Curse for obsession, obedience & submission?

Hello. I was recently wounded very badly by a wishy-washy sort of indecisive person. She has been this way for 8 years, and when things are good they’ve been the best times of my life. But the back & forth annual flip-flopping has been torture. Long and short of it, she is in love with me, and comfortable with me, but feels like she is missing something in her life that will make her truly “Hallmark” happy, and so she has broken my heart again. She does this often, and says she comes back because she can’t stay away from me and can’t bear to see me hurt. This time she says, she is leaving for good though. I thought that we’d spend our lives together, grow old together. But the pain she has bought me this time and so many times over is more than I can stand.

She is still in love with me, I know. She still lusts for me. Every time this has happened, she can’t seem to resist me for long, and she caves sexually. I have always let her cave, rather than initiate anything myself. This way she could never use my “seduction” in a argument. But I can’t resist her either. I have tried, but I suppose I don’t want to at the core of it, so I don’t. My point is, the signs of imminent sexual eruption are flashing, after only a few days post break-up. She has never been able to enjoy sex with someone else she says, she has tried. I feel the same way.

I say all this, because it’s almost like there is already some sort of spell on us. We can’t seem to separate, not that I’ve ever wanted to. We have been apart for months, sometimes completely without contact, and we have been with other people, with no satisfaction until we’re with each other again. She thinks there is something wrong with that. I say it’s love.

But this time, I feel something different. She wants to leave me again, and I am angry. I have always been hurt, but never angry.

So I am hoping for some left-hand path practitioners here, or anymore amoral/neutral: are there any curses of obsession, submission, and/or obedience? I am tired of these games and I want to make her mine in all things.
Anything anyone is willing to share that works and you swear by?
Maybe making a pact?

I have never tried any magic until within this month really. But I was overcome with anger, so I cursed her. I took nine nails, wrote my curses of her obsession with and submission to me upon them, and hammered them into the bottom of one of her shoes as I said them aloud. I also burned some sigils I made with the intent for her and put the ash in the shoe. Then I wrapped in it one of her black shirts, put it in a black bag, walked it to the dumpster of a neighboring town, said my curse out loud one more time, and threw it out, walking home without looking back.

What I then did, was draw the sigils of several demons, focus on them, call out there names, and state my intention thoroughly. I also told them to work together and not against each other, and to work her tirelessly until the results come. These spirits are Sitri, Orias, Dantalion, Sallos, Belial, and Ladilok. I tasked them each according to their strengths in breaking her. I also asked them to strengthen the curses I put upon her.
I have never been able to see or hear the spirits. But I believe they are there.

But not seeing any results after a few days, I tried something else. I did the spell detailed at A heavy binding love spell . I tweaked it a bit. I made the effigy of her out of clay, on her knees, but atop her head I used a lot of her actual hair from her hairbrush, and I bound her hands behind her back with a strand of my hair. I called out as instructed for each pin, and then upon burying it. I buried her upside down, as if to turn her thoughts upside down. I did not, however do this on Friday. I have been operating under the understanding that any spell/ritual is a tool of the caster, and is as powerful as his/her will, and that I could basically tweak or create any I want as long as I put all my energy into it.

I don’t care that her will will be broken. I am not bothered that making her submit to me in all things and crave my approval is a violation of free will. This is her curse. I want her to literally beg for ME to take HER back. I want her to be obsessed in love and lust with me, and I don’t want her to ever entertain the thought of leaving me again. Many people her place curses on people, even death curses, with swift results. So please don’t moralize to me.

Another problem, is she has lots of secret fetishes she is too embarrassed to talk about or share with me. Even when I have caught her with certain stimuli, she wont admit it, and when I try to talk to her about it in a supportive manner, she gets flustered and denies theses things. I want all her inhibition gone. I want her shameless and unafraid to share her fantasies with me. But I suppose that will come with the submission/obedience.

I would greatly appreciate the advice of experienced practitioners to a novice, If I haven’t repelled all of you with my long-winded writing and mean intent. I know that it is hard to change the will of a person if it is strong, but I know she is already weak against me. I will do what it takes. I am not giving up. I will have her. I also know that many believe lust for results slows magic, and I am aware I am pretty obsessed myself.

Thank you all for any input you can grant me. If you think something is too much to put out there but works, please PM me.

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Um…this kind of stuff stuff takes much longer than that.

Did you enter into TGS and actually open their seals so you could communicate? If you didn’t then all you succeeded in doing was look at a few squggles on paper.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand the need for patience, I am going to work on putting it out of my mind. I just want to know from those who know better if anything I’ve done will be effective, and what can be done to ensure results.

TGS is theta/gamma state right? I believe I did. I’m still new to this, but I did wait until my mind was clear and the sigil in my vision blurred and kind of lit. I thought that was the flash most talk about. I did not hear or see any spirits though. If I am going about it wrong I will try again. When you say open the seals, what am I missing? Any advice on how to achieve this state properly?

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This is what I mean by opening the seals:

It takes a bit of practice and patience.

TGS is actually a very deep altered state. Your vision blurring doesn’t actually mean anything other than your eyes are going out of focus. It is a “dropping” feeling in your mind that you are aiming for, not phenomena. To me, it feels like the centre of my head is in free fall.

Fortunately, you do not need to get that deep to do magick. All you need is an Alpha state, which is a state of deep relaxation. It is very unlikely you will see or hear spirits at this level though, as you are not evoking them just by opening their seals. You are simply dialing their number to communicate with them.

This is simply not true, especially as a beginner. There is most likely a very good astrological reason the spell should be performed on a Friday. You cannot just alter a spell or ritual written by someone else, and expect it to work in the same way if you do not do it the way it is meant to be performed and get results. Only when you have some experience under your belt with successful rituals that have brought results should you alter the energetic makeup of a ritual and “tweak it.”

I will say, based on what you have described and my own experiences, that neither of your rituals were successful.

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Thank you, that’s actually the very guide I used for using sigils! I’ll keep practicing

As for altering the spell, I understand what you’re asserting. Seems like people have a lot of conflicting ideas on the subject, but i trust you are right and will follow things to the letter when i attempt them going forward.

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This doesn’t add up. What is she caving into if you didn’t initiate? She loves you and wants you, but you’re bad for her, that’s why she leaves.
So you can’t make her love you or want you, she already does. You can’t actually make someone do something they really don’t want to.

If you try to force this one it’s going to ruin everything you love and want about her, leaving her a maddened, destroyed husk, and you empty handed.

You better bet is to do magic on yourself to forget her, then you’ll be happier.

Consider yourself warned.


This is true, but most of those that successfully alter someone else’s ritual either have natural talent strong enough to override any energetic missteps, or have been practicing for many years and have an instinctual knowledge and feel about the energies of a spell.

If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of spellcasting and how altering something without knowing what you’re doing can affect it, I recommend Jason Miller’s book The Elements of Spellcasting.

I hope my information has been useful. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t add up for you or anyone else who sees it friend. She caves into her own desires. She comes back, and comes on, to me. I don’t know why. For years friends have either insinuated or straight up stated that she just uses me because I love her and her situation with me is comfortable. It is my fault too because I allow it, I don’t want to be without her. But I don’t believe that she uses me. I just think shes afraid shes missing out on experiences that could be that magic thing that makes her content. We’re always moving, and she’s always changing jobs, because she can’t find something she thinks she can handle doing the rest of her life. Always cycling in and out new friends and new hobbies. She has that yearning and emptiness we all have at times, but she doesn’t know how to live with it or beat it.

I don’t like to get down on myself, but I’ve never seen what she sees in me. Looking at myself and what I’m doing now, or what I’m trying to do rather, I can see I’m not a good man. Here I am on the internet asking strangers how to curse the woman I love because I let myself feel angry.

And seeing all that, still, I want to try everything I can to keep her. I appreciate you trying to warm me off, I do; but if I’m making a mistake, then its my mistake to make. I’ll lose her anyway if I don’t try, and I honestly can’t fathom a life without her as my partner.


Thank you, I will definitely be looking into that book.
I’m grateful to you for seeing through my anger and still not coming at me from a place of judgement. Thanks for the wish of luck, I take it gladly.

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Look up Codependent behaviour. She tried to follow her head, then her issues and her heart trip her up.

It’s dangerous, is all. It’s been done and the conflict can make the target depressed, confused, and since you broke their will, as you put it, it also can break the will to live.

Check out E.A Koettings videos on his experience, and why he won’t play with this type of work any more. This type of magic is baneful, it fucks people up by design, causing trauma.
My question was, how do you know you’ll still want her when she’s so broken shes not the same person any more, and may be off her rocker, miserable, tormented and hard to deal with?

And do you really want to risk driving someone you say you love to suicide? This is real, and you might be able to fix it but I doubt it, and her trauma will remain.

You want to be her Joker, try it, but be prepared that she won’t be your Harley, you dig?


Having said all that, try Kiltan. He’s an expert at persuasion.

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I understand what you’re saying. I don’t want a twisted cartoon relationship. If anything our relationship has sort of been that in the reverse. I do whatever I can to please her and make her life easier. I know people always say that sort of thing, but I mean it. And she is happy to have me do it. I know a lot look at this as pathetic, weak behavior. I dont care.

How do you know I’m bad for her? Because of what I came here for? Maybe you’re right, because I’ve given into such selfish thoughts. But I have always done everything for her. I pack her lunch, I wash and lay out her clothes, take care of her pets, make dinner after work each day. Tend the house, make her her tea when she wants it. Go where she wants, do what she wants. I have never asked her to do a thing I couldn’t get up and do myself, ever. I know that thats not evidence of love, but it is a way to show it. I have never yelled at her, I’ve never had a drink or done drugs. My parents had an, uh, unfair relationship, and I never wanted to be my father or make my woman feel like my mother must have. I keep a level head, and I always work to find a fair compromise if ever we are in disagreement. She likes to drink. She likes to yell, but shes never been what someone would call abusive.
This break-up came right as I began studying the occult, and with all the pain and anger that finally exploded out of me, I guess I thought “Why don’t I deserve to have her as I want her?” “What good is any of the magic if it cant make my life the one I want”.
I understand the selfishness of it. And most of what I wrote was in frustration. I want a relationship with her where we’re both happy and grow old together. If I can secure through “baneful” means I will. Hell, if I were possible to sell my soul, and mine had any worth I would. i know thats not how it works though. In the event it works, I would never treat her as less than a queen, to the best of my means; as I have always tried.

And I understand your position on it, and the outcome you believe will come of it. If you come away from this discourse deciding I’m foolish that’s fine, because its true. But I thank you for making your suggestion of Kiltan and trying to help even if you don’t agree with my means. I have not learned of this spirit, but will study him. I am grateful to you for you sincerity, even if it doesn’t seem like it by my defensive writing. I had come here to try and bury my moral thoughts and thought a baneful magic board would be a good place to do it, but it appears there is decency everywhere. And I don’t say that spitefully.

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BINGO! I read the first passage and thought the writer was at first trying to release himself from her until I worked out he’s binding himself to her.

OK, good luck with that.

There are passionate can’t live with and can’t without relationships and then there are those where all you are doing are truly sending each other Heathcliff and Cathy nuts mad as a box of screaming frogs ILL.

I’m going to hazard a guess that despite what you’ve said about the nine nails special that in truth this is not your first foray into this arena and you’ve been binding each other - this and past lives. I have this issue (although thankfully nowhere at this level as I wouldn’t want it for me or for him).

That isn’t me being rude or accusatory but it’s what I’m getting, and quite frankly do you really want a relationship this energy draining? But I guess each to their own.


It is my first attempt at any kind of magic in “this life” yes. And I’m fairly certain she’s never done anything of the sort to/for me. So there’s been no metaphysical interferance unyil this point. When you say this life, you’re implying that she and I have been around the block before and done this. I mean, how could I know that for sure? I don’t have any past life memories or ever even the nagging belief that the soul reincarnates. What are the odds that if it is real, that she and I knew each other and had a relationship in a past life? I mean, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around.

I know the way it looks from the outside. And still, I want it. I’m not afraid of the energy it takes. It seems to be the general concensus that I shouldn’t want it though. And I mean, I get it, I wrote in frustration and used a nail-shoe curse like therapy, I must look wicked. And for what I asked to do, that’s an apt description.

Should I delete the thread? I’m not sure how that works around here and I don’t want to attract people telling why I’m wrong instead of giving me spells or advice on how to do what I asked. Not attacking you, I hope it doesnt read that way. Just don’t want to ruffle feathers if I’m in the wrong place

No, each to his or her own. What you do with a nail shoe what have you is entirely your doing, because let’s face it you could have simply lit a candle and put all the intent in the world into it and achieved the same result if you are that way inclined.

All I’m questioning is how healthy this is for you as you’ve had 8 years of this. Personally I have reason to believe in the reincarnation merry go round and it’s been made abundantly clear that even though I thought I’d bound myself to my chappie in this life, surprise - he bound me to him in a previous one and it’s probably been going on past, present and future in all dimensions since.

I don’t want to get rid of him, I want him in my life but I really don’t want to mess up his life or make him ill or unhappy.

You have to do what is right for you, simply personally I wouldn’t curse someone I loved so very deeply in order to make them compliant and submissive to my wants and needs if it were likely to hurt them, well I wouldn’t do it to him at least.

did it work?

I don’t know if this post still active but when I read this my tears fell down specially when I read suicide it almost wants me to kill myself because of the spell done to me I’m inside the house almost months I’m not depressed but the spirit makes it like that way there’s just something going on & since I have clairsentient I sense the spirit when it comes & go into my body I don’t living my life anymore even walking into the park there are times my eyes in heat & I feel restless no matter how sleep I get & there where times I tried to sleep I can’t I’m tired seriously feeling like I’m in prison how could it be worst living like your already no life at all it doesn’t makes sense I almost want to scream that hopefully someone might free me here helping me without hidden agenda I want my freedom back