Deities for Justice and Revenge

Since we have an abundance of people looking for revenge or justice, add to the list the spirit names best known for revenge and justice.

My contributions:
Revenge: Lugh, Dagda
Justice: Danu, Lugh, Dagda

Revenge - South, Dragons Blood, Red, Sword and Cauldron, Hawthorne, Iron/Steel
Justice - North, Cedar, Dark Blue/Deep Purple, Cedar, Wand and Cauldron, Tin


Norse: almost every Norse deity can help with this and they give very powerful results

Indian: Shiva, any of the Goddesses, Ganesha, any Vedic God, Narasimha (if justified), Dee Baba

Greek: once more almost any of these Gods are excellent for this

Kemetic: Sutekh, Apep, Haru, Hathor, Aset, Ahur, Serket, Sekhmet, Basest, Sobek.

Celtic: the Morrigan

Middle Eastern: Ishtar, Tiamat, from what I’ve read; Tiamats 11 as well as Kingu and Abzu are good too.

Archangels: Michael and Samael. Raphael for binding

Japanese: Susanoo

Dragons and Fae can help too if you are close with them. Dragons are hands down some of the most powerful allies to have on your side.

That’s all I got for now.


Good post with good information. I’ve worked with Sutekh on a few Egyptian style curses and he works fast and the retribution is serious.


I use Ma’at a lot for justice. I also use her to help determine if the person I’m targeting is actually guilty, too. Most of my targets don’t make it to a court room (or I don’t hear about it if they do), so I want that extra input to make sure I’m not about to wreck someone that doesn’t deserve it.


I have read Azazel is also good to work with in situations of both justice and revenge.



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