Attached entity, please help!

Something attached itself to me, hurts me and sexually molests me. I feel cold air around me or at some parts it’s cold in the air and this sometimes changes to hot air, and sometimes it feels as if someone was blowing air at me. I feel stabbing pain and tension in my lower back and as if someone bites me randomly at other parts of my body which hurts a lot, sometimes this feels like slimy tentacles or as if someone dug claws into both of my sides at the same time. It messes with my heart too, I can feel the same stabbing pain there and these times I can feel my heart beating in all parts of my body and I almost constantly feel vibrating in my legs. I can also smell some kind of scent at times which I don’t even know what to compare to, I never smelled anything like this before, but it’s definitely a bad smell. It also happens that it feels like liquid is dripping or flowing to my legs or somewhere else, but I never see anything. Sometimes it chokes me too and one time it squeezed all of my body so strongly that I was barely able to breathe.
Whenever I’m in laying position, this starts to going on, not only when I’m trying to sleep but when I read a book or watch a movie etc. It doesn’t even let me sleep, when I can finally fall asleep it wakes me up after 3-4 hours passed and I’m constantly tired. It’s not room related, I tried to sleep in the other room and the same happens, and even in the bathroom. I don’t know what this is, I never see anything and my spiritual senses are not good, but I assumed it must be a parasite entity…
This is going on for almost 1 month now and I’m very worried that this will kill me. I tried to do banishing, it didn’t work. I tried everything, I did the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (on different days and parts of the day too), I sent it away verbally, I told it to leave me alone and go away (both in speaking and in my thoughts too, I never heard any answer), I asked the angels to remove it, I asked Lucifer to remove it, I acted like nothing is there/nothing is happening, in desperation I even hit this cold air with my hand, none of these helped. I don’t know what else to do.
I have no experience in magic and I never had any paranormal experiences before. I don’t have any mental illness, I don’t use drugs/alcohol and I’m fully healthy. I don’t know anyone into magic that could help.
Please, can someone check what this is or can someone remove it from a distance? I appreciate any other kind of help, because I don’t know how long I can keep up with this.


I have just cleansed my flat and banished a similar spirit, however it did not get to the stages as you have described. Before the banishing ritual I cleaned my home and performed a cleansing ritual and burned incense in all the corners.

I also did this following banishing ritual:

I also suggest that you undertake a morning ritual, namely E. A. Koetting’s “Commander-in-Chief” daily power ritual which will help rebalance the power struggle. The fact that that the entity knows you are in fear of it as caused it to feed off your fear and grow in strength. Empowering yourself and releasing fear and blockages will help you take control if the situation.


Thank you, I will try this. If you have time, can you write about this in detail please? I have no experience. Is that salt on the pictures? So I need only candle and incense? Do I need to burn the incense in all the corners at the same time or only one at a time? For how long time I need to burn these? And do you say something in this ritual or focus on something?

Of course I will detail the rituals.
Cleansing Ritual.
Tools needed:
1 white or black candle, or tea light candle
1 clear quartz crystal (or rose quartz will do)
Sea salt
White sage (or incense, preferably Frankinscense if not most types will do).

Method of ritual:

  1. Take your candle and walk around the room or rooms that are to be cleansed. As you walk with the candle it is important that put your intent into it…what you say is up to you…but the most important thing is you have to believe in your intent. Place your ritual in the center of the room or rooms that are to be cleansed.

  2. Layout the sea salt in the 8 directions as shown on a compass and in the picture.

  3. Take the candle in your hand and charge it with your energy and intent.

  4. Place the candle in the center of the sigil and the cystal in front of it. You can place four crystal at each of the cardinal points (north, east, south and west). After this is done say the following incantation:
    “In this time and in this place, I do cleanse my sacred space.
    Ridding my space of all the bad and reciting the vibe I once had.
    To the harm of none I do plee, as I do will it, so Mote be”

  5. Light the candle and sit and meditate on the flame for as long as you feel comfortable. You can repeat the incantation if you want to as you are sat on with the candle.

NOTE: If the candle is still burning and you need to go to bed, snuff the candle out. Do not blow out as this will cancel the ritual. The next day repeat the incantation and light the candle.


Banishing Ritual

Tools needed:
Black candle (if not any candle colour will suffice)
Anointing oil (olive oil or flaxseed oil or any type of cooking oil)
Carving tool or knife.
One offering bowl - optional

Preparation: Take your candle and your carving tool and knife and carve the image of two runes which are NYD and ALGIZ

You can also draw a banishing sigil on a piece of paper or card.
Once you have carved the sigils into the candle anoint it with oil. Pour a little oil into your hands, clap your hands 3 times to awaken the spirit and rub your hands together. Then dress the candle with oil in your hands and rub the oil on the candle in a downward motion.

Charge the sigil you have drawn with your energy and intent.

  1. Now take your sea salt and draw a circle going counter clockwise until it is complete. Make sure it is big enough for you to sit in and have the things in your ritual to place in.

Place your candle in front of you, along with your sigil and offering bowl. Say the following incantation to call on the four elements:

"Lords of the Watchtower of the East, Lords of Air. I do summon, call and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle.

Lords if the Watchtower of the South, Lords of Fire, I do summon, call and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle.

Lords of the Watchtower of the West, Lords of Water, I do summon, call and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle

Lords of the Watchtower of the North, Lords of Earth. I do summon, call and stir you up to witness my rites and guard my circle.

Mother Earth I call on you
Father Sky I call on you"

  1. Burn the sigil in the offering bowl to activate it.

  2. Next say this incantation:

“With the power of the four elements in me,
toxic energy there will no longer be.
Evil Spirit be out my life, leave my space with only light.”

  1. Light the candle and repeat the above incantation.

  2. Meditate upon the candle visualise your intent.
    Meditate upon the candle for as long as you feel comfortable.

  3. To close the ritual thank the four elements and say this incantation:

"Lords of the Watchtower of the East, I thank you.
Lords of the Watchtower of the South, I thank you.
Lords of the Watchtower of the West, I thank you.
Lords of the North, I thank you.

Mother Earth I thank you.
Father Sky I thank you
And so Mote it be."

Leave the candle to burn somewhere safe and dismantle the circle of salt, put in a bag. Go somewhere from your house, dig an hole and pour the salt into hole and say a little blessing thanking the salt. Seal up the hole.

Note: With both rituals meditate for a few minutes to make sure you are in the right mindset, calm, focused and full of intent.

I hope this helps you out…good luck and remember you have to believe in what you are doing and you have the power and you are a living God. Blessing and happiness to you.


Uumm mate you do know right that sigil is a angel banishing sigil from supernatural? And its drawn in blood to banish Angel’s?

Call out to archangel Michael for help, don’t listen to anyone saying banish banish banish ! It won’t clear an attachment


No I didn’t know that but I drew it ink and burnt it. I got the sigils off a video I found on banishing and used it to enhance the banishment. The incantation I used was purely to banish an evil spirit and toxic energy so any benevolant spirits that may still be present wouldn’t of been banished…that is what I think but I could be wrong

Well my attachment of a parasitic spirit has cleared and the energy in my home has changed

More so i was referring to the lesser banishing ritual , yours is a lot different

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Ah I see…my apologies, misread your post. I just gave someone who needed help another angle to work from.


Oh no your good I didn’t specify . I just hate that the LBRP is the standard defense mechanism here , it really doesn’t do that much , it can even attract things itself


That won’t help with attachments? No wonder that didn’t help with me, I’ve also tried calling for help from Micheal and since I thought it was a Succubus I also tried Lilith but nothing. I can relate alot to this post… especially since 2 banishings I’ve tried hasn’t done anything, neither has burning inscense to clear my space/ protection runes…or commanding the being to leave in peace. @John_Wick

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I would ask anyone that can scan, skilled in astral projection and has knowledge of the arts for help . Lots of beginners are coming here and jumping straight first into dark caves , meeting with impostors and getting attachments .


The thing I got now, I’m not even sure it’s a Succubus. Its been trying to play as another being I’ve been trying to contact and I actually have confused it for the entity, it’s been attached for like weeks/few months.

However sure it isn’t her, it kinda scurries around/is CONSTANTLY trying to be sexual with me like the person on this post…every time I get on my bed/or anywhere where it can, it’ll start trying to feed on my sexual energy. Sometimes I’ll feel hands but other times, it doesn’t feel human and creeps me out. Although it does target the heart and lower and head but it also had placed something on my stomache/back and keeps grabbing my neck now (new development) not choking me but it honestly doesn’t feel friendly. Only sometimes do I think it’s a Succubus but it moves more like how a parasite (bug like) would. And the touches sometimes feel prickly like theirs prickly stuff on the “skin” when it physically manifests…like Barbs or something. Creeps me out.

It legitimately feels like it placed something kinda big on my stomache that freaking moves like a spider would…or something. And now it seems to be enveloping me in it’s energy or something.

I’ll do that.

I’ll create a post in new magician for help to scan me and talk about the entity.

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Try consulting with a shaman in your area or working with someone who is skilled they can do work remotely. In retrospect this craft takes years to master, to know what you are calling on and the risk to reward , if you comes as a beginner and call out to things … basically opening yourself up for anything

I don’t know any shamans? Would the consult be free? Do I just look up “shamans near me”?

I made the mistake too. Not one , but 4 attachments , I almost died from the drainage to my root and sacral chakra , but I let it go on for a year almost because I lacked the knowledge of what I was doing , it was an enlightening catastrophe

Honestly that’s what I’m worried about, the thing doesn’t care enough to regulate the feeding and doesn’t listen. I don’t even know if it has intelligence. The only reason why it can physically manifest cause it got the chance to attach and feed long enough on me to. However there’s been close calls and I do regularly feel sick.

So I’m going to take your advice and look into a shaman near me that might be able to help.

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