Apparently Lucifer has his ways with things.😂

This morning, I did an invocation to Lucifer. I just wanted to ask him a question about how to break a curse. I gazed at his sigil and chanted his enn while listening to a beat ,that fellow member had created with him.
So in about 8 mins later I felt the air thicken and some weight on my shoulders. So I asked him to reveal the answer through my intuition. He did.
Then I opened my eyes and my gaze fell on the sigil again, as if it was magnetizing.
So I shook my head to “come to my senses” , got up and replied to a couple of texts from friends.
Then I felt some pressure in the sides of my head and dizziness out of nowhere.
Turns out it was his way of telling me “So…Are we done here or nah?” I felt bad and immediately asked him to depart as kindly and apologetic as possible.
After that everything turned to normal again.
My gosh I’m such a screw-up :joy:

For anyone that is interested here is @deathreeper 's thread with the songs. They have done wonders so far lmao


Omg so cool that he appeared!Can you help me it doesn’t work for me and where can I find the beats, I m new here plzz!

@Kate_Sern it seems this is your first time posting in this forum. Please take a moment to post an intro about yourself , as it is required by the rules of the forum. And after that, read dem rules, cause it’s clear you haven’t! Seriously…
Then come back and talk to me.

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Ok I m going.

I did…

Thanks. What do you need help with?

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How do you summon demons? I have no experience. Can you summon and tell to come to me? I tried one time and didnt hear or see them…

Working with entities is a no-proxy journey. You must gain experience first in fundamental practices like meditation, energy work and open your astral senses , before you proceed with evocation/invocation. What would the point be in me evoking/sending a demon for you if you can’t hear or see them? You get the point I think. It is ok to have failures during your journey ,as we learn from our mistakes. Don’t get discouraged. But you should start from somewhere else and not dive in the deep without an oxygen mask. I recommend the starting points I mentioned above. Here are some really helpful posts:

I would also advice you to seek your guides as they will help you through your journey :grinning: Best of luck sister!


I don’t know how to find or who are my guides. Can you do a reading for me? If you want but free I can’t pay plz

I can’t unfortunately. I am not that experienced in readings and what’s more I haven’t been in here for 3 months ,so I technically can’t offer such services. It is against the rules. And please don’t reply to this post with any more questions of this type, you are diverting from the topic of this thread :slightly_smiling_face:
If you want I will PM you and I will help as much as I can, but I really believe you should hit that search button and do your own research. You can always find a mentor here, in the forum to give you a boost and suggest starting points I may have missed. Lots of members accept apprentices for free , like C.Kendall (I don’t want to mention him since I am not sure if he still offers his services). Again tell me if you want to take this convo to PM.

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Yes plz message me.

@Mystic-Void He has a unique sense of humor, no? :smirk::smirk:
You’re not a screw-up, don’t worry!! :slight_smile:

Lmao well I mean considering the fact that this was my first proper invocation, that is the only thing I forgot about. :laughing::laughing:

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Well maybe it was your subconscious mind telling him to stay in your life forever lol :joy:

True that :joy: “Don’t leave me”
Well I intend to work with him on a more regular basis. I believe he is a wonderful being.

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He is :pray:


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It’s the exact sentence that crossed my mind after I remembered I hadn’t asked him to leave lmao :smile: