A heavy binding love spell

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saw this spell on another forum and thought I’d share…

Prior to commence of the rite, on the day of Venus and in the hour of Mars, form in clay or draw on paper the object of your desire. She is be drawn or formed on her knees in submission, as the effects of this spell will seep into the mind and heart of your desired person and force them to fall for you.

In a subsequent Martial (Mars) hour of the same Friday (day of Venus) you created the above described representation, commence the work thus:

  1. Place 13 small pins into the subject, reciting at each insertion:

Aye, lord daimon, attract, inflame, destroy, burn, cause her/him to swoon from love and inflame her/him with passion! Goad the tortured soul, the heart of (Name of person) whom (person’s mother’s name) bore, until she leaps forth and comes to (your name, or name of your client) whom (your mother’s name) bore, out of passion and love. In this very hour, immediately, immediately; quickly, quickly! Do not allow (name of person) to think of another, nor drink, nor food, but let her come melting for passion and love and intercourse, especially yearning for me in this very hour, immediately, immediately; quickly quickly.

  1. Bury the whole clay doll, or paper on which you have drawn the images of Ares and the woman, invoking thus while doing so:

I entrust this binding spell to you, gods of the underworld; Pluton and Kore, Persephone, Ereschigal and Adonis and BARBARITHA and Hermes of the underworld and Thoth PHGKENSEPSEU EREKTATHOU MISONKTAIK and to might Anoubis PSERIPHTHA who holds the keys to the kingdom of Hades. To infernal gods, to men and women who have died untimely deaths and to youths and maidens, from year to year, mouth to mouth, day to day, hour to hour and night to night. I conjure all spirits in this place to stand as assistants to this spell! And arouse yourself for me and go to every place and into every quarter and to every house and bind (name of person you desire), to whom (name of person’s mother) gave birth, the daughter/son of (father’s name) in order that she may not be had in a promiscuous way. Let her/him not be had by any but me, nor let her/him do anything for pleasure with another man/woman. Just me alone!

Do not let her/him drink or eat, that she not show any affection, nor go out, nor find sleep without me. (Name of person), to whom (name of person’s mother) gave birth. I conjure you, spirits of the dead, by the name that causes fear and trembling, the name at whose sound the earth opens. The name at whose terrifying sound the spirits are terrified, the name at whose sounds rivers and rocks burst asunder. I conjure you by the BARBARATHAMCHELOUMBRA, BARUCH, by ADONAI and by ABRASAX, by IAO, PAKEPTOH PAKEBRAOTH, SABARBAPHAEI and by MARMARAOUOTH and by MARMARACHTHA MAMAZAGAR.

Do not fail, but arouse yourself for me and go to every place, into every quarter, into every house and draw to me (name of person) until she/he no longer stands aloof from me for all the time of my life, filled with love for me, desiring me!

The spell is now ended.

A fair word of warning. This spell is known to produce near immediate and powerful results. Do not mistake it’s practicality for weakness. Someone I know used this spell on a girl he had been chasing for a few months. She would flirt with me but was nothing more than a tease, according to him. About three or four days after casting the above spell the girl became attracted to him. Soon after that she became violently jealous, threatening to harm herself if he ever left her. The old saying “be careful what you wish for…” is not all fiction. When it comes to the occult, one should indeed be careful for what they wish.

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This is adapted from the Greco Egyptian papyri.
If you want the original then this is the reference.

Pgm IV. 296-466


It’s missing a few steps that are in the original work now while I agree that magick is in the mind and it’s your will above all else that makes it work, this could be the reason why the target became unstable as well. So be careful.


Thx for your input… do u mind sharing the missing steps??

Also are u Arabian by any chance?? Your name suggests it :slight_smile:


I can’t post pictures of the book here because it’s a copyrighted translation.
You can find it using that reference above.

What’s missing is the part about the lead tablet and some names of spirits on that as well as the incantation when burying it.
As well as what’s written on different parts of the clay. Spirits as well as names of power.
As well as 365 knots tied while saying abrasax hold her fast.


I am curious, is there a version of this more suited towards a woman binding a man? Reading through the translation the instructions seem very much geared towards a man binding a woman…


These spells are what the Greeks translated from Egyptian priests, that was a male job but I see no reason why the spells cannot be changed slightly to get a man.
Also these spells were hardcore. The one posted above is one of the nicer ones. Others were about enforcing love with hunger and insomnia, inforcing love with slander so that everyone turns against the target of the spell until they come to you.
The simplest one was just an oration given over an offering of myhrr. You only need the targets name and mothers name for that. That’s the only one I tried and I’m unsure of how effective it is because I haven’t seen her since I did the spell.

Some are wired as fuck though involving bats and dogs and the blood and fat of a white dove.
The amulets are what I would try next though.They seem fun to make and they just make you more attractive.
I mean all I’m trying to do here is show girls a fun time not turn them into obsessive phsychos that can’t enjoy life without me or think about anything besides me.
Like the poster said above these work fast and hard and might be more than you actually want.


I’m definitely not down for weird stuff…aside from hanging out with demons, ya know lol this is actually the first thing that I’ve read using parents’ names, which is highly interesting to me. I love finding new things to study!


Mothers name was used in Egyptian and many of the ancient civilisations because no one kept track of date of birth or had ids or any use or need for them. Arabic magick still uses that to this day.


Also there’s a chance the father isn’t who it’s thought to be.


Kind of hard to deny the mother. I get it.

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interesting find. I wonder if knowing the mothers last name would do?

Actually, i see a good baneful use of something like this. Cause a girl who fucked you over to fall obsessively in love with you, then throw her affections for you into the trash…kinda like what EA did to one of his ex’s which lead to her suicide


Instead of date of birth to specify who the spells for


I am interested in hearing any firsthand testimonial to this or any love spell that worked on somebody that previously had either no attraction to you or was genuinely repulsed by you. It seems like love spells and money spells very rarely work unless a positive groundwork is already in place (such as the person already showing a bit of an interest and you already having an established source of income, etc.)

i have a few experiences of other users bookmarked

as for money magick…last spell i did with bune got me 4k from a person i met online whom ive never even met before, basically for free. As far as i can see…the limiting factor to magic working is rarely the magic itself, but rather the limiting beliefs of the caster


Hello Sir, would you consider to donate the money to Sheogorath’s Foundation?

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Unfortunately for you, it’s already been spent :smiley:

I am not being a right hand pather/white lighter, I am just curious if binding lust/love spells have backfired? I do believe in karma, that the energy you put out there comes back, but it changes and transforms along the way. Did you ever get bullied by someone or have someone forcefull and pushy come into your life? Or perhaps have someone who you were not interested in by obsessive and pushy? Just curious?


It does appear to be an adaptation of the original, there is the incantation while you pierce the paper which is different from the original, Mars hour is the 6th hour from sunrise and then the 13th hour from sunrise. Needs to be done on a Friday. The spell here doesn’t mention to draw Ares with his sword at her neck although the original doesn’t mention drawing just clay. Thinking I might try this one.

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Has anyone on here used this spell or the original?