What happens when a spell is not activated as it was said

Hi there, can someone pls help?

My mom didnt get preggo and she went to a magician and got 3 spells from him. One she was supposed to burry under a tree said to be drying the tree. One to burn and smoke under her skirt. The third i dont recall.=))

But she changed her mind and after getring the spells she just threw them in water.

Then same time she applied medical work and she finally get preggo w me. She put it as the doctor made it.

I had a hard time my whole life and feeling like heavy weights on my back. I have been masturbating [a lot] and always was low on energy like fucking hell.

What happens to a spell if u do as such to it? Wouldn’t it be activated anyhow??

Another reason im asking this and yes the most highlighted one is that serious shit has been happening to the people who done me wrong. From having someones ear torn badly and someone spilling boiled water on them or someone having an accident twice. Or someone crashing into the wall w his food in his hands and breaking his favourite mug.

Once i felt a big shadoe gathering behind my back. It was like sĂ y what i do to him just say to me.

I feared to fuck up w the thing it felt so mighty. Bcs these things most of them happened to my husband who treats me not so very politely=))) so pls can anyone?

Post edited to remove rule violation with respect to mention of minors. We don’t talk about kids that way here, at all, doesn’t matter if it was you.

Depends what the spells were, but that’s a decent way to just not perform the magic. This then seems unrelated to the rest. Why, do you think an entity got offended?

There’s as many causes of this as there are people.
Have you tried a divination to look into your energy flows and blocks, have you done any shadow work, checked yourself for depression, checked your environment for bad energy flows and toxins, looked into the energy relationship with your parents?

Again you need a divination to see if this was coincidence, separate events or related to this entity you sensed. It doesn’t do to leap to conclusions, you need more information. We can make suggestions but you’ll have to put some work in to find out.

Never give your power away like this, only bad news comes of it. Don’t let it intimidate you. If in oubt, perform a banishing and cleansing, always. No brainer, get rid of randoms messing with your life, period. Imo as usual.

Thanks for ur reply. Well not sure the entity got offended i think it is passively active in my life. Some voice keep suggesting me that if we unite we will be all powerful.

I think maybe i got some protector? So divinitaion can helo right? To knw abt this enĹĄity

What do u mean never give away my power like this.
I have two jinns in my house one male one female. I have seen them. But they cannot do anything like moving stuffs or making noise.

Sounds sus to me…

This sounds like part of an obsession process that leads to possession, but in this case it doesn’t sound good.

I say, “kill it with fire”

Banish, banish, banish

Cord cutting too


Ah thank you so muchh. Lol it sounded sus to me as well. How to banish it. I thought rly maybe it was some servitor.

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Yes divination will bring more information to light, and you don’t have enough right now. You don’t know if this is a parasite, you don’t know why it should protect you, there’s too much unanswered to trust it just yet.

Have you tried to ask it to give you a name?

Don’t put yourself down by making out it’s better than you: it’s not. If it’s worth it’s salt it knows that.

Sage might be a really good idea. Clears all the energy too.

We also have a tutorial thread:

And finally, there’s Luna (servitor). Meant for just this type of thing:

Here’s a thread where she helped somebody with a haunted mirror:


Wish it was that simple for me!

Oh the humanity!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. Now down to business. You mention that she was given three spells. From what you describe, it sounds like she was given three objects associated with these spells.
So did the magician work the spells and then give her the objects to carry out further action with in order to facilitate the working? Or did he give her the objects and instructions for her to perform the spells herself?
The difference could be quite important, as if its the latter, it would suggest that nothing was actually cast to begin with. If the former, the situation could be a little more complex.

The things you describe may well be coincidental. But they also may not. As some have suggested its worth doing some cleansing and banishing as a precaution. I do agree with this.
But I see from your intro that you haven’t practiced as yet. But don’t you worry, because one of our members has created a servitor specifically for this purpose. She’s been designed to be totally beginner friendly, safe and easy to summon.
Don’t let the cute pony picture fool you, behind it lies a fearsome force for dealing with unwanted energies etc.

Want to summon spirits, but scared/don’t have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector - Spirits, Evocation & Possession - Become A Living God

Last time my mom sent the two entities away. But not using a servitor. Then i figured out they aint gone but just weakened. From fast shadows to just heaviness in the house. And to be more precise, someone w a huge shadow servitor on a leash as his protector sent me energy i felt his energy electrifying thru my hands and body. And then felt something entered me and looked thru my eyes. Back then i was way fearful of these matters. But now just i think i am ready.

Could u or anyone pls describe to me if in the 1st placd it is wise to start w a servitor for cleansing. I heard they too want their food thru u. Lol i dont havee much myself to feed any servitor

Hi thank you. As my mom put it he wrote some letters and numberd and all on paper.

Can a parasite fool me to buy into the facf that he is my protector. I thought parasites were just dumb. =)))

But u know the thing is that my mom got preggo w me in the end. So that sounds sus to me. I mean the wish was granted btw. They say it was the doc or some religious figure they as well prayed to.

Are there chances the parasite keeps mocking me and give me some random name? He keeps asking forexample what do u want to be done to ur husbanf

He already said he loves me so much when i asked him to leave. He said he wants stay and began to cry=)) lol the thin line between schizophrenia and the truth.

The only info i have is his big yellow eyes that i see from time to time. And that he says i am safe. I mean me. Like i feel safe even.

He keeps asking forexample: what do u wish to be done to my husband, just ask me.

I have never asked him anything anyways.

A well constructed servitor feeds on the food sources that its creator has programmed it with.If you read through the details on Luna, her food sources are described. She won’t feed on you. I’ve worked with her regularly for a long time and have certainly had no adverse effects.

Some things could. But I’m not an expert on this. There are others on the forum who could answer this question better.

Its hard to say. My mother was in a severe accident as a child and the medical opinion was always that she would never be able to have kids. But then she had two, no magick involved.

I can’t tell you what to do… There are clear red flags to look out for that I’m NOT hearing here:
You would be feeling drained, making bad decisions, getting sick or depressed, arguments and bad luck flaring up in the house if it was a parasite. The feeding has negative effects.

If it’s always giving the same name, and it’s not name ropping some big well known name like “I’m Beezebub” then it’s more likely to be genuine.

He already said he loves me so much when i asked him to leave. He said he wants stay and began to cry=)) lol the thin line between schizophrenia and the truth.

I don’t think that’s crazy. Crazy is hearing voices tell you you’re bad and to shoot your family. I’ve actually experienced this. I drove it away and I kind of regret it.

In my case I never gave it a chance did so because it broke trust early on, by acting as an impostor of Samael. I eventually worked out it was friendly DJinn aka Fae. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

I don’t know what would have happened if I’d gone for it, but many people on here can and do have meaningful relationships with entities, some feel they are married to them.

My reasoning: I still have a rule that I do not engage in romantic relationship with the discarnate, and as at the time my own heart was still semi broken I wasn’t capable of returning affection and the crying just made me angry, so I attacked it. I have since apologised but I won’t be forgiven and I feel bad but getting close like that wasn’t an option for me. I like my relationships more formal. And I realy hate being lied to, there was no coming back from that mistake.

The only info i have is his big yellow eyes that i see from time to time. And that he says i am safe. I mean me. Like i feel safe even.

Right there, that you feel safe is your own information telling you this could be genuine and ok.

So, it’s a case of weighing the pros and cons. Given the lack of red flags and your intuition that it’s safe, you could give it a chance. Maybe not throw all care to the winds, but tell him want to do to your abusive partner, and talk to him more.

Meanwhile, watch for the red flags in case it’s all a ruse, and take care of yourself. Maybe start reading through our free astral development tutorials and beging to improve your psychic senses: the better you can communicate the more data you will have for good decision making.

Now i asked him what his name was and my whole body flared w firy goosebumps. Like very intense. Goosebumps and shakes.
Hasnt spoken his name yet anyways.

Why do u regret u drove it away? Can one master all her inhabitants. I mean parasites or djinn lovers =)

I feel bad making another being unhappy. Regardless of the justifications I would have preferred to be able to negotiate, or at least have a “no means no, not sit in the corner sending sadness and pain at me” effect.

I hate emotional manipulation and pushyness, it’s a good way to get me to lose my cool, and then I don’t actually like who I become when I lose my cool, and I never engage in the “demon dick” thing. If he actually knew me he would have known that. He didn’t, ergo his “love”, to me, was as grasping and self serving as any human love, and therefore worthless.

Nevertheless I wish he had not pushed me. I did warn him. Boundaries matter.

I like how u perceive the world from that pov . I mean on love. Once i had a dream a shadow face male figure came and offered me his dick. He was like make me cum. And i said what are u even talking about i am married. Then he floated away like hoovering and then rubbed his dick against my babys clothes.

U know what i worry so much that ANY trade w these entities gives them more power over me. Like when they come to the surface and begin to attain more power.

The other time the djinns showed up they had like gray skin w horns. They woke my baby up. And laughed at me
My mom then again using “cosmointelligence” sent them away. There is this Persian guy Mohammad Ali Taheri and interuniversalism. The cleansing is just way powerful. And no need use any servitor for that.
U may be interested to learn more maybe???

Anyhow, i think it is more parasitish. Bcd im deporessed. But bad luck never. I am way lucky. And healthy. But maybe depression is bcs my husband and the life w him.

I have a feeling of being safe. And being well protected.
If i ask him to do smthing w my husband then he will sure get something from me in return right?

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Agreed i,e, group meditation and combined prayers are always powerful

Ew, woodchipper time… kill it with fire before it lays eggs. Literally.

I think that’s the case with most lesser entities. At that level they all still have to eat. Higher beings don’t do that so they’re safer, at least until you have the tools to hold your own.

But why are randoms allowed to walk through your house, can you not ward it and stop that? I use old fashioned iron horseshoes on all my house’s external doors and a protective circle like a magickal fence outside. “Good fences make good neighbours”, so they say.

For sure, that would be a great post all by itself and I’m sure a lot of people would be interested :smiley: Thanks!

It depends whether he’s playing you to get to you and then intends to change his ways once you’re hooked, or genuinely a being that doesn’t need to feed off humans and is acting on a resonance in your field that he likes.

You might not want your husband dead if he’s supporting you, unless there’s good life insurance I guess and you have time to develop a means of supporting yourself,so of you give him the go ahead and he can act on that permission, rell him he can’t kill. I think it would be an interesting experiment. It tends to be a feature of higher beings that they respect free will and need permission to act through thewill on a human.

A lot of parasites make grand offers, but they don’t have the actual strength to follow through, so if he fails, that’s a sign of a parasite that is lying. I call this “giving him enough rope to hang himself”. :slight_smile: