Why are angels so slow

I’ve been calling up on Michael on a daily basis and certain angels who govern the day.

I still don’t feel psychically and energetically protected by Michael.

Whereas if I were to call up on Bael I almost feel immediately an energetic field that turns back any psychic or spiritual attacks.

Knowing that archangels know my intentions, it doesn’t feel like they want to grant their powers to meet with my needs on an immediate basis. I’m not asking for immediate results but surely they could at least work less slowly and stop looking at the grand scale too much.

I don’t like to lecture them because I respect them so much that I’m trying to be certain that they meet with my needs but it’s too slow for me.


Angel are in “higher planes” of existence, far away from earth compared to demons that are closer and therefore can influence earth faster

Also, it is said that while demons work on a “short-term basis”, angels have a “long-ter view” of things


I just adjusted the post to what you were saying. But why the long term all the time?

What C S said, i believe might be the case

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It is said that they have a broader view of the past, present, and future so they know how to align things perfectly.

Sometimes this alignment takes time and therefore it would seem for us that is long-term. Remember that the construct of time doesn’t exist for them


Do you want a pat on the head ? :smile:
I mean do you have absolute proof that you arent protected right now ?


I am but it builds up slowly. Yes I need a pat on my head from time to time. (Not joking lol)


Try working with Raphael some time, he is very very fast.But generally I have had the same experience that you did,demons generally seem faster to sense? Excuse my poor english lol.


Thanks. Demons are quicker but I can’t get my mind over it that they might require a soul so I need to do my research on them more before working with them again


Yeah well there are soul selling pacts, however you are the one who will sign them so its up to you.

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There is quite the thread about that. Soul selling isn’t something required or even demanded of most demons.


I know I am not saying demons come up with a paper on their hands waiting for you to sign. :smiley: But there are indeed these kind of pacts if you want to do.

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Everybody always says this but I find Michael pretty efficient :woman_shrugging:


Angels have lives and when they don’t show either they refuse to or your calling didnt reach them.

Angels and demons are from the same plane of existence lol, besides distance has nothing to do with their workings.


For me they weren’t slow…They just didn’t worked and i think I’ll never ask for their help again. Maybe it’s my fault because I’m a beginner and i don’t know how to communicate well etc etc,but I’m here for the results and I’m tired of blaming everything on myself.
I wanted help,i asked and i didn’t get it,3 times 3 failures. Only 1 time something worked but not fully,so i don’t consider the half job as a Success.
Next time I’ll try something else.


U don’t have direct emergency line to them. hahaa. maybe that’s why they slow. slow express lane. Or your not on their list. your on the wait list. Others ahead of you. =o)


I am confused, if the angels are too slow, why not then call upon demons?

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I have heard that Demons tend to influence people more than Angels. If your workings have to do with influencing others perhaps that could be the reason? In my experience Angels have always been quite fast though, influencing others or otherwise


Because I take the afterlife seriously.