Advice for New Magicians: Letting Go

Those of you, who see yourselves as seekers may indulge me. I know it is a bit long, but the statements are short. You may discover that I am just a fool, stuck in contrived ways of thinking, or may find some value in this.

The opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. They do not represent a consensus from members of the forum. I’m not some kind of oracle. Just a dude.

Let go.

Shaking my hand, when your hands are already full, will not work. You’ll need to let go of something.

Reaching out to spirits, when your mind is clutching to your body, will not work. You’ll need to let go.

Working with energy flows or consecrating tools using imaginary energy while your mind is holding your body in a death grip will not work. You’ll need to let go.

It starts as easy as closing your eyes, breathing normally, and knowing that you are holding on to your body. Of course you are! Just acknowledge it. How could man survive by not fully clutching his body? How can you fight wars and hunt for meat when you are not firmly clutching your faculties? We always clutch. We had to in order to survive. Hunter’s vision, Mother’s protective instinct, and warriors reflexes. This is clutching to the nth degree!

Feel you arms, legs, face? Let go, they won’t fly away. There are no tigers stalking you. Try it now. Pick a part of your body, and just let go.

Let go of your arms. These seem the easiest, since we live so much of our lives in them. (For those lucky enough to have at least an arm.)

Let go of all of it. Your neck. That place behind your head. Your anus and mid region.
Let go of your organs, especially your brain.
Do not ‘clear’ you mind, or seek stillness. Just let go. Submit.

What is without, is larger and greater than what is within.

Do not visualize your astral body. Visualization is just another way of clutching.

Just let go. No blue light, no spirits, no voices, no worries, just let go.

You’ll know when it’s right when you suddenly, and momentarily feel like you are falling. You’ll snap back. There’s no danger. You know the feeling already. This is the feeling you are striving for, just don’t strive for it. Again, do not imagine, visualize, conceptualize, or wonder. Just let it all go. You may feel as if your subtle (non-corporeal) limbs are bouncing around, and that is fine. Just don’t imagine it. Imagination is just another way of clutching.

There will be bliss, and/or other feelings, but there will be something different.

That is all. You know the feeling.

You have let go enough to be receptive.
You can now shake my hand.
You may now know the spirits.
You may now consecrate your tools
You may now know true energy
You may now know the Chakras
You may now know Kundalini
You may now know Magick

… you may have also passed a bit of gas in the process. Go on laugh, this is all quite funny. Being too serious is also a way of clutching. Laugh a little, it loosens your grip.

Now when you consecrate your tools, communicate with spirits, or project energy, do not imagine it.

Let go first, and free your hand, so to speak, so that you may truly touch and know.
By releasing your grip on your body, you will be receptive to subtle energies and influences from without.

This is the essence of the third eye.

Let go, and know.

Be warned that the harder you claw, clutch and grasp at things outside of your body, such as forcing a connection between you and your temple, dagger, or spirit, your are only re-enforcing the hold your mind has on your own body. You are stuck in your imagination. Get unstuck, by letting go.

By letting go, and not forcing, you can know all occult matters.

Now I ask you this much more mundane question: Can you force someone to love you? They don’t call it “falling” in love for nothing. When you let go, you may find that people fall towards you.


Thank you that was very interesting


Perfect timing. Holy synchronicity ahoy!

Thank you for the reminder; I needed this.

Laundry lists of instructions, rules, the “correct” way to do things - complications. Being present, really present in the moment and just letting things happen is the key.

Thank you!


Thanks. I know it is a it “TLDR” but thank you for reading.


Thank you for reading it. :slight_smile: If it resonates with you, then my job is done.


Hay Cole another thing i found it use to really made me let go when i began my life in the black arts LHP i tryed it straight, and like it felt like nothing at first stare at a Satanic inverted pentagram double ring with 5 Satanic Binary symbols around it a certain way while straight i did notice certain lines were flashing and disappearing that all i got okay. Now another thing i picked up didn’t think of at first when i got introduced to marijuana got the wicked head rushes i got when toke the hole cone in one after pack a cone with some really potent buds then i exhale all air out of lungs which creates more room to toke hole cone in one hit till glow completely gone, then inhale hold in lung for 30 seconds load next cone while hold breath then breath out and the go again 3 to 5 cones in a row and how i notice how freakish everything looks really really increadibly perfect everything looks like the world looks really modified and i felt really or controlled gee this is great and a thought really hit me why don’t i get increadibly stoned and try my pentagram so i did i don’t know this pentagram looks increadibly dazzling so increadibly perfect this is really off Tap it has to be constucted with architectule equipment a circle template with 0 to 360 degrees and draw dead straight lines and work out the degrees apart 72, 144, 216, 288, 360 degrees a dot where stainless steel ruler from dot to dot i use a black ballpoint pen i have to be careful when i want very black lines have a tissue at the side start at top dot lines top bottom dot with ruler carefully go from dot to dot down up and down then remove excess build up black ink or you will end up with a big black blob of ink then you will end up with a horrible black smudge keep it neet, keep going till have all 5 very dark black lines, i find i constuct a 240 mm outside ring using a plate at that size and use a 180 mm plate to do the inside ring then i make sure each point of the inverted pentagram perfectly touch inside ring no further then 5 binary symbols in between outer and inner ring 72 degrees apart with out touching ring when fully designed get heaps stoned and you will see why i always end up in a very deep trance same as deep sleep without fulling asleep stay awake see what it does to you.


There’s a lot of truth there, @Rahnoren.


@Rahnoren I needed to read this. Thank you for posting


Thank you @Micah and @Valkarath. Means a lot to me that you don’t find it all BS. hehe. Thank you very much.

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Attention as a limited resource. How can you open yourself up so something new when all your resources are being used up?


Edit: The following ‘advice’ wasn’t even sought. I misinterpreted @The_Cusp’s post. I was to busy acting like an oracle or something. lol. my bad.

Good point! You can only do the best you can. Pain, disease and worries get in the way. We can never let go 100%, but even a little will help. We need to get real sometimes and acknowledge that we are often forced to deal with tough corporeal situations. Take five minutes, and do the best you can. Even a little goes a long way.

Note that letting go is not the same as relaxing. This isn’t about relaxing, it is simply about loosening your mental grasp on your body.


Ooops. I misinterpreted your post as meaning that someone can’t do the exercise because their focus is elsewhere.

I was too daft to see that you made a simple supportive statement. I saw fit to offer ‘advice’ when none was sought.

My bad. Sorry.

This. This right here.

Happens to me EVERY TIME.

Well said, sir


I’ve also written about this, and the conclusion I came to is that Attention is the single most valuable currency a Mage has, and if it’s paid where it’s due, the Mage becomes “wealthy” in a magickal sense. If Attention is being paid where it doesn’t really belong, then its like squandering a fortune (think rednecks who win the lotto)



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Yooo this is revolutionary. Thanks for this man.