When I was cheated by my boyfriend of three years and he cheated, how should I retaliate?

When I was cheated by my boyfriend of three years and he cheated, how should I retaliate?

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Dump him and be happier with someone else. No need to clog up your energy with dross, that would mean you are still carrying the scars instead of healing, and he wins again.


I’m not happy

Are you still with him? If yes, then retaliating won’t do anything to fix what caused him to cheat and you’re probably going to feel the need to get back at him every time he cheats. You would also have to do work to keep him faithful, work on building trust again, the list goes on…lots of energy being expended.

If you’re not with him, I would work on self improvement since you aren’t happy. Don’t let this person be the reason you don’t have happiness in your life. Distract yourself from thinking of him. Work on improving finances, improve your health, learn a new skill, etc.

As far as retaliation, since you asked, search for revenge spells using the search function.

Good luck.


Focus on manifesting someone better into your life. Seriously when a person cheats they most likely will do it again and if revenge is your goal then he will be devasted (probably) when he sees you move on.

Also try and work on healing first. Aset and Hathor are good for this. Ishtar, Persephone and Freya too


I’ve left him, but I’m still angry

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I’m a novice. I can’t understand many things

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Petition a spirit for healing once you are good again then peititon them to bring you a new love. There are peititon spells on the forum if you search you’ll find it.


For this i would go for Goddess Inanna.


Bind his genitals so he wont be able even to masturbate and move on.Keep the binding for a couple of months and then unbind


Well, honestly I can understand pretty well your desire of revenge, I would never be able to move on if I don’t first make the mf pay.
So here, coincidentally or not there’s this recently topic.

If you identify yourself as a woman I would tell you to call a goddess, Hera maybe, cause they usually are quite interested in cheated woman.
If you don’t, that’s not a problem at all. Any entity would be good to help anyway.

Work with gods are far easier than work with demons in my opinion, I believe any beginner can do it.
So get an offering for the god of your choice, the offering can be anything, a glass of wine, grapes, flowers, a piece of cake, anything. Than you call the god, meditate before to get in a peaceful state and than call them, like a prayer, “come to me (name of the god)” than state your offering, something like “is humble but from my heart” and finally make you request “make him lose his job” or “got him sick” or “destroy his life completely” this will depend on what you want that happen to him. After that, say thank you. Wait a few hours or a whole day, go with your intuition and eat the food if was a food you gave as offering, or let the flowers wither if that was the offering.
During this ritual it helps if you draw a rune for your intention(change, destruction, justice, revenge, etc), Google it to find them. Don’t forget in create a protective circle around you before you begin, to do that all you have to do is imagine and believe that there’s a circle around you that will protect you against anything with ill intentions, say those words while doing the circle in you mind. You can light a candle too if you want to.

After that, forget about, there was one thing I asked and it took 1 month and only after I had forgot about it. They’ll find a way to show you the results, so no need of keep thinking about it or stalking his life.
In the meantime focus on yourself, the biggest revenge in the end of the day will be make him see what he lost. Don’t let him be in the way of your happines, after perfom the ritual you can’t have any doubt about if it will work or not, so just be sure that he will pay, that you did it, you revenged him and go take care of yourself. Focus on your work or study, in your dreams. It’s time for you fall in love with yourself, to heal. Find a new hobbie, change your routine, cut or dye your hair if you want to, just change things around you, listen to some power up musics to inspire. Buy yourself things. And cry, it’s okay to cry if you’re hurt, just be sure to rise up again smiling.
See you happy, smiling, beautiful working in turn your dream true will definitely be a plus revenge.

If you regret in make him pay through magic, which is okay, do the ritual again and when saying your requeste say to the god you called before that you’re thankful and sorry but you changed you mind, if you did the rune and still have the pape torn it apart, only after say the thank you and sorry to the god, undoing the spell. I think some gods wouldn’t stop if you regret, so be honest with yourself, if you think you could regret, be careful in choose a god that won’t mind and undo it. To find out this, just search about them, use the searchglass here in the forum to search about the god, google it, watch yt videos about, ask here. Make a wise decision. :wink:

Hope this help. :slight_smile:



Thank you! <3

Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield has a Master Curse. I have used it before and it was very effective.

If you are in China like your profile says, then it may be hard to get physical books or ebooks on kindle. In that case, you could do something more like traditional folk magick. I like the rituals in the book, but you could try this.

Make an object that is him. It could be a clay doll, or a bundle of sticks, a stuffed animal, a pot with drawings or writing on it. Whatever it is, let the object be him. It is not just a link to him, the object is him.

Now you get to be creative. Step on him? Burn him? Freeze him? Push his head down into the river? Give him a little wallet, penis, maybe his hair too, why not. Maybe make an object for “the other girls.” Maybe have them take his wallet and smush his penis, so he becomes all smooth down there, nothing poking out anymore. Then pull his hair out, why not. When you’re feeling done you could feed him to a dog or throw him off a mountain, whatever you want to do.

After this, if you’d like, you can make another doll, or talisman, some kind of magickal object, and have that be a new partner for you. You can have him sit in your room, just relaxing. You can bring him to special places in secret, maybe in your bag. Feed him the love, respect, and care that you want to receive, and if you are patient the magick can bring that into your life.

Grab your stuff and leave. Why bother wasting time, energy, and effort. Was in the same situation many years ago. So much better for it. I’m living my dream life now. Lose the dead weight dear. It is liberating.

Also, you could use your energy to bring all the good into your life. Everything you wanted. Make it happen. You’re worth it.

I would channel your energy into something more productive and self actualizing

I tried. It doesn’t seem to work

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I can’t let go. I feel bad