Song Written By King Paimon

King Paimon and I have wrote a couple songs together to help people be able to communicate with him.

The second song is if the first song is too much for you and you are having a hard time getting into the right state with it.

You use this song by listening to it on repeat while staring into his sigil and vibrating his enn. “Linan Tasa Jaden Paimon”. King Paimon consecrated the songs as a gateway so it is as powerful as staring into his sigil or vibrating his enn. But all three really grounds you into the right state.

You will need to have the song on repeat. I provided download links in the song.

I would like you guys to try to evoke him using my song and tell me what happens.

Also DM me other demons that I should work with to write a song with. I would like to eventually have the 72 of the spirits of Goetta have an official gateway song.


Thank you for sharing these. The first one feels pretty intense, but the second feels much better for me. I’ll give them a try.


:relieved: nice work! Thanks! I’ll sure try them with him!


Nice work! I’m sure it’s a good way to summon spirits in general, by using many kinds of beats made by them. It’s a nice idea!

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Very cool stuff mate! Zanna Blaise, one of the Gallery of Magick authors, has written some music inspired directly by archangels and other angels, and Damon Brand wrote a free e-book on using the music in ritual. Here’s a link to her website with the book download if you’re interested, may help inspire some new ideas.


Someone or something does not want me doing what I am doing now. After I made my song with King Paimon a demon attacked me. Like I was choking, my head felt like it was going to explode, full body pain.

And I am working with another spirit and people with no followers but demonic symbols in their profile pic have been following my private accounts. I’m freaking the fuck out right now but I’m still making this anyways, because if someone or something doesn’t want me doing this, there is a good chance it should be out there.


I suggest you do a banishing ritual and have some strong defenses ready. Whoever is that doesn’t like what you’re doing, you should protect yourself from them.


Song Written by Asmoday:

Every demon’s song will sound the similar (At least in the frequencies you can hear), but trust me, it’s VERY VERY different.

Anyways, DM me more demons you would like to have an audio gateway to.


You should try one with Shemyaza or Lucifer

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Do you have one for Belial by any chance?


I think it could be interesting to let the song playing while sleeping just like subliminal audio.
I would appreciate Bael’s one


Do you have any of Belial or Lucifer?

Thanks for sharing!

If you do so, please let us know the outcome of that.

Listening to it while falling asleep is the same as having their sigil under your pillow or having their enn play on repeat while you are sleeping


Song Written by Lucifer:

It’s an interesting song to say the least but it still works


Song Written By Belial:

You can really feel his chatoic energy in this song


Thanks for the info, also wouldn’t Great Duke Dantalion be a good one to have a song?

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im starting to think either asmoday is my godform or we’re a lot more connected than i originally thought. That song is sending me places im not even sure i can describe… wow.

I’d love to hear Belial though! (Oops didnt scroll down before posting) but these are awesome dude! Keep making them!