What kind of magic works the fastest and easiest to make someone love you?

Being your true self, everything will align.

DK what exactly you mean by that?
Is it only if you lust and dont let go? Or does it apply for all magic even pacts?

It applies to all magick: lust for results is basically a form of doubt. And doubt kills magick. But love spells are extra fraught with it because people do them when they are desperate and craving. They fail a lot, they get unintended consequences, they make people crazy, they’re just baneful and hard to get right.

Read through this category to see the stories. The ones that work the best are the simplest spells attracting just general good times, not specific, not weighed down with emotional baggage.


You cannot force people to love you. So-called love spells are simply just curses that drugs people and eventually drugs goes off.

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