Need help with layering my magick (difficult target)


So, here is the situation. There is a girl I like and badly want to be mine. She was my client and this was one of the reasons why I didn’t try to ask her out. I’m pretty sure that she likes me as a person, though. However, there are two problems. First, we can’t work together anymore because of some circumstances. That means we can’t have a personal contact. Second, she has just recently got a boyfriend. Well, I’m not going to give up easily. My goal is to destroy their relationship and draw her to me. Now I’m trying to make up an effective strategy to achieve success and I would appreciate your advice.

What I have:

  • her hair
  • a recently made honey jar
  • strong desire to get her as my girlfriend

What I don’t have:

  • an opportunity to see her in near future
  • her boyfriend’s name, photo etc. there is no link to him

So, what do I have to do? Well, I like this approach described by @56cpdb in this thread but I don’t mind using some other methods you see fit for the situation.
Anyway, I see the following steps of this process:

  1. Make her vulnerable to my magick. (guess Vine can help me with this)
  2. Eliminate any limiting perceptions she has about me. (Belial is my guy here)
  3. Make them break up. This can be the most difficult part since there is no link to her boyfriend. I don’t even know motherfucker’s name. I don’t know what to do here.
  4. Make her think about me and miss me (Dantalion)
  5. Make her enflamed with passion for me (Sitri)
  6. Make her seek contact with me (Ophiel communication spell perhaps?)
  7. When we meet IRL again make her feel lust for me after eye contact (Gremory)
  8. Make her fall madly in love with me (Sallos)
  9. Enjoy being with her!

I understand this is a very ambitious project for an inexperienced magician. I have never summoned many of the spirits I listed above. Nonetheless, this girl is worth it. My lust for result is huge, I have to admit it. To overcome this and prevent myself from thinking of the outcome 24/7, I’m going to do a lot of self-work (my body, job, house, etc.)


I know that @Mike_Bee has a really great approach to layering magick.

To overcome lust for results you trust the magick you do is taking affect.


You pretty much got it. If you want some more ideas- check out Norski’s layered love spell. I pretty much used it as a launch pad for mine.
In addition, if you don’t know much about some of the spirits you intend to summon, do some preparatory immersion and read up as much as you can.
King Vine, for instance, is an extremely powerful and versatile demon capable of ALOT of shit!
Know what each individual demon specializes in. It helps with cultivating a relationship/ connection with each spirit.


One more word of wisdom- I agree with Covert Creator to a point, but lusting for results w/ love and lust magic is difficult to avoid because it’s a natural extension of the lust you have for the person. Try and keep the two separate if you know what I mean.

Not sure what the details of your situation are, but it’s ok to minimize your contact with your target in the early wake of this magick and let Belial and Vine work.


Personally, I think you are calling upon way more spirits than is really necessary for the situation. Nine times out of ten when I see people do this, its usually because they don’t have strong faith in any one spirits abilities to deliver strong results. Most of these steps that you want to do can be done by one entity. I would reduce this to three steps personally: One step to lower any defenses (i’d go with Agares), one step to break them apart (i’d go with Amon) and a final step to make her inflamed with passion for yourself (Gremory)


Unless there are complications- like you work with them; you’ve already burned bridges; previous breaches of trust; resentment; etc…

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Restraining orders; Human Resources involvement-
I gather from the OPs original post that both of these might be in play- could be wrong of course

Thank you for responding, guys.

Looks like this is what I will have to tell myself everytime I think about this person or a ritual.

Perhaps this is my case. Anyway, I’m just thinking for now and not going to cast anything right away. I fell like I need some time to prepare, maybe a couple of weeks.

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@56cpdb , do I get it right that you don’t evoke demons to the full form to get the job done? Can I accomplish my goal using simple petition spells for each spirit? In your thread you mentioned DOM method. I’ve never tried it but maybe it’s time to do that.

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Now, as I said, the biggest problem here is that there is no link to her boyfriend. I’ve been thinking about it and see three possible options:

  1. I petition Amon like this: ‘%Target name% broke up with her boyfriend.’ Although I’m not sure if it’s going to work without his name.

  2. Gremory is known for her ability to attract romantic attention from a person who is already in relationship. Sounds perfect for my case.

  3. I can make my petition this way: ‘%Target name% feels unhappy with her current partner.’ Gotta find the right spirit for that.

Well first I would consider that someone can be in a relationship with someone and still have lustful inclinations for someone else. First time trying to steal someone’s girl, I take it?

I would do something like Sitri on myself, Dantalion on her, then open communications. If communications don’t open up then there’s no point in going any farther and your time would be better spent on seduction attempts on someone else. Magick is powerful, and I have evoked a Goetic demon to get laid successfully, but it doesn’t always go how you want it to go, and in these cases I would evoke with the purpose of discovering a suitable sex partner(s) while doing evocations to boost my sex appeal and personal charm.

If you are working with the Goetia, you should seek this power of personal charm and charisma. Rarely do people want to fuck a bitter, spiteful person, and even if you have rippling muscles and are hard as a rock (kegels, that’s a muscle), raw sex appeal can be overshadowed by repellent emotions in conversation.

Charm can also help people overcome their inhibitions, like flirting with someone other than their boyfriend. Crossing over to the next step, direct adultery, that can take a bit of time. If she is comfortable with you and finds you to be an exciting presence, she’ll want to be around you, and if she keeps flirting with you, it is likely she will give in.

As it seems you are aware, the demons can also cause effects which can change other peoples’ relationships. Think for a moment about what you actually want to happen. Do you really want them to break up, or do you just want her to cheat with you so you are free to pursue other women?

Magick works, so only go through with this if you are prepared for what could happen. You may wish to perform the self-targeted, more general evocations first, to solidify your intentions and make clear what it is you ultimately want, which seems to be sex, so that you can go into more targeted magick with greater confidence. You could try to hit the bullseye barely an inch across from a mile away, or you could pick the target that is right next to you. You want sex, right? At the end of the day, does it really matter if it’s her or an alternative but at least equally attractive female? Maybe you’ll get both. Who knows. Whatever you want to do, I suggest you be intentional about it and make these intentions clear with the demons.

Now me, personally, I just try and seduce them both. Why would I steal yo girl when I could get two for the price of one, as it were? Personally, I believe I offer a great value package, and I’m always out in the market, lookin for a good deal. Yeah sometimes it’s a little weird at first, but it seems like you aren’t complaining.

Wait a minute, what’s the name of this forum? What kinds of spirits are these?


Since you mentioned The Duchess…
I’d just like to point out that in addition to many, many amazing ability’s and things that people often don’t realize is within Her sphere of influence…
Gremory is absolutely kickass in matters of mind control and persuasion!
She can handle almost all of what it is you’re seeking.
You should get to know Her. She’s amazing.


It depends on what I need.

If I just need a task completed- like say I need to use Gremory to instill some good ol’ fashion lust for me in my target the next time we make eye contact (one of Gremory’s truly spectacular talents),

I don’t need to have a conversation w/ Gremory for that. I just need to set it up and then be sure to make good, solid eye contact w/ my target the next time we talk.
I’m not gonna waste my time OR Gremory’s time doing a full evocation.

It’s kinda like the difference between sending a text message w/ directions for someone to get to my house and trusting they can use a gps on their own OR calling them to find out if they need to talk about which route might be better.

Or better yet, I see a doctor for ADD- but, all I need right now is the prescription for the medicine…I don’t need to talk to them about my deepest problems. So…I send an email and they call it in. It only costs half the price. Why make the appointment, fight traffic, hassle with parking, and then sit for an hour - all just to get the script. I just send the email.

Like I said at the beginning of my layered love approach- I’m fortunate in that most of the time I know what i want, and that I don’t need to converse or see demons every minute. My results are just as good doing petitions.

Don’t get me wrong- there’s a time and place for full evocation- particularly when I’m all out of answers and I need some ongoing guidance or I need some surveillance done- but those times are few and far between to be totally honest.


Which demon would you use to break them up?

Did you ever hit wall after wall and get no results?

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Yes! But it wasn’t that I wasn’t getting results-they just didn’t look like how I thought they would look…love and lust are complicated. I’ve said this before on this forum (I can’t remember where) but how people react when their heart and mind change and feel pressured is like walking through a land mine.

Some erect walls of secrecy; some get sooo embarrassed that they’re all of a sudden feeling things for a person for the first time OR that they’re feeling things for this person whom they swore they’d strangle the next time they see them.

When I had it bad for this person (she was married) and worked magic on her, it turned out (I didn’t know this at the time) that her mother had cheated on her father and it ripped their family apart when she was 10. As a result, she hated her mother.

20 years later, she’s in a terrible, semi-abusive marriage, and I come along and throw the most powerful magic (led by Belial!) I could come up with at her, and it worked!

Problem was, it triggered a visceral reaction because she did the exact same thing her mother had done. It turned her into the person she hated the most. There was no way I could have predicted that. She went bazerk!

That’s why I always suggest to get to know, really know, your target. Like you may think you really know them, but do you know how they’ll react when some of their deepest beliefs/ ethics are challenged? That’s when you really get to know some one.

A good surveillance demon (to monitor mind and emotions) is always a good idea.

To the OP, sorry to hijack your post replying to mars007, but as I was writing, I was thinking some of this might be good for you to know too!


Hmmm :thinking: I’m sure I’ve thought about this approach before, then the idea slipped away and didn’t take it further. Nice prompt thank you @56cpdb :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I will consider my work successful even if I have a one night stand with her. At least it’s something. Still, I find her really great not only as a sex object but also as a person. I would be happy to have a girlfriend like her. And I really don’t want to give up and accept current situation.

Good point. Of course, getting a specific person is harder than attracting a new one. And you are right, I really need to cast something on myself too.


Absolutely! I’ve already had contact with Gremory and I really like her.

No problem at all!

I’m not saying to give up, but to just keep this point in mind. People often become locked onto one person out of a combination of lust and fear that there will be no other opportunities. Do magick to get what you want, and I have seen some amazing things, but be prepared to look elsewhere for the satisfaction of your needs.

Not to sound overly fatalist, but even with magick, some games are unwinnable. When it comes to getting laid magick, I prefer to seek out situations where there is minimal game-playing and maximum pleasure-giving. Why would I do all that work when there are much easier ways of doing this?

If you just want to steal his girl, though, I can understand that, and I believe that you should do magick to get what you want. I’ve stolen people’s girls without any effort, even when I really did not want to, so this is not an impossible task.