Lucifer's Healing Flame

Enter his golden pyramid.

You will walk past him and his red Queen on their thrones.

They are the height skyscrapers, even while seated.

Just keep going.

You will see a white star platform. Step upon it.

White flame will come up at first. Then a red one. Allow it to burn your flesh. Your inner shit.

Then the final flame of purest gold. It will scorch your deepest essence.

Then when all the flames disappear, simply walk in front of them.

Jump unto their open hands. (Hers is her left hand, his right hand. Both are held open, touching. )

Feel their orange energy restoring you to your most wonderful Self.

When done dance a little bit, blow them kisses, jump down with a big grin on your face, and simply leave.


Out of the topic but i have to ask after contacting lucifer is it normal to feel headaches and a lot of energy? Sometimes i could really punch a wall through

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Headaches at the beginning are a sign of your 3rd eye unlocking, or your pineal gland exercising if you want to get technical lol, just keep it up good job!


Yeah a slight headache, im just new to magic :slight_smile: and thanks

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Thanks for sharing!


Out of curiosity, what does exactly mean this pyramid?

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Try this. It should help.

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Thank you!!!

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I don’t know why no one as never mentioned his temples before now? This is one of many, many he as. I can give you the address for it.

Interesting. First time I met lucifer was in a pyramid with a blackish golden light.
He was hooded in white with gold etched symbols.
He also carried a staff with a Ankh on the end.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I do believe it’s the same one. The side I am using here is only held for his Queen.

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