Demons for discipline and persistence

Let’s face it. A lot of us here are lazy to do a lot of things. Some more than others. All I know is that I’m one of them. What are the demons that help with discipline and making sure you do all that u have to do and prioritize what you do so you don’t waste time. What are the demons that can do this within the goetia



King Paimon.


I think that this is a useful post as this site seems to have turned into some kind of Facebook with all the selfies, stream of consciousness angst and dating nonsense rather than people asking a question after having searched.

Thanks for asking this and thanks @DarkestKnight for a swift response.



Lucifer also detests laziness although he is all too forgiving.




I would go out on a limb and say you don’t need a demon to help with that, when geniuses in that field live and walk among us to share their methods - I’ll paste a few below.

One: do the “Eisenhower Matrix” thing on your goals:

Full explanation: The Eisenhower Decision Matrix: How to Distinguish Between Urgent and Important Tasks | The Art of Manliness

An archetypal “Important, Not Urgent” item from the 2nd quadrant in that system is exercise, important but easy to put off, etc. That’s also the quadrant where success is born, NOT the firefighting U&I quad.

And “Urgent, Not Important” - frankly for most people that’s going to be posting on here except major work, or when needing help or feedback, or other social media, it’s where you’d list stuff that pings you needing a response and is REALLY hard to ignore, that’s the quad whose list of delights you ignore unless you have absolutely free time and need the entertainment.

Two: if you think it, ink it - carry a paper and pad, any idea for thing you must do or research etc, get it down. My strong advice is do not fuck about with digital, by the time you opened the app or whatever it’s gone, and our brains have a different memory for things written down (I’ll spare you the neuroscience).

  • Your brain is for having ideas, not for storing them (David Allen quote there).

If you can get into that habit you’ll feel less burdened, and creative ideas will flow better.

Three: on that same theme, do a massive brain dump, described here: The Value of an End of the Week "Brain Dump"

There’s a trigger list from the GTD site so I presume legit, here:

Once you have a brain dump, look at what’s U&I above, get it on a list and push everything else aside to deal with the most U&I stuff, that is to say things that will cause an irrevocable loss of some kind (money, fees, fines, damage to reputation, whatever) if they’re not done by a deadline in the next 24 - 72 hours.

Get the “Important, Not Urgent” stuff sorted out into a list, and for the sake of argument call them “Projects” (get more customers, get fit etc), decide what routes (eg: social media promotions, sit-up progressions) and then decide what the NEXT ACTION is you need to take - not the big picture.

So that could be “Get old laptop from closet” because you’re going to search for material to upload to facebook, or “Move stack of magazines to clear sit-up space” - it WON’T be “Sort FB” or “Sort space” - it’s a single clearly defined action.

I have found having maybe 2 or 3 is good, so “Laptop on” “Search photos” “Find old passwords” - break it down. It’s NEVER “Sort (whatever)” though, that tells you NOTHING. :wink:

Keep doing “What’s next?” (that’s from a book called The Power Of Now) to break huge Projects into clearly defined steps, you don’t need to TAKE each Next Action but you do need to know what it is and that means having it on a list, because if you think it, ink it.

Those are some basic things that will help your mind go from frazzled to knowing what needs doing, and when.


This is fantastic. I’ve been obsessed with personal development since I was 15 and the Eisenhower quadrants are something I learned about but never really used. I’m plugging this into my daily/weekly planning routine and testing it starting now.

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