Are candles necessary for evocation?

I have the incense and the sigil will be ready. Blood offering will be made.
Summoning Decarabia (69th in Goetia)
I don’t want to appear like I’m half arsing it but he’s already contacted my by moving stuff in my house and talking to me telepathically (basically just repeating his title and enn to me) also presented himself in the form of centralised cold wind (it was a very warm room)
So yeah just want to hear your thoughts
Oh, one last thing, after the movement of some clothing he cast a feeling of warmth, joy and overall giddiness over me.
Just wanna hear your thoughts

No, candles are not necessary. They simply serve both as illumination and to “set the mood” so to speak, because beyond the glow of the candles lies the darkness from which magic and mystery spring.


thank you so much for your reply

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I just want to be good to him because he’s been very kind thus far.

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Perhaps they make a working at least a bit more powerful and/or facilitate “opening a door” btw even less important is the wax color, in fact while it’s good to light a candle of this or that color, theoretically simple white candles may be used.

As several here said, no they are not necessary. There’s actually a post on here about doing things tooless from other members.

All you need for evocation are the sigil (or seal if you want) and enn of the entity you wish to call upon.
The rest are just tools and their presence is either symbolic or used to put you in the mood as folks have already pointed out.
These are some threads that may help you.

There are many more threads like this, that you wouldn’t have difficulty finding if you had used the search function. Please do that from now on, before posting something :+1:t2:


thanks for all replying, I just got a tarot reading showing the high priestess, tower and the fool in relation to my summoning. I’m not going in with the blood ritual that’s insane, I’m just going to work with the entity.
I could actually feel him guiding me to do things that were unwise but to his benefit. A more cautionary approach is necessary.

certainly this has been a pivotal learning experience on maintaining my own dignity and sovereignty lol

I’m still very new to magick, I have almost started to do a very first evocation (I chose Lucifer), but it had to be postponed because I was nearly interrupted several times. I only had a notebook, a black scrying mirror that I made, his enn, his sigil, and a chocolate bar as an offering. I didn’t have a basic evocation method either. Even though I couldn’t go through with the evocation, I was trusting my intuition completely and felt the candles weren’t necessary, especially when they weren’t readily available in the first place.

Neither the candles, nor the incense, nor even the Sigil is necessary for invocation.

The candles and incense are a tool for your mind, to give you something to focus on and relax into.
The Sigil or Enn is likewise a mnemonic device for tuning in your energy to the right frequency.
They make things easier.

BUT, at the worst time, in your least favourable environment and with none of your tools present, you yourself have the power within you to make contact. All it takes is knowhow and practice.

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I hear a lot of people summoning fallen seraphs as a first thing, personally I wouldn’t do that unless I was advanced but then again I’m not knowledgeable on the risk of evocation.

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