Attached entity, please help!

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You have no idea what this is, so how can you state it’s an ‘attachment’, and wtf do you mean by attachment anyway?

It sounds like a parasitic entity, in which case banishing is the first recourse.

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I’m just giving my advice and opinions not stating they are law , you’re the one typing 3 paragraphs man

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Yes there are. Look up ‘parasites removal’ and ‘parasites 101’ etc etc. There’s tons of discussions about issues with all sort of levels of impostor and parasitic entity removal.

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Awesome :+1::+1:

My point was it’s dangerous for beginners to call on stuff . That’s it bro , I don’t want an ideological warfare , say what you must , if I said something you deem wrong just say it and leave it

As for the parasites I meant succubi and incubi removal , I should’ve clarified

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Let’s try this: break it down for analysis, so we can start asking intelligent questions. The scan will help, all answers will inform a plan of action.

Summary of symptoms:

First of all, what did your regular doctors say? Many of these symptoms sound a lot like allergies and food intolerance causing nerve issues and adrenaline reactions. Since I have some of these symptoms when I eat foods I know I shouldn’t, I can’t emphasise enough how important diet is, especially to sensitive people. You need to make sure it’s not something mundane as well as or instead of.

It’s not room related, I tried to sleep in the other room and the same happens

That doesn’t rule out geomantic issues in the neighbourhood, but I’m not getting strong environmental vibes from this, and if this were the case, you should notice other people with similar issues.

I assumed it must be a parasite entity

Don’t assume anything at this point. You don’t have enough information to make a conclusion. You also said you “have no experience in magic and I never had any paranormal experiences before” - so how did you come to seeing it as an entity?

Please explain WHY you think this is an entity, given ‘it’ has never communicated with you? Are you sensing it as a presence, is this intuition or just superstition?

This is going on for almost 1 month now and I’m very worried that this will kill me.

This intuition is important. Don’t underestimate how resilient humans are. Do know, that if it’s a parasite, it’s not in its interests to kill you - it would want to continue feeding for as long as it can.
This could be more indicative of a deliberate baneful attack.

Do you have any enemies that know magik that would attack you?

I did the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (on different days and parts of the day too), I sent it away verbally, I told it to leave me alone and go away (both in speaking and in my thoughts too, I never heard any answer), I asked the angels to remove it, I asked Lucifer to remove it, I acted like nothing is there/nothing is happening, in desperation I even hit this cold air with my hand, none of these helped.

This points things back to a physical cause. Something here would normally have had some level of effect. Even if temporary or slight.

Please, can someone check what this is or can someone remove it from a distance? I appreciate any other kind of help

Yes, this will be resolved one way or another.

My reading for you actually points to something rather different, and also more complex

If correct, and I always take anything involving possible parasitism with a massive grain of salt - they lie - but I’m getting that there are deep inner dynamics at work here - ones personal to you.

The inner voices of intuition should be followed, and these should override fear.
You are on a threshold of some kind. This contact could be something along the lines of a shamanic test, you must overcome it and by doing so will gain the skills to move forward. It’s up to you which way you go - not all shamanic apprentices succeed. There is an entity, and it’s there to provide the stress to motivate you to get stronger.
If that’s right, others CAN remove it for you, and you can go back to sleep, but it will come back as you have a calling.
A good route would be to have it removed and immediately start building yourself up.

You have action items:

  1. Go to the doctor and get checked out, tell us what they say
  2. Look into your family history, find out if there are other spiritual workers in your ancestry
  3. Get a salt bath or running water shower, daily - get the ick off you
  4. Meditate and look at yourself in your minds eye - what do you see?
  5. Try to ask the entity what it wants

Come back with these answers and we’ll work on it from there.
If you want to take it to PM that’s fine.


You think they are parasites?

Not all cases , for some

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For a beginner if they call out , it can open up the gates for anything , but succubi and incubi are vampiric by nature , at times they can be symbiotic , with an exchange of energy both ways , other times straight up parasitic

I am of the same mind on this point.

Basic training should include psychic hygiene, but it’s rarely mentioned. It’s rare for a grimoire to say ‘oh and before you dive in, it’s beyond the scope of this book but go ahead and learn how to shield, ward, cleanse and banish’.

Here in the unofficial tutorials thread, detecting impostors is top of the list, but there’s nothing on parasites specifically… I think it would be a good idea to post some there :smiley:
I will look into it. If you know of a tutorial can you add it? that would be cool.

In this case, it’s not clear if the OP did anything to attract this yet.


Since the very beginning I had dark beings around me I find them protecting me one of them came in a dream with fire and lava in its eyes and told me he will always be with me even when I was a Christian and tried to get rid of it.
I had manifestation in dark room with a being with a very Demonic growling voice that called him self “Dracu” meaning Devil in Romania.

When I first got into the occult I tried to to summon a succubus for I heard they are loving caring and teach alot.
I made the letter of intend ritual at 3 am in the morning but seems like I been ignored and nobody came.

Not long ago I had some attacks I woken up from a dream where I was performing an exorcism on a teenage girl, the spirit came out of her body then I woke up with her in real life over me and I started to shake very badly in bed almost like I was haveing a seizure but I kept calm and I blast it with light that I pulled out of my Manipura chakra through my arms and instantly was gone.
Had many more encounters before with other beings but I don’t want to make this too long.

The point that I am trying to make is that almost everyone gets into the occult because of these beings and a lot can be learned from.
Because of the beings that attacked me I feel stronger.

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I agree , it’s the attacks and drainage which has led to me see what has to be done to protect ones energies , and the caution that should be taken dealing with summoning spirits. Opened my eyes to lots of stuff , chakras , the different bodies , Etheric , astral , etc

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I don’t have any regular or food allergies and I don’t eat different food than before. The only difference is that I eat more fruits in amount because of the virus season.
I don’t know about geomantic issues in my area but this is something I didn’t look after so I can’t say anything about this, but I haven’t heard anyone else mentioning strange occurances in the area.

I think this is an entity because I know something like this can be possible by physics. I have more of a scientific view of this and I believe in magic and entitites because of the energy aspect. Considering the universe and what’s possibly beyond, the Earth is young, humanity is very young and modern science is even younger. I believe there are many things we don’t know “officially” yet, meaning that we are not on the level to prove it scientifically because of the lack of the proper devices and technology, but this will probably change in the future. Also energy can have different temperatures and that’s exactly what I’m experiencing because this thing has a cold temperature while the rest of the room and around it is normal at the same time (I even checked this when I had the chance) also when it does something physical to me, it heats up. Are there any illnesses in which you can falsely sense temperatures in one point of the room? Maybe there is, I don’t know about that, but I haven’t heard of it yet.
No, I’m not a superstitious person and I was never religious, though I was baptized as a Calvinist as a baby.
I was looking up informations about negative entities online after this problem persisted for more than a week and that’s when I found about parasite entities, I never heard of these before, I thought there were only angels, demons and ghosts.

“if it’s a parasite, it’s not in its interests to kill you” Well that assumes that this type would know what it’s doing. I hope you are right about this and it does, I don’t know as much in this topic as others, because a few days research isn’t equal to years of experience.
I’m a very relaxed person in general and I’m not one to panic even in a bad situation, so trust me when I seriously worried then something very scary is going on. But I think I’m right in worrying about my health in this case, because I’m very rarely sick or catch a cold and now all these strange symptoms showed up at once in less than a month time with a possible negative presence. Also that it doesn’t let me sleep more than a few hours is already very harmful just in itself.

“Something here would normally have had some level of effect. Even if temporary or slight.” That’s what I thought too and that’s why I acted for a while after the banishing didn’t work like nothing is there and nothing is happening, but apparently it still does. So I don’t know about this one, I thought maybe I can’t do contact or they don’t hear me because I never tried to contact anyone and I never developed my spiritual senses, also I’m not even sure if I was doing it right.

“I always take anything involving possible parasitism with a massive grain of salt - they lie” I have no understanding about why someone would lie or make things like this up. What I know for sure that I wouldn’t ask for help here about this if all this wasn’t happening, I don’t like to waste people’s time in general and my time either, I wouldn’t be here if not all signs showed to this presence. If it’s really a parasite or something else I don’t know because I don’t see it or hear it, but this is what matched up.

This reading is very interesting, thank you for taking the time.
“There is an entity, and it’s there to provide the stress to motivate you to get stronger.” So you mean an entity is posing as a parasite, but in reality is not one? I don’t really understand this. If it’s a shamanic test, that’s probably something I would have agreed to but I don’t know how this would turn out if it is or isn’t so how would I know when to ask for removal? But something for sure that I gained a lot of knowledge in the topic since this started to happen. Nothing happens without a reason so there’s probably a very good one about why I have to go through this. It doesn’t make much less worried about it though.
As for why a parasite entity (if it really is one) would find me, well I don’t know how this works or how would find their targets. If something positive attracts it, then I’m an energetic person so that could be a cause. If something negative attracts it, then back in February I was very depressed and down around my birthday, though this didn’t last for very long but can’t say I’m inclined to depression so this was a rare occurence. Which could be interesting in general about this topic, that I always have very vivid dreams and I always remember them well (had a few strange ones too). That’s all the reasons I can think of.

Sure, I’ll go to the doctor for a check but I’m not sure about when yet, because of the current virus situation it’s not easy here to get in. But as soon as I can.
My dad claimed he was visited by aliens one time, as he described it was similar to a sleep paralysis experience. Other than that I don’t know about anything strange in my family history. We don’t even know it for more than my great grandparents, my family was not keeping up with it. I’ll do the rest you said, thank you for the advices. I’ll write about results when that’s done.

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Something I accidentally didn’t answer, no I don’t have any enemies that know magic (I don’t think I have enemies in general) if one of my friends or acquaintances practice magic then they didn’t tell me about it.

Not humans - the parasites lie. Lesser entities generally do. I gave you a reading I got… but just by having this internet connection with you, the parasite - IF that’s what it is - can already reach me and I could be being influenced. Which is why I added that caveat.


Please do not hope they will work, believe they will work. To quote E. A. Koetting: “Hope is the mask of fear.” Believe in your own abilities and manifest them with intent, energy and belief. Good luck and keep me posted please.


What’s the “take with a with a massive grain of salt” in reference to? I understand the parasites lie bit but not the other part of what you said.

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As I said above. Parasites try to hide and dig deep because they don’t want to be detached.
That means, all is never as it seems, first impressions can be completely wrong if the parasite is putting on a glamour to pretend to be something else.

Believe nothing you hear, and only half you see - but I think it’s a safe bet that the OP needs to trust themselves and build skills in a hurry, not release this responsibility to a random on the internet like me right now.

So, parasites brings to mind teeny insects, but in the subtle realms they can range from small and stupid, which are relatively easy to remove, to very large very intelligent beings. even infecting entire organisations.

Look up the ‘Demon of Nadharkis’ threads that happened on this very forum years ago for how complex and convincing a parasite can be, and no-one guessed until that adept figured it out themselves. It’s a fun, if sobering, story.