Break out of your shell and become an extroverted playboy - Ultimate Social Layered Spell

Shy, anxious, awkward?

Hard to break your real self out, relax and enjoy the company of others?

That is not good. As a magickian, you CAN change this. In fact, if you desire to grow as a magickian, you need to have this area of your life under control.

You will not be able to become as powerful as you wish to be if you are an awkward mumbling mess whenever you talk to another human being.

But perhaps you already have this area of your life under control - no problem, you can always become better and more charismatic.

And this is how you can improve your charisma and social skills.

Remember, you do have to practice. Magick will get you anywhere, but do combine it with concrete physical action. Meet with friends, say hello to people whenever you are out, chat.

Let’s start.



Haagenti, the master of alchemical transmutation.

You see this badass mofo? He is able to change anything to anything else. Meaning, he is the one to call on if you desire to change from a weak to a strong man, for example.

He is the one to call on to change your mindset to any mindset you desire, as well as your full personality.

Doubts, fears (especially about your potential and success), as well as stubborn habits - Haagenti can remove all of these.

He is the one to call on to change your views and beliefs to any that you think would be more beneficial, even if you don’t know which ones these might be.

All you have to do is keep an open mind, and you will be able to make use of Haagenti’s extremely potent abilities.

Call on him first to start undergoing all these changes.



Ipos is the one to call on for developing your wit and charisma generally. This guy is able to make you eloquent, witty and is able to remove your social anxiety.

Call on him second in order to develop your wit and to remove your social fears. Make sure to put in the physical work, to make your results come quicker.


But wait, isn’t Marbas mainly for healing?

Nope. Marbas is actually also a master of war and baneful magick. This is in part due to his love of systems and structures. He knows every single part of the human body, and any systems it might have.


For this reason, call on Marbas to help you straighten your posture and improve your body language to that which would have the most powerful positive social effect for yourself.

Moreover, Marbas is able to help give you a different appearance and signature. You can also ask him to help you with this, in order to bring the social changes quicker.



Gremori - glamour.

She is able to create a sense of glamour and sultriness around you, and help you develop these qualities in yourself.


Call on her for these reasons specifically. She will increase your general attractiveness around the other sex, which is important in order to become more social.

She is also able to help you find the social courage you might have lost and buried deep inside you, as well as any other positive qualities. Ask her to find and bring out any of those to the surface.



This guy is awesome.


Not only can you ask him to help you bring out your sexual side (and help with sex magick), but you can also ask him to improve your social skills.


He will help you to extremely quickly and massively improve your social skills, dominance, authority and charisma, to a level that you believed was impossible.

He is similar in that regard to Belial.

Call on him for those.


Belial will help you further with dominance and authority.


(^ Dukante sigil, you can also use Goetia)

Call on him for those and to help you develop your personal power, dignity and status, as well as give you a powerful aura, making others look at you with awe.

Call on them, word your desires properly, put in the work in the physical, and you will see massive changes happening.

That is all.


So many of these Daemons are badasses, i agree! Thank you!


Amazing! Defenetly will do it!


This called out to me bc I honestly think everything I do/say is awkward :woman_facepalming:

I’ll totallyyyyy be doing this soon


Thanks for this guide. I registered just to thank you for this. LONG time lurker here.

I’m very social and outgoing but I’m also INCREDIBLY awkward and tend to say the wrong things at the wrong moments. I’m very much looking to refine my social style to be more… normal.

Thanks for posting this.


Who would be a good replacement for Ipos and Hagenti ? I don’t have their sigils and I have no paper to draw them out .


Fucking awesome. Thanks

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Good work, thanks!

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with women you can make a pact with Azazel he’s a lust crazy woman obsessed maniac since knowing him I have become more smooth and attractive towards females even though my looks and style haven’t changed at all and I am very average basic looking… women look at me more and I can be around near them without getting kicked in the balls or pepper sprayed


as a sorcerer I start viewing other ppl as below me and not worth my time I was even like this before the occult just a cold person who likes being alone but I get OPs point


@Nameless Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Just click below:



Look at what he has here and open them from that image… Be creative!


I find this to be a destructive way of seeing things and also a good way to land yourself into trouble with another Magician.
Most don’t like being looked down on or talked down to “just because”.


yeah I know but always been this way very cold and distant I don’t mind working with the spirits or the dead but living humans I avoid

Fire, reading you is as satisfying as always.

Fire, do you plan on making a list with spirits to use for baneful magick ?

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if I’m a woman can I use this layered spell too?

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For sure, just change any masculine elements of the spell to feminine, according to your intuition.


Thank you brother


Coincidently I have been working with haagenti and was planning once calling to other spirits for this kind of help. Haagenti put me in the right path because yet again you saved my day just like when you posted about what to do to pass an exam. To update you I ended up getting a high score on my final that shocked me and my teacher who thought I was gonna fail smh. Thank you for this