Attached entity, please help!

That was a very in depth and logical analysis…my hat is off to you…:call_me_hand:


I’m very curious aBout that story , but I’m afraid my adhd won’t allow me to read through 571 posts, by any chance could you summarize it if that’s ok ? It seems very intriguing

That is valid point you made about ritual’s…what works for one person may need tweaking a little for another as long as some kind of action is taken; to first deal with control damage, personal protection (which imo, should be applied immediately) and eventually counter measures which should be incorporated once you get the answer for the questions you raised with your detailed analysis

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I tried meditating because I need to buy things tomorrow for the other cleansing ritual. I did the pentagram ritual again before and the assertion of authority. I was sitting in meditative position and kept chanting Michael’s name then I definitely felt the entity came out of me (or deattached itself?) because this constant vibrating in my legs stopped and it felt like as if a weight got off the lower part of my body. Then I felt a ball of cold air going around my left hand and tried to strain it open. It probably didn’t like that I was sitting in meditative position? I was sitting in this kind:

It was even hitting my chest from outside with that vibration. What’s even more scarier that it felt like it came out of my legs/lower body and then after a few minutes it went back, I definitely felt it going back into my legs and now I feel this strong vibrating feeling in all of my body and it feels like I’m on fire inside. I don’t know what this is?! Is this trying to possess me or take control of my body? This is even a lot worse than it seemed, something very aggressive and I don’t know what I can do about this?


Well first thing first, you seem scared/fearful. Try to fight that and remember that you are THE BOSS! The entity feeds from things like fear, which powers itself-- only IF you allow it to. You need to remember YOU are in control.

From what I hear, maybe it disattached itself since well you were chanting an angels name? And then went back in? I personally would take that as progress, you made the lil’ sucker leave temporarily. If you can do that, you can make it leave for good.

I’m not an expert but try and see the positive to. As to the symptoms your feeling, let’s wait for more experienced magicians…

*This to me proves (even if it wasn’t a permanent fix) that you CAN do something about it – and I think YOU should try and see it this way to. Remember you have POWER.


So I saw this, and I decided that I would sign up for this forum. First, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Ben, and I’m a mage like many others on here. This just sounded too damn familiar so I had to reply.

Recently I came across an individual that asked me for help in this same way in person I am not saying that the person who started this post is what I am about to say, but I have learned that there are ‘traps’ out to absorb and collect powerful beings. Basically however much you try to help the individual, the demon, or whatever other entity, or being that said entity ‘works’ for will dig it’s claws deeper into you, even going as far as creating false divinations.

Long story short, the girl who was claiming, the exact same stuff. Saying that she tried the exact same thing to get rid of everything the exact same way, ended up being the ring leader of the beings ‘attacking’ her.

Not to say that you shouldn’t teach people how to protect themselves. I just suggest not running in guns blazing. Especially now, with all that’s going on. It’s connected and it will create more problems for you than you want or need. The whole thing was a shit show.

I’m scared because now I’m trying to sleep and it chokes my throat and feels like this energy is in my throat. It’s 6:24 AM here and I couldn’t sleep today at all yet. But you are right, I won’t be scared, that surely won’t help.


Let me ask you this. Does the being have a name?

What does this mean, could you explain? I don’t understand really… so I shouldn’t do banishing? What should I do then?

I don’t know, I never hear anything. It never answered whenever I told it to leave or anything else. How can I get to know the name and is this important?

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I really don’t want to spam this post but I can’t write PM-s. I’m interested in your advice about this too or anything that could help. In your belief I shouldn’t do banishing, what should I do then to get rid of this?

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Pray and connect with the Archangel Michael. Use candles, powders, meditation and a statue. This will solve most cases of attachment at this level.

If it doesn’t work, it means that it’s more complicated and you need to hire a professional. I cannot help you more than this advice.

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Try the technique from EA Koetting where he charges the water with sea salt and light with meditation and visualization then spray all over your house to cleanse the energy.

When your doing the Lesser banishment Ritual of the Pentagram make sure you do mediate before for a good 15 min till u get close to hitting that trans state then really use visualization like u really seeing the pentagram burning with blue flames and when you call for the arch Angel’s or chant the ancient Gods names you say it loud with dominance and imagine that entity around you hears u and starts to become afraid of you cause you are a Godess

Try some sage and also sage your whole house.
Do not be afraid this situation will make you stronger.
Take advantage of this situation experiment and see what works to get rid of it cause in the future might be more beings around that will need to get rid of.

Belive it or not this being to make contact with you and touch you will open your astral senses.
Ur body discomfort and heat can be from the energy body the blockage are being realesd and it fills wierd cause your not use to it.

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Requirements: Buy Sage (incense) even sandalwood will work, Vinegar (grocery store), Sea salt (grocery store)

1)Ground yourself, walk nature and feel the earth touch your feet. Make connection with earth spiritually and see step 8 (grounding part), you can do this on forehand too.
2) Take a shower. Meditate in the shower, see a white orb from your root chakra fill your whole body and feel that it protects you, say out loud, ‘I’m protected and every negative energy must let go and leave immediately’ . Imagine that blue (aura) and white/gold water comes out of shower to repair your aura and protect you.
3) Open your windows
4) Clean your house with water and vinegar
Vacuum clean the house, every corner
5) Make a glass or bottle full of water, vinegar and salt and say. ’ I bless this water to help remove negative energies’, so mote it be (or Amen)
6) Take the water in your sleeping room and then Meditate: see a white orb from your root chakra fill your whole body and feel that it protects you, say out loud, ‘I’m protected and every negative energy must let go and leave immediately’. Then start the Lesser banishing ritual. If you find that to complex turn on youtube and follow this steps (guided):

After this ritual ask the Archangels to bless the water you took with you in your sleeping room.
7) With the water and the sage, go in every room. And spray water and let the incense in every corner of every room and spray it on every entrance (door, windows) and say: ‘Every negative energy must leave my house immediately’
8) When this is finished try to do this Grounding daily and do the banishing in this exercise:

I did the banishing in every room.

If you do this, it must be gone. You can do it.

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I know you are having a tough time atm, buy stay strong and if need be draw off the strength off your brothers and sisters off this forum…don’t be afraid…it is one entity and we are many…you are the chosen on and you choose power

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Ok guys, here it is. It was Lucifer who possessed me, and now I have “coronavirus”. All the symptoms. He’s heating his energy inside me, I already have fever. And I already know I got the virus, they’ll soon come to test me. Doesn’t let me sleep for 2 days straight now and I’m not tired either, so weaking me down. Be this an eye opener for everyone please. and don’t deal with demons. If you don’t believe me this is fine, but this is the truth. And I know you guys know in your heart that it is. This whole world is really fucked up. But I won’t give up without a fight that’s for sure. And I’m planning to come back.