response, i am definately considering it. Could i still work with other entities while in use? Considering it only has one specific task it dosent seem like it would, but i just want to make sure and ask.

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It was designed by a magician,
for a magician!

Of course,
you can fully Astral Travel,
and Divinate with it.

Try Calling on Malzath Hybreath.

I just remembered,
i had them linked up,
so you might actually get lucky and find my original one still alive,
through Malzath Hybreath.

No Promises there of course.

Can’t say it for sure.

You should aproach Azathar as a Female,
for me she always had been female.

And i had her linked,
together with Toth also integrating into me,
so be careful,
in case you want to avoid possession through Toth.

He might still link through it.

But he’s great,
and really worth it.

And he’s very quiet normally.

Just there,
when you need him.



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@Dralukmun Lucifuge does keep popping up and have been considering doing some serious work with him. I’ve been studying about him a lot this last few weeks or so.


Lucifuge and Toth are kind of the same,
if you ask me,
just from greek or arameic Pantheon,
is the major difference.

so yes,
use Lucifuge Rofocale along with Azathar.




@True_LeoSnake Fuck yeah i like that. Love the sigil too. Will be studying Foras in debth. Thank you.


Oneis3 you are vey welcomed and I’m sure President Foras will hook you up.

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I just dropped this in another topic, may be helpful here as well:

I answered “What are the demons that help with discipline and making sure you do all that u have to do and prioritize what you do so you don’t waste time” with some practical suggestions.

Also, related, Time Management, Procrastination, And ADHD.



Thank you,




@Yberion @Lady_Eva @True_LeoSnake @Dralukmun @anon85289956 @SHaDoWSToRM696 All of these responses have been great. I gotta say tho, in my attempt to locate and study Azathars state last night, the entity briefly seemed to appear to me immediately , after which seemed to disappear back into the shadows without a trace. Since that happened my entire night and all of today have been beyond chaotic i need to calm this all down immediately. Its my sunday, i gotta work tomorrow, im over a hundred miles away and my friends driving me are being nuts. I had to come up here today but this is too much and i dont want to go into details but i need an emergency get home safe ritual if anyone standing by could pm me or send some good vibes. Im literally terrorified right now inside. I know there is a meaning to this. Perhaps Azathar is stirring the pot before allowimg me to work with the entity(I can not yet tell if its a masculine or feminem form. Could this mean it wants to continue its rest or is it just testing me? I feel like i woke it up right away, because i dont think a shadow or shell of what it was would have such a drastic impact. I get twitterpated and stressed out, but my situation that happened immediately after doing this is way worse than any situation ive been in in years. Thoughts and advice please? Going to attempt to meditate even tho its loud and the people around me are driving me fucking crazy.


I do definately believe this i a test for me to be calm within the storm and handle the situation. I just want to get home safe as soon as possible. So i will do what i can to get thru this, a little help would be greatly appreciated though. I appreciate all this community has shared. Like i said i have definately not been in this stressful of a situation in years… like 5-6 years since its been this bad. I am just going to take this one moment at a time until i get home. I should have been back already but we havent even left Eugene yet.


Oneis3 you can make an emergency incense using just cinnamon powder and a few spritz of olive oil cooking spray and banish that fucker. Emergency Incense When You Don't Have Any Fancy Herbs or Resins

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@True_LeoSnake have no supplies. Im not sure banishing is the thing here. I am in a car with people who are scaring the shit out of me. Their s being so careless.

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draw a pentagram in all 4 cardinal directions - directly with your hands fingers.

and chant banishing into each pentagram

I just sendt energy to you,
you should be able to do that quite effectively.



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