What kind of magic works the fastest and easiest to make someone love you?

Hello guys,
As my headline says, i am looking for the easiest and fastest type of magic to make someone love me and contact me.Because i dont have much time or money to arrange an altar or buy stuff etc.
I hope someone can help me with this ? Thank you.

Again, try using the search function. You can find all kinds of info

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Helpful as always, Purple


I try.

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You said in your introduction two weeks ago that you don’t practice magick.

Now you want a love spell?

I’ll tell you right now, that a love spell is one of the hardest types of magick to pull off for beginners because you have to let go of your desperation, lust, and emotional attachment to the outcome.

Not matter what spell you do, the effect will be fleeting.


yeah i dont practice magic, as in i am not a professional. But there must be something right

Mickeys and fireballs, visualize and charge it. They won’t know what hit them.:zap:

Careful who you make fall in love with you though. Some people don’t go away so easily, becoming a real pain in the ass.


what is mickeys and fireballs? ?How does it work?

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He’s talking about feeding them drugged alcohol. A “mickey” is a barbiturate, and Fireball is a cinnamon flavoured liquor.


It’s a vegan cocktail from Trader Joe’s made with lots of love and light. You don’t actually get the drink but visualize the drink and charge it with your intent.


how is that even possible.I am tensed.I am looking for magic.

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Look, the best thing for you to do is to study, at least a little, some magick before doing something.

Love spells are the trickiest ones and demand lots of knowledge, discipline, emotional control, and detachment from the outcome. Even the most expert magician has some restrictions when they talking about love spells. That’s because of the requester being connected to the outcome, and his desperation becoming a huge obstacle.

So, if I were you I wouldn’t do any love spell but worked hard on my self-improvement, emotional control, self-esteem, mind development and knowledge about magick. Meditate. Meditate a lot.

Also, start by working with magick with things that you really don’t want or don’t need. Do magick “for fun”. As you start to see results, then you advance in magick. In the end, you’ll gather so much knowledge and confidence in magick that you’ll be doing things never imagined before.


As someone who originally came here for love/ex work, I can say this:
based on you having a ‘deadline’ and wanting it to work ‘the fastest’, you cannot let go of the outcome. No matter what spell you do, no matter the magick, it will faill. At best, it will be fleeting as @DarkestKnight said, IF you get any movement at all.

The fact is, if you have no experience in magick, you’re very far off from achieving anything. The groundwork is first meditation, and to get good at that, takes a lot longer than you would expect. It isn’t going to happen this week, this month, and maybe not even this year.

Meditation, then energy and aura recognition exercises, then exercises to learn how to CHANNEL that energy… it’s not as simple as lighting a candle, calling on a deity you have no relationship with and it will all work out. Almost every candle spell tells you charge it with your intent or energy, how can you do that when you can’t actively focus that energy?

The truth is, a lot of us came here in dire need for a result, we couldn’t let go of that result and nothing manifests except the opposite we wanted, and then we fall into two groups:

1.) Those who stayed to try and learn magick to evolve and be ready the next time we need magick
2.) Those who didn’t get the desired results, and gave up, not learning the foundations, yet turning to magick during our next emergency, looking for a ‘fast’ and ‘easy’ fix.

It won’t be an easy fix. Magick is a commitment.


Basic sigil for sexual attractiveness and another to push a relationship towards you.

Then go take massive action.

Broad stroke + Direct result + Real world effort = Amazing results


is it possible to work with the sigil for a specific person?

I’m interested in that what do I need to do?

Welcome @_Doom39_80. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Im a little late to this sorry, but dark night is right.

Rather than jump in to a love spell why not create a simple servitor to numb your magical doubts and flood you with confidence, and then proceed with the love spell when you are less likely to kill your own working.

Just a thought.

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