I’m Mal, and I’ve been a practicing Witch for 15 years.

I was raised in the mountain forests and the high deserts of southern Utah, and was young when I found my gods in the whispering wind and running rivers of my home. These relationships stuck with me through the troubling period of my close family’s adoption of christendom.

My journey has taken me through many cultural and reconstructionist skins, from Kemetism to Celtic Witchery and from Gnostic Luciferianism to Asatru.
Through this, I have maintained an emphasis on energy work and spirit travel, and in the past few years, have dispensed with specific cultural attachments, choosing instead to focus on Familiar Sorcery and the pacts I share with my locals spirits. My personal practice has become more intimate, and in many ways, shamanic.

Most recently, I have decided to begin an organised pathworking for the first time in years, in exploration of Hekate. Can’t say yet where that will lead, but it’s another bitten tail in the pattern of my reverence- I worked with Odin, and with Isis, with Lucifer and with Morrigan.
Now I’m looking back over years of journals that I thought to be diverse and finding it plain that the same thousand-faced moon has lit my path all the way, and that the results of divinations from years ago are making sense only now.

The circle turns, the Serpent churns, and the moon rises out of death again.