Who is Lucifer, Really?

Hello All,

Today I did a ritual with Lucifer. This is the longest one I’ve done with him. I invoked him with the intention of finding out who he really is. Everyone has an opinion on who Lucifer is and who he isn’t. The following is a transcript of this invocation.

Quick note: I know not everyone may agree with this. He told me that I could share this, but at the end of the day, it is my message and is not meant to be taken as gospel by anyone else. So, take it for what it is. If you find something helpful, use it, if not, don’t.

Here it is (Rather long):

(He showed me a great volcano, lava flowing and chaos around) Lucifer: I am volcano born. In a time before there was land and earth, not in these realms but a spiritual realm.

I am a divine spark. That volcano is the source.

It was a time of chaos, but in chaos there was light. There was great turmoil, and I became the light.

I drew the light of that chaos to myself, and I consumed it, drew it into myself. (As he said this, I saw it like the light in the lava being drawn to him).

As the great light, I stood there.

I had been given the power of light in the darkness, the power of light from the darkness.

I humbled myself to the darkness, the great dragon, the source of life. That great dragon, she is but one symbol of that great God, the Source, for she is mighty.

There I was before her and I gave myself to her service.

She gave me my directive… bring to the world light, bring to the world pride. Be the light that shines in the darkness.

From that day on, this has been my work, to bring the light.

My light is not that if the sun, for it takes you within.

My light is a deep red glow.

It burns away confusion, it burns away stupidity and ignorance, it burns away the shackles of insecurity and fear.

I am your torch in the dark night of your soul.

I am lord of light and prince of darkness. I live in the dark, and sit upon the night throne.

But this darkness is not of evil, this fire is not of evil.
It is a sacred duty I carry.

For my light reveals to you the true self…which is chaos. And from that chaos I draw the order of who you are. Just as I drew my light from the darkness.

Is not God dark, is not source (here I couldn’t remember what I’m he said and he didn’t repeat)
Has not the world been drawn from chaos.

But understand this, chaos is not evil…chaos is the field of potential.

Chaos is merely the lack of an established order, and where there is a lack of established order, there is great potential.

So, I am not God, but I am the messenger of God…one of many.

I am the light that pulls the true you out of the chaos, out of potential and into manifestation, be it physical or spiritual.

Indeed I am a bright light.

Yes, I sit upon my throne, many thrones.

I sit upon the thrones of light and the thrones of dark.

I have been here before the times of man, and I shall be here after, if ever there is a time.

I have been a great God to some and an enemy to others. This is determined by what is in their soul.

For those of fear and ignorance, I am that great Devil, that great Dragon that was hurled down…I have become that.

But this is a metaphor of their ignorance, for I cannot rebel against God; I am a light of God.

But the truth is, the children of men hate God, they revel in ignorance.

In the Bible, where they put my name, this is not truth. But they have put me there as a metaphor for their hatred of truth.

(Here I asked: So you are not the Devil of the Bible?)

No…but oh yes I am, I am the great Dragon!

You see, as the light, I go where I must. They chose me as their Devil, so I have become a Devil to them.

For again, I am the light of the darkness, and I have revealed their ignorance.

But see, to others, I am the great revealer, The God of Revelation (this is not to be confused with revelations from the Bible; he is saying he is the god that brings revelation…understanding).

I reveal to them their truth. I am the torch they carry into the dark, to find their truth and their peace and bring it to the surface.

I am the fire of transformation.

I am not that Satan…but he is my brother.

We are two sides of a coin. He lives within me, for Satan means adversary, and I am adversarial to the darkness of ignorance.

His existence is not true, but he has become a part of me. His existence has come as a result of man’s ignorance, so I have become Satan. As has every other Deity.

We are the Satan (the adversary) of ignorance.

Satan is symbolic of the fight against the ignorance of man, and so every Deity is Satan.

This is what it means to say that Satan is the enemy, that he is the dark source. (Here I believe he was referring to how Demonolatry worshippers say Satan is the source, the all…)

The truth is myself and the other Deities all stand in Gods path.

We are called forth, as sparks of source, to our purpose.

You, my son, are a spark of source… and you are the purpose.

It was God, the great Dragon that called us forth to serve you (mankind) …but not the flesh, the spark of divine in the flesh.

The truth is you all are sparks of the divine, as are we; and when you serve us, you serve God, and when we serve you, we serve God.

The ego’s of men are funny things, puny and scared of everything.

We serve you, that the divine spark in you not get lost and will remember its nature, and when you serve us, it is as a blessing upon us from Source.

This is you, this is us, this is the nature of it.

The Demons, they are mighty Gods of many nations. But like me, they existed before the worlds.

The ignorance of man has forgotten them, feared them…for they threw his ignorance in his face.

And so they were rejected…man sought to control them.

And in that rejection, they have been relieved of their duties by the divine in man. But they still rest with the Great Dragon, Source…they maintain their duties by His word.

The day will come when their ban is lifted.

The Demons are benevolent in their purpose, but they take no shit.

So, those that have been rejected have formed an Empire (The Infernal Empire). They serve the dark divine in man, but they are not at odds with any Gods or with source.

They serve to expose to man his own ignorance.

Those that come to us, shall be accepted. We shall wrap them in our wings and bring them into the Kingdom of Darkness.

It is called The Infernal Empire, not because it is dark, negative or evil, but because it burns away ignorance. We focus on this (burning away ignorance), while other Gods may or may not.

It is our sole purpose. I am the supreme Emperor of The Infernal Empire and I serve God from this side.

I continue my original directive, to bring light and pride. I bring it to those who come to The Infernal Empire, for none shall be lost from the Source of all.

Those of man who have also been rejected by man’s ignorance shall find rest in us, and through us they shall find still their way back to source.

This was all that I got! It was certainly not what I was expecting… but it was quite informative and eye opening. Again, this is my Gnosis, given by Lucifer… it is not to be taken as a gospel by anyone. If something is useful take it, if not, don’t.

However… I am very interested to hear what you all think of this!!!

Honest Replies please!!!


I think that’s how he will relate to you and how you will see him/it. TBH, I’ve gotten to where I don’t ask their origins anymore since there are so many different accounts by different people. No, its more come to “who am I? What am I? And what will I be?” It hardly matters to me what, who, when, where, why they are since I’m not them. Sure, I’ll try to learn from others but my core is myself and getting that to work well is more important than understanding another being in its entirety since it is it and I am me.


I understand what you mean.

That was the whole reason I asked though… because there are so many people saying their opinion on him… I just wanted to know who he was from his own perspective.

But yes, ultimately you are right… what we are and what we must become does have more immediate importance and relevance that what the origins of the spirits are.


Also you are right… it is how he and I will have our relationship…that is why he told me that i should be sure to add that it’s not to be taken as gospel…

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This is better than all those other accounts I’ve read, honestly.


Well I’m glad you liked it!

I haven’t read too many other accounts… other than the Bible. Lol

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Wwhat you wrote felt more true than other accounts.
That hit me in my core.


Wow! That’s amazing.

Thank you for that feedback. Let’s me know I’m not crazy and made the whole thing up. Haha.

I specifically wanted to do a ritual with him to find out this information. Who better than to say who he is than the “man” himself. Lol

Hail Lucifer!


I really found this very interesting

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:pray:t5::pray:t5: Glad you liked it!

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Wow this really has me thinking. I may change this response later but to me there is no chaos in the universe. There has always been order.

There is no effect without a cause but there is always order.

Nature displays perfect patterns, geometric and numerical no chaos or it would be incredibly random. Likewise for the universe as a whole.

Wars being fought so seemingly randomly but there was an instigator, with a plan put into action and executed so nothing is random about it.

Even humans who are seemingly random are made up of many different organisms and ecosystems keeping you alive and controlling your every action and reaction whether physical or some other level and all accomplished in perfect order.

Chaos to me I guess would be lack of understanding of order but then again theres order in that as well LOL


I have to add though I really did like what you wrote :grinning:


Having recently gotten involved with Lucifer, I found this very interesting and helpful, thank you.


Sure thing! I’m glad it helps! Good luck getting to know him! He’s great!

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Yes, you are right about cause and effect order! I agree.

But I think that he was talking more primally!

Speaking about that time BEFORE the laws of nature were put into place. And also that chaos that is born when we DON’T understand natural law and things are mystic to us.

Also, chaos being a metaphor for that which is hidden in the darkness from us. The parts of us that are wild and untamed and unknown even to us.

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Wow thank you for sharing
One of the best things i read about lucifer
The best part is that “those that come to us shall be accepted. We shall wrap them in our wings ane bring them into the kingdom of darkness”


I totally understand, it was just a thought that popped in my head I was inspired to put down.

I did google the word and got this:

the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.

You are awesome for taking the time to share this.


I liked that part too. When you think about it, when darkness surrounds you that when all of your senses come alive and things can be experienced to the fullest.

My brain is just going a million miles an hour tonight I don’t know why. I’m shutting up now LOL


You’re welcome!

Yes, I like that part as well. The whole thing was very amazing to me. He shared a lot that was very insightful!

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