A Love Spell That Inflames Lust In Anyone ~ By E.A. Koetting

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A Love Spell That Inflames Lust In Anyone

By E.A. Koetting

In my career in teaching occult secrets to others, the question that I’m asked the most often is, “How can I make someone desire me?”

The terms may be different depending on the person.

Some people might ask, “How can I make this person fall in love with me?”

Others might want to know how to make their years-long spouse become sexually interested in them again.

Sexual and Emotional Needs are Universal…

This is one of the most basic needs of human beings, and it seems that it is also one of the most unfulfilled needs as well.

What just about everybody seems to be forgetting is that YOU have the power to enflame sexual desire in anyone that you want.

I’ll give you a few basic guidelines in this article that will help you start utilizing this power RIGHT NOW!

The first thing that you need to realize is that just about everybody has sexual desire built into them.

All that you have to do is learn how to activate that desire, and funnel it in your direction.

You can spend weeks, months, or even years trying to win over the person that you want…

OR, you can spend a few minutes tapping into your hidden reservoir of spiritual power and MAKE THAT PERSON CUM TO YOU!

You LITERALLY can make your romantic target feel such strong emotional attraction to you that they become obsessed.

Here’s the Ritual That Will Enflame Sexual Desire!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Obtain a tapered RED candle. The wax needs to be red throughout, rather than white, coated by a red shell.

  2. Write the name of the person you want to influence on the candle, lengthwise. If you know the person’s date of birth, write that on there as well. You can use a black marker to write on the candle, or you can use a needle to scratch the name and numbers into the wax.

  3. You will also need to obtain some object belonging to the person. Although a lock of hair or a paper with their handwriting on it works the best, any item that the person considers to be “theirs” will do. I once was able to successfully perform this ritual using a pen that the person owned.

  4. Shut out the lights, and light the candles. This will usually work best when the person is sound asleep, so try to wait until after midnight to perform this simple ritual.

  5. Sit in front of the candle, making sure that the name inscribed on it is facing you, so that you can see it. Hold the object belonging to the person in your right hand.

  6. Gaze deep into the candle’s flame, watching it dance, losing yourself in the natural trance that will come.

  7. Still gazing into the candle’s flame, still entranced, feel the personal object that is in your right hand. Visualize the person that you want to effect. Bring the image of that person into your mind as clearly as possible. The name written on the candle and the object in your hand will make it very easy to establish this energetic connection.

  8. NOW, you need to visualize yourself with that person. You can visualize making love to them, cuddling on a couch, holding hands in a park, or whatever sort of future scenario that you like. The key here is to visualize something that will occur in the future that is symbolic of the success of this ritual.

  9. Repeat the incantation, "(Person’s name), come to me!” You want the incantation to be simple and to the point. Continue to focus on the future outcome that you’ve visualized as you repeat this.

  10. Through the process of this visualization and incantation, take all of your emotion, your desire, obsession, lust, longing, etc., and push that out of yourself, into the candle’s flame.

  11. Continue to visualize the person that you intend to attract, and continue reciting the simple incantation, until all of your energy and emotion is exhausted.

  12. Finalize the ritual by stating, “By the Powers of Magick, which are within me, I command that (Person’s Name) come to me.” Here, you can be more specific as to what you’d like to achieve as your final outcome.

One of the keys to successfully imprinting your will upon the world, or upon another person, is that you NEED to exhaust all of your desire for the end result IN THE RITUAL.

It is often said that as soon as you forget that you even performed the ritual, the rewards will come! This is why it is so important to push all of those emotions and thoughts out of yourself while performing the ritual.

This is just a very simple example of the Godlike Power that you have inside of yourself, and how you can use it to make substantial changes in your life.



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And what if you don’t have said person personal item, and ain’t able to get hair or anything of the like. How would you go about that?


Ask her if you could use her as a reference for a new job your going for or some other info-necessary paperwork that involves references. You’ll have her name, number, and maybe even her address on a note written by her hand.


It would be best to have a link but you could use a picture of them or a birthdate if need be.


I would like to try this, I have a picture of then on my phone and a piece of paper with their hand writing on, my only problem is, I wont be able to do it at midnight,as I will be asleep, I. can do it at 5.30am, and I know she will be asleep then.Would this still work? Also how long do you let the candle burn for, I will only have around 30 to 40 mins each morning?
Do i use a fresh candle each morning?

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Interestingly, the most deeply personal thing anyone usually has is their own name. If you can’t get a physical object for energy connection, get the other’s middle name(s) instead, and write them on the candle. Use the whole name when you speak the ritual words.

Alternatively, if you know the person really well, childhood friend, happened to see right through them, whatever, you can use an epithet to grab onto their innermost being. I did this once without a name, but saying “boy.” I knew who he was, but his innermost being was immature and insecure, so i hooked him with “boy” because it was always so close to the surface of his consciousness.


Just what I was looking for :smile:

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Thats what I was thinking. In the candle do I right her first name or full name and when saying the incantaiton is it better to say the first name or the full name ? Thank you for your help

Finalize the ritual by stating, “By the Powers of Magick, which are within me, I command that (Person’s Name) come to me.” Here, you can be more specific as to what you’d like to achieve as your final outcome.

By saying

" Here you can be more specific as what you want your final outcome to be "

You mean that I should include what I visualized in the final incantation

By the Powers of Magick, which are within me, I command that (Person’s Name) come to me ( and then what I visualized )

Or by removing the " come to me " with my visualization in the final incantation ?

Also , are therw any side effects that might affect the person that Im doing it to or me. If so , how can I remove this ? Thank you for your time and have a great one

quick question, after I say the final words, do I turn the candle off or just let it consume itself?

If it’s a small spell candle and you can safely let it burn, let it do so, if not, I’ve seen E.A. blow candles out after a ritual. Just be careful to only use that candle for that type of work, not for casual use or anything baneful.



With all respect, I have one question:
My target is in another town far away from me, but I know her name, her DOB and have some pictures of her. I can use this spell ? Or is necesary to have a object from her?
My intent is really important for me. Sorry for my english, is not my mother language.

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This spell is written by E.A. Koetting and it is not mine, so I cannot be certain, but if you have no object she owned and no way of getting one, I do know that spells can be done at a distance with just a photograph, so you should have enough material there.


I want to do this spell Before going in her town. After that I can get one object from her.

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Set the intention to do that like it is a promise to yourself and keep it, sometimes magick works outside linear time.

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Definetly one of the best advice. I’m about to make some huge changes in my life. Thanks for your advice and time.

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You’re welcome, good luck! :+1:

So mote be

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