Which invocation can i use to summon lucifer?

In my dreams i saw Lucifer,Lilith and Hecate he said to me contact me to make the pact complete. But how can i contact him?i am very new with this and dont now how to invocate. everytime if i try i get no repond or its not him.
And do anybody know what this Sigil means?it looks like this! When i saw that i heard Odin

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Why saw i that?its that symbol associated with them?

Only you can understand the meaning behind what you saw :slight_smile: It is a symbol that represents “not getting lost on your journey” maybe that has significance to you since you are not in a very confident place right now. That’s me simplifying it a great deal for you.

At least check out the links I provided and put a bit more effort into your research as a whole before you just go wandering off summoning spirits etc.

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Check this out: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

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I will try this. Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I will read this thank you🙂

I am expecting to hear back from you LOL. Your homework is to tell us what you’ve learned from what you’ve read😜

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When must i have read it🙂

Demonic enns work very well.

LOL, I like you you’ve got spirit. There’s enough there for about a weeks reading. So send me something next Monday.

You also mentioned something about not doing a circle of protection, so I want you to research the lower banishing ritual of the pentagram I think this would be a great place for you to start before you started evoking anything

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I think i have listen to that a long time ago and i feelt something lay next to me.
I was 13 that time.

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I accept the challenge😺

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I have one question they say king paimon its a safe spirit but he dont like me🙁he said to me you are such a child and he left.

Also can i do this ritual or its it dangerious

Is he right? I don’t know you that well yet.

I repeat this to so many people and I will say it again to you. I do not want to see you fall into that trap that so many new people do here, by jumping around topics, magickal systems and changing your magickal direction because your following the next shiny object.

Take this seriously and many here will help you on your journey. Why are you wanting to run a marathon before you can even walk. You will be able to do all those things in time, time being the operative word.

I want you to be great at what you do so please invest in yourself and those rewards you seek will come for sure.


Thank you for the advise🙂and what do you mean with its he right?

That was in response to King Paimon thinking you were such a child.

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Oh you mean that😀 i am sorry for the silly question.

It’s ok LOL

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