I am just a person that spends most of their time in their astral temple in the middle of the void.

~ I prefer animals than people
~ I prefer midnight when I can charge my crystals

~ Strangely enough, as rl folks have pointed out, I don’t hang out in cemeteries

Before I became a LHP witch I was:

Areas of expertise:

Other types of magick that
I currently practise:

Aspects of magick that
I intend to delve into
in the future:

Please don’t PM and ask about any types of services , unless I make a voluntarily (free) offer for them in this forum. I get A LOT of requests for death magick and curses and I just won’t accept them for simple and obvious reasons:

I won’t give out the methods either for obvious reasons. These types of spells, I give to people I trust with my eyes closed.
Thank you.

Infernal blessings brothers and sisters :metal:t2: :black_heart: