Book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons

Why is always a fair question. People have numerous theories on why lust for results can wreck your results, but there are many different theories as to why. It seems that the idea of lusting for results can screw your result is based on people’s experience of this. My own experiences also support this concept. But why? I don’t know for sure.

A common strategy that many employ is that whenever you catch yourself lusting for results, do a quick mental switch and allow yourself to feel grateful for the result as though its already happened and use that emotion to substitute.

An option I’ve found very helpful myself is to get assistance from Kevashiel (at least I think it was Kevashiel), who has a talent for overcoming lust your tendency to lust for results. He also helps break obsessions, and I believe the former power is likely to be a subset of the latter. I used his pathworking from one of Jareth Tempest’s books and asked that he do this for me and crikey it worked fast.


This definitely aligns with the law of attraction. But again, I still wonder why things can’t manifest just because the contract exists. If lust for results ruins it, then you may as well not bother with the spirits and go commit to loa

Hey yea would love to know a bit more about this and dissect it. How were you feeling going into the pathworking? Did you go in sceptical or were you pretty sure that your lust for results would disappear

My friend told me something that he is not so fortunate or unsuccessful to any Pathworking he did including the instructions on these book but he always maintain in right frame of mind doesn’t chase or doesn’t do something that could disrupt any results from manifesting but that doesn’t work what are the following method he should work upon in order to be successful in Pathworking?

Just went back to my log for a look. I performed this on 5 February this year. I was new to this particular book so didn’t really have any particular expectations one way or another as I recall.
The wording of the request is as below (it will seem repetitive and strangely worded, but I was following the structure given in the book):

“Kevashiel, who has the power to help magicians overcome lust for results. I have often been consumed by lust for results and it interferes with the manifestation of my workings. I need to overcome lust for results.
I ask that you help me to overcome lust for results, so that I can achieve more success with magick.
I am confident in you and trust that you will complete this task and change my life for the better”

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A fair observation. But a key difference between path working methods and law of attraction stuff is that the latter is heavily dependent on the ability to generate a desired emotional state at will as part of the process, whereas the former is not.
This may seem like a minor issue, but for those of us who are currently unable to generate a positive emotional state through either memory or imagination, it is a critical difference.


This is a tutorial I wrote awhile back. Scroll to the end and click on the link about banishing your lust for results.

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Just wondering if anyone has tried using this book on an area target? I would be curious to hear how it played out if anyone has.
I’ve just finished pathworking Zagal the intention of giving nightmares to everyone (bar a named exception) in the headquarters building of my enemies.

I’m just curious. The way you talk about your enemies, it sounds like it’s some big organization of some sort.

They are all members of the same large organisation. its an agency I used to work for.
It would take days to explain the whole saga. In very brief, there was some very serious wrongdoing going on. I did my duty and reported it up the chain of command. The higher ups decided that dealing with the situation would be too hard, so easier to go after me for reporting it. They did everything they could to wreck my life and destroy my credibility. I nearly suicided many times. The constant stress and anxiety they put me through resulted in me needing two heart operations. Then theres the Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder to boot and the immense damage to my career opportunities due to their disseminations of false information about me to other agencies and other people in related fields.
Whole thing has been going on for some years. Of course I am counter attacking now. There are over 30 individuals whom I have identified so far who have actively participated in the activities I have described and all are need in smackdowns to one degree or another. Its a big undertaking, but it needs doing.
I am not the first person they have done this to and will not be the last, therefore I have a duty to put a stop to it all.


So, the usual corporate bullshit, just on a vast scale, as it sounds like you were a whistleblower.

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My suggestion would be to summon Shahtan and request the power that the demon is described to have. The magick is effective, but requires some learning. Bringing order and strength to your rituals helps with that.

I would then summon some of the demons that have powers which sound generally good. How could it possibly be a bad idea to summon a demon to protect your home, or to help you speak with clarity and confidence, or to help you know what you want from your life, or to cultivate an aura of calm power? That one I tend to turn to very quickly when I decide to go into this magick, the aura of calm power. It tends to help with everything else.

For better results with the demons, it is good to make summoning demons a regular practice. Rather than being constrained by the problems and situations you want to direct magick to, you enter into the magick knowing that the demons can provide guidance while influencing people and events in your life and unlocking personal powers for you.

It does not matter what the situation may be - if your friend feels strongly that these demons are the answer, it is worth operating within the magick as described. If it’s really that bad, summon Amaymon, the wayfinder. There is always a way, if you know the path.


In the book, the author somewhat in passing states that imagining the images, in sequence, is what creates the effect.


This is what’s always worked well for me with love/lust magick - general rituals to get the end goal, however clearly that may be defined, and rituals to improve my personal characteristics, and then ritual(s) for individuals as they come into my life. The results have been getting the most pleasure that there was to get out of a situation, learning and becoming more powerful, while protecting me from undesirable outcomes. Detaching from individual results with general magick of this nature over time is desirable, I would say.

Lust for results has only been a problem when I was focusing too much on only specifics in one situation. It’s like an investment - desperately believe there’s only one out there and you set yourself up for failure. To set up for success, I like to let the spirits arrange some manifestations according to their nature, cause that’s just what spirits do, to connect with the energy and learn. Impatience kills magick.


I do imagine the entire working sentence by sentence. It was just when I vocalized my request out loud, I stumbled over my words while being sure of them in my mind.

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@ Anakin_Thorne:
It really sounds to me like you’re fine. But, like I alluded to above- these demons, especially within this system, don’t seem to get angry calling on them multiple times - as long as you’re clear that you’re doing it because you don’t feel you were clear with your request and NOT because the demon is doing something wrong…

You are spot on with Shatan. It’s sooo nice supercharging my magick. I check in with this spirit every few months for a shot in the arm so to speak. I do the same with Beelzebub as well.


I’m going to let that lay for a while and repeat it at a later time.

If one does do a spell, but, after giving it some time to work, finds that there has been movement, is it ok to repeat it months later? A lust spell, for example.

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Read the descriptions carefully. Rose flat out says some of these spells are good for a few months. I repeat the ritual to Beelzebub whenever I feel like I need some help with charm/ attractiveness.

Also- you gotta remember that situations change- like nothing stays the same in life. When situations change- I’ve always felt it OK to make the request again with the change in mind.

With love/ lust, it’s usually situational- same with business.

Example: I ask Zepar for a one night stand with a woman but I decide I really like her after our night together. Then- I ask Asmodeus to step in to make her obsessed with me and soften her up to the idea of being with me long term because she is in a relationship and I know Asmodeus loves that shit! A few months later, 'I am really hooked and I decide I want to play for keeps. I know from experience that the combo of Sallos and the angel Levuiah work as a powerful combo on inspiring long term love and passion. So I call them.

Same people- different situations…My experience for what it’s worth- know your situation and know the details. These things should inform the magic- always. The more details you know- the more opportunities to perform the magic.

Another quick example…ordinarily I’d call Sallos/ Sitri for love/lust…unless I KNOW she’s in a relationship. Then I’m calling on my main Dutchess: Gremori. She’s the bomb when it comes to forbidden love. If I’ve been friend zoned- I call Belial to remove her limiting beliefs about me. When the situation changes…update the magic!

Add on- this applies to information too- when I get new info- I may need to fine tune the magic. Don’t be afraid to adapt.


One more thing- because Rose’s book has so many powers and because the pathworkings are, all in all, pretty accessible, it’s easy to make “in-game” requests and tweaks as needed.
On a personal note…if you stick with this system for awhile, you’ll come to “know” and trust Lucifer. It’s inevitable because of the sheer amount of times you’ll call him.
I feel like I have a personalized chair set up under that dam tree… :roll_eyes: :rofl: I’ve asked him many times who I should call for whatever situation I was in.


It really, really does not matter. A well-performed ritual can be a confidence booster, but all that really matters is achieving contact with the spirits and delivering your requests.