What are Demonic Children? My experience with them

Hello everyone this is Elena Night, I am here to discuss with all of you about Demonic souls, including my own personal experiences.
So to start off everyone is aware that there are souls in human bodies, the soul (or whatever you would like to call it) is what makes a physical body tick, it gives the physical body a spark of life. Now commonly people call the souls in human bodies human souls. Human souls are unique in nature and are very powerful. A human soul is able to reincarnate and go through cycles of life death and afterlife and to life… so based off of that we can easily see that souls, whatever their energy makeup might be, are powerful and unique at the same time.
Now with Demonic souls which are generally souls that have darker energy makeup within them. Demons and Demonesses are able to create their own Demonic souls. Now these created demonic souls are more powerful than regular human souls, even the really old human souls who are quite powerful in their own right. Now these demonic souls are able to incarnate into physical bodies, much like human souls do. [I am NOT talking about physical Demons coming to Earth and having sex with physical humans to create a demonic child. I am talking about spiritual/astral souls being created, there is no sex involved it is just simply energy being manipulated into a form of a soul].
These demonic souls that have incarneted into physical bodies have a very strong aptitude and natural ability in magick, occultism, and they are highly atune to their astral/psychic senses. [I will call these physically incarnated demonic souls, Demonic children]. These demonic children are also very intelligent, usually acheiving an above average or genius I.Q score. Most demonic children hate all religions, and they are in general rebelius in nature, and they really hate authority figures. Demonic children are also very easily be able to summon spirits especially demons. But having all of these traits and abilities doesn’t make you a demonic child, the real test is to work with demons and have them relay to you information that will tell you if you are trully a demonic soul.
Now some of you by this point in reading this post might already be doubting that any of this is even real. Some of you might already be saying that this is absolutely impossible, and some of you might even be thinking I am “Role-Playing.” Well if your thinking any of that then please understand that the only way to learn new knowledge is to become trully open about receiving any and all knowledge. You can’t assume that because my views on this are different from yours that, that will instantly justify your view points. View points and knowledge have to be proven to be accurate or more or less morally correct. Always remember to never judge a book by its cover.

Okay with that out of the way I will now talk about my experience with this whole topic;
When I first began looking into occultism I was devoted to being a Wiccan or at least I called myself a Wiccan. This was 5 years ago. My true interest into Wicca started when I was reading an absolutely fantastic book series called the Sweep series. This book series was based off many real things about Wicca, but it did have some false things in there just so the story could be really good. Anyways from that point on I studied for about 2 years on magick, and I tried to find my true path in occultism; I jumped around from Wicca to the Celtic path, to aethiest using magick, to a ton of other occult based paths, but i never moved towards the left hand path, the lack of knowledge about darkness and light being neither good nor evil was a key factor in me not moving towards the left hand path. Anyways over those two years of off again on again studying I eventually figured out what all of this occult stuff was and I could easily figure out on my own, how to do :anything: occult related. So by the third year of my off again on again studying I found the Draconic path or the path that involves working with Dragons. I went along on that path for about a year or less. I moved onto the left hand path because I felt that Draconic path really wasnt the best and truest path for me. I increasingly started to become interested in working with demons. The first demon I summoned forth was Lucifer, and oh my god did he have the best energy I had ever felt. (On a personal note I never really got into evocation and invocation of spirits, in other words I didn’t really study it :all:.) But I successfuly summoned Lucifer on my first try and I actually went on a naturally guided imagination session with him, in other words I astrally traveled with him in my mind. I also called on Lilith during this astral travel journey, which was a journey to the Infernal Empire. It was a fun and peaceful journey and I really do charish it. But anyways I eventually (and even before any of this happened) started to really feel like I was a lot different than most sorcereresses because I could summon any spirit I wanted just by saying their name once, I could easily preform rituals of very advanced forms, I could preform rituals that most would never be able to do, I could manipulate energy to do anything I desired it to do, I was able to do things 20-30 year veterans of occultism can do; all of this let me remind you are things I naturally learned how to do with only like 2-3 years of studying and experience under my belt. So all if that combined really got me wondering as to who I trully was. Even demons would tell me I am unique and special (I dont mean to sound superior to you but it is what they told me). Also I demons and other spirits actually highly respect me and act very differentlly towards me than they do towards most other people, by the way this is just my personal experience I have no idea if anyone else has this to but it is unlikely. So eventually I found a youtube channel called The Serpents Key, I watched a video about demonic children on this channel, and that is when shit started to click for me, I had all of these traits that this video talked about. The Serpents Key website and that video are as of now, taken down. But that is where I got this information from. Besides the fact that I did ask around within the demonic community about this and they verified that all of this was true, and they told me I was a demonic child. I will not disclose more information about who I am with relation to my demonic soul and its true origins… (sorry I’m mysterious that way lol).
Again please note that I actually wrote all of this myself. This is NOT material I copied from another website.
So this is my long ass post, please read all of it before you comment anything.
Elena Night


Hello everyone this Elena Night, below is a list of traits to see if you might be a demonic child. This information was copied from a website called ThSerpentsKey, this website is currently no longer online. I am posting this here because it is very important information. Please note that this I am NOT role playing or making any of this up. The website I mentioned was a very good and trust worthy website, there is a youtube channel that is called The Serpents Key, the channel is run by a very respectable lady named Raven Star… she also has a blog.
But please do note that if you answer most or all of these questions then doesnt mean you are a demonic child, you have to ask demons if you are or not.
So here they are;
A) Abilities to feel and communicate with spirits at a very young age.
Family may have told you that you had an imaginary friend when you
were little which may have really been a spirit. An attraction to
witchcraft at a young age, before age 12. You knew magick and demons
were real, even before you had actual proof. -You were attracted to
magick at a young age because it is in your blood to practice magick
and you could feel that these spirits were real because you came from
them. It’s similar to the way a child feels a connection to their
parents, and how they just know they are related.

B) Never feared things like monsters, demons, Goth culture, Hell.
In fact, you found these things fascinating and appealing or even
strangely comforting. -Obviously you did not fear demons again,
because you came from them which means you are essentially one of
them. You also did not fear things that the rest of society considers
to be scary because you came from something that is known to appear in
forms which can be scary to everyone else, and demons embrace their
darkness so of course, you too will embrace anything that is dark in

C) May have developed an obsession for “the devil” or Lucifer, Satan,
etc. at a young age.
Desiring to meet these spirits, be with them, or even having sexual
fantasies about them. -If you found yourself having an obsession for
Lucifer or Satan at a young age, it could mean that you came from them
or you just feel an attraction to these spirits because all of these
spirits are connected anyway, like one giant family. So if you were
not created by one of them directly, you are still technically related
to them. So of course some attraction can be normal.

Demons do not adhere to the same societal concepts that humans do. In
their world, it is perfectly normal for a demon to mate with or have
sexual contact with one of the “daughters or sons” that they created.
They do not have fleshly bodies and they can create a spirit to take
on any personality traits they want it to have, so DNA is different in
this instance and there is nothing immoral about this, and no risk of
the spirit having genetic mutations like it can be with humans. They
do not have the same concepts of incest that we humans do.

We are bound by the rules of our fleshly bodies, they are not. While
in your human form, it is perfectly normal for the demon that created
you or even one that is related to you in some other way, to want to
mate with you or have sexual contact with you. The spirit inside of
you is still demonic and a part of them, so by connecting with the
demon that created you, there will be a bond between the two of you.
It’s perfectly because as the two spirits overlap during sexual
activity or even just energy sharing and bonding, the two spirits
(yours and the demon itself) will feel that connection as the two of
you are essentially made of the same energy.

D) When you read the bible or were told biblical stories, you felt a
sadness or anger for Lucifer
as if he was done wrong and was not the “bad guy”. You may have even
felt like god was the evil one. You were able to rationalize and see
the hypocrisy in these stories at a young age. -Of course you felt
upset when reading the stories because one of your own kind was being
victimized in the stories. Although the bible is not literal, you
still found yourself upset because, although unaware at the time, you
were reading about one of your own being treated unfairly so your
subconscious mind responded to this creating those feelings of anger
or sadness.

E) Having spirits show up and follow you around,
spirits that were un-invited but they never harm you, they make you
feel safe and protected or they chase other people away who are trying
to harm you. -They were there to protect you, to keep you out of harms
way because you were put here for a reason. They don’t want to risk
having the vessel for your spirit (your human body) being damaged
because if you die, you would literally have to start all over and
would be unable to fill whatever purpose they have assigned you with,
and obviously they need you now. The year of your birth was also no
coincidence, this was planned to ensure that you would be here when
you were needed.

They also showed up at random to give you little pushes and gentle
reminders of who you are to make sure you found your way back to the
path you were meant to be on and to encourage those feelings you may
have had about being a child of Lucifer or another spirit. Their way
of preparing you and persuading you so that you would be on this path
and ready when the time is right and you are needed most.

F) Have always had an aversion to church since you were little.
Never connected with the god of the bible or the Quran. Maybe even
acted up in church on purpose to rebel. -You have an aversion to
church because the ones that created you do too. However, their
aversion is not because of what the bible says they do not fear
churches, or god, or Christians. Their aversion to Christianity is
because of the way these people have lied about them for centuries.
Wouldn’t you be angry if someone slandered your name and made the
entire world become your enemy when you did nothing to deserve? Of
course you would, so it’s only natural that you would become angry too
because they are doing this to your family.

G) When people said “God is watching you!” You did not care.
You felt no fear as if you were exempt from his punishment and he
could not harm you. You either had no interest in this at all or maybe
even sensed it was a lie at a young age. -You felt no fear of this god
because you are not part of his lineage; you have no connection or
link to him because you are part of a different bloodline. Without
that connection it only makes sense that you would not be able to
connect with this god in order to fear him or feel any other emotions
about him except for hatred and distrust because you have no relation
to him and because of the way his so-called family has treated ours.

H) Always coming out of near death experiences alive and healthy,
completely unharmed. Experiences in which you should have died.
-Again, because they want to keep you protected so if there is a
situation where multiple people are involved, they will protect you
and not the others as you are the only one they were concerned about
as far as preserving your life.

I) Never had to evoke spirits. You spoke to them in your mind and they
came to you.
Something just made you feel like they were already listening and
waiting for you to contact them. -Because of the connection, the
relation to the spirits, you were born with the ability to connect
with them; it was already there when you came into this world because
you are linked to these spirits by bloodline. All you had to do was
realize that there were spirits around you and once you became aware,
they made their presence known even stronger as they were aware that
you had fully awakened your belief in them or the realization that
they were already with you or nearby at all times just waiting on you
to call them.

J) You feel a pull to the left hand path, like this is your calling
and the right path for you.
Or you had a spirit go out of their way to lead you to this path as if
being forceful and insisting this is right for you and they would not
let up on it. -Of course you feel a pull towards this path as this is
the path of your true ancestors! The spirits will go out of their way
leading you to this path by placing ideas in your mind to remind where
you came from so that the fear the religious people try to inflict
upon this world for their god, does not effect you or scare you away
from it. They are so insistent on you coming to this path because you
were born into it, even if your fleshly family was religious, your
spiritual family is of the left hand path, they introduced magick to

Your spiritual family is permanent because human spirits/souls are
indeed immortal and can re-incarnate while your fleshly family is only
temporary as the body dies eventually and you come into a new body and
a new fleshly family every time you re-incarnate. Your spiritual
family will have naturally chosen a path for you, a personal destiny
that applies to only you which they want you to fulfill and they will
be persistent making sure their children fulfill this destiny which is
why the spirits can be pushy at times, why they insist on forcing you
to this path.

If you ignore your calling or if your living situation and your human
family are preventing it, they will sometimes find a way to get you
away from that household or that situation and lead you to a better
opportunity so that you can eventually follow your true path. They are
dead set on choosing a specific mission per each person and I am not
sure what criteria they use to determine this but I once had a demon
tell me to “Accept the life path that has been laid out for you!” in a
very stern voice because I was unhappy about what had been chosen for
me at that time, but they will not change it for you. Once they have
determined your mission in life, they will guide you and even
reprimand you until you accept it and work towards fulfilling it.

K) You were never afraid of the idea of Hell.
In fact, you wanted to go there or felt like you belonged there. Or
feeling like this planet in general is not your real home and wanting
to escape it. You feel uncomfortable and abandoned like you have no
real family here or no place even being here at all. -This one should
be obvious. It’s because this planet you currently call home is only
temporary, as it is for everyone who resides here but, unlike the
other people who live here you were never able to feel comfortable or
feel like this is your one and only home, because it truly isn’t and
you did originate from somewhere else.

When referring to the Indigo children non-sense, one thing that is
commonly agreed upon however, does make a lot of sense. That most of
us who identify as children of serpents (mislabeled as Indigos) feel
so uncomfortable living on this planet and feel the need to leave here
as quickly as possible because they believe, we came from a world
where there are no physical boundaries, no solid bodies made of flesh
to restrict us, no laws and regulatory systems like the ones we have
here where everyone is forced into the same mindset.

Of course there would have to be some rules to keep everyone in line
to an extent, but this planet is so heavily flooded with restrictions
that to someone who truly did come from a place without these types of
restrictions, if this theory is true, it would only make sense why you
feel so trapped and feel the need to get away from it all, and why you
never could get comfortable. If you’re like me, then you feel this so
intensely you have convinced yourself that having a human body is the
worst curse that could ever be placed upon anyone!

L) You have been told you are wise beyond your years (a wise old soul, etc.)
and told that you are extremely intelligent by family or peers. Or you
have been tested and have an above average or genius level I.Q. You
may even know answers to questions you have never studied before. Like
the answers are already stored in your mind. -Two possible reasons for
this. Because the information you learn in each life, although it is
impossible to remember everything with each new incarnation that you
undergo, that information is still retained within your subconscious,
you just can’t remember it. Those who are more in tune to these gods
would most likely being operating at a higher vibrational state since
birth and would find it easier to connect to the subconscious portions
of the mind where such information is permanently stored.

Which is why you are able to access information that feels like it
just came to you out of nowhere. Sometimes it really does, and the
information is being relayed to you by a spirit, but other times you
are simply accessing an informational database that was already there
within you and this is done so subtly you are unaware you are doing
it. Any human is capable of doing this but those like you find
themselves doing it so often, that paired with a natural higher
intelligence level because of who you are, is why we are often labeled
as having above average or even genius level I.Q.'s.

M) Having a very real feeling that one of these spirits could be your
actual family member.
Feeling very comforted around demons, never feared them not even as a
child. May feel a burning desire to work with Lucifer, Satan, Demons
etc. as if you were put here on purpose just to help them in some way.
You feel like you were born dark and were meant to be around demons
and dark spirits. -You feel comforted because they are your family.
You are one of them, so why would you feel intimidated by them? An
example: Notice how an infant, although unable to speak or rationalize
with intelligent thought is still able to tell who his or her mother
is by scent? We all have this connection to real family, the ability
to just know and feel who our family is, even spiritual family that we
are related to in spirit rather than by physical relation of DNA.

Actually, it is similar to the pheromones that a man and woman give
off to one another when they feel the need to mate or feel in love.
The odorless scent that tells us, he is the right man for me. We have
a similar connection to our real parents and this includes both
spiritual and human parents. But it’s not just parents, if you are
open enough, you can feel this with any close relative including
siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. It’s no different with

N) May be hypersensitive to bright lights, loud noises, sharp odors,
certain tastes and textures.
An example would be you feel like a dog the way your senses are so
sharp. This may be due to the fact that you have perfect senses. You
may even be so sensitive to tactile sensations that when a human
touches you, It feels gross and un-natural to you but the touch of a
spirit feels normal and comforting. -Again, referring back to the
higher vibrational states I mentioned in #12, this body is just a
vessel, an encasement for your spirit, your soul. What I have learned
about the god-like spirits that we evoke and interact with is they
seem to be operating on a higher level of consciousness than us, not
just with intelligence but with senses as well. Although they have no
physical eyes, ears, nose, etc. their senses are sharp, like that of
an actual canine.

This may even be the reason why we are told canines have a 6th sense
and why people believe that dogs are capable of smelling and seeing
things which humans cannot. Maybe canines really are operating on a
higher level than us in some instances, born more naturally in tune to
their surroundings, the way humans were meant to be before all of this
control and restriction was forced upon us by society?

Anyway, spirits have such sharp senses that don’t operate exactly the
same way our senses do but they can see right through your body. They
have X-ray vision and are even able to see fluids, muscles, veins etc.
Things we cannot detect without special equipment. So the fact that we
are all originally in spirit form before coming into these bodies we
possess and the fact that we come from these gods, of course we are
going to be more in tuned as well.

Also, being part of a path that encourages meditation, higher
connections, alternative senses, and becoming aware of ones true self,
it makes sense that we would be sensitive to things that normally
would not bother other humans. I can’t even stand certain human-made
sounds like chewing, loud breathing, sirens, repetitive clicking,
these sounds make me want to hurt someone and it’s very hard to
control. Sounds that normally wouldn’t bother other humans have a
similar effect on my brain like that of nails to a chalkboard which
actually is annoying.

O) You feel like you have a purpose in this world or an actual mission
to accomplish.
If you don’t know what it is, it literally drives you crazy trying to
figure out what it is but you are 100% certain you were put here for a
reason. -Because most of you do have an actual mission to accomplish
or an assignment of some sort and even if you have no specific
assignment, on some deeper level you still feel the need to help the
spirits with their movement to become free because of your connection
to them.

Everyone that is here that can truly identify as a child of a serpent
has a part to play in this movement. Although some do have bigger
roles and tougher responsibilities than others but even those who do
not seem to have a large mission to complete, are still here to help
spread this around and help to free these gods.

P) You have always had a spirit around you your whole life, or had
multiple spirits visit you
on their own at random times, spirits that never harm you and actually
try to interact with you, tell you things, or induce visions in you.
-Again, this is not only to ensure that you are protected as you all
play an important role in this movement to bring forth and free the
gods of ancient, but also they were doing this to check up on you, to
influence you by throwing ideas at you here and there to remind you of
where you came from. Just as I mentioned above in the section on
coming out of near death experiences alive and well while others
around you did not, the same applies in this instance.

Q) You hate authority and being told what to do.
You cannot stand restriction of any form and feel a constant need to
fight for your freedom and your beliefs. May have had problems with
the law because of your extreme need to be in control of your life.
Again, this ties back into the theory on Indigo children I presented
you in sign “O” above.

In Closing of This Article:
Hopefully this information has been helpful and has answered many or
at least some of the questions you may have about why you feel so
different. You can use this information to determine for yourself if
you believe you are indeed a child of a serpent. If you conclude that
you are one, you still need to have this confirmed by an actual
spirit. Remember, just because you may fit most or even all of the
traits on this list it does not mean anything is set in stone unless
and until one of these spirits verifies this for you.
If a spirit has not sought you out and told you this, it could just
mean they felt the time was not right for you, maybe they felt you
were not mentally mature enough to handle this information yet?
Spirits won’t reveal anything massive like this until they know you
are indeed ready to understand it and handle it in a rational way. But
you can seek out a spirit you trust and just ask them flat out and see
what they say.
Spirits work in mysterious ways, the way the Christian god is supposed
to work LOL, but it is possible that some of you were lead to this
website to read this information as the spirits knew that reading it
in solitude and having time to grasp your mind around everything you
have read, would be a more effective way to tell you the truth about
yourself before one of them finally opens up to you and tells you the
truth themselves. So simply reading this, for some of you, could end
up resulting in a spirit seeking you out with an unexpected message in
the near future. You never know.

Again I copied this material from a website called TheSerpentsKey website. This website is currently no longer on the internet. I found that this is the best list of traits that almost all demonic children have. Please do note that even if you answer all of these questions correctly that does not mean you are a demonic child, you have to ask demons to trully see if you are a demonic child.
Elena Night


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I said YES!!! about 1000 times reading that. Thank you for posting it. I know who I am and it feels good to find someone else who understands. I will leave it at that.


My upcoming graphic novel A New Day is kind of about this subject.

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I would love to read it when you are done. Maybe I could even contribute. It is different being the mother to a demonic child than a regular human one! lol! My life is very interesting…to say the least!

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Haha I love it. I can relate to all of that. I remember coming from somewhere else then human souls do. It may not mean I am a demonic soul but definitely on that side of the spectrum. I absolutely love having sex with demons. Perhaps it’s always the same one. He will join bodies with my partner (without their knowledge I think). I recently took DMT and all these dark arms were reaching out to meet me. One of them wanted to touch my heart so I let him and there was a really heavy connection for a few minutes. Idk what he was doing. With all of the other hands/arms I was like hi hi hi nice to meet you too! hahahaha

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This is great!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for your positive feedbacks. I am so happy that you guys found this information inspirational to you as an individual.
Have a great day.

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Hi! My story is a long and complicated one. But I came across your post Friday morning and last night a very specific demon came to me. Told me I was a demonic child and he was my father. I was not on the least but shocked or upset or confused or anything. I just simply sighed a breath of relief and said well that explains a lot. I would like to talk more with you Privately if you’re willing. I’m so glad to finally be able to start truly understanding who I am.



As ones of the sons of the dark goddess Lilith, I believe in my body, mind, and soul, that I have a demonic soul, that is an incubus, considering that I enjoy practicing sex magic, with either myself, or with my spiritual lovers that are succubus. Even ones of my spiritual lovers in a succubi priestess, and a royal succubi of the Moonlight family, known, as Lilly Moonlight. Alos my demonic soul name is Stanley Darkness.

This doesn’t exactly mean your soul is that of a demon/incubus it could very well just be Satyriasis which is just a male nymphomaniac.

The rest just sounds like Wiccan correlating names.


It’s funny because my soul isn’t demonic but I feel more of a connection to demonic/dark energy more then I do to the fae or elementals. Although I do feel a connection to nature (but doesn’t everyone?).

I suppose it’s not uncommon to feel more connected to something other then what your true self is… I have zero interest in fae although I’m very interested in nature/Gaia however that’s not the same thing. I’m more inclined to work with dark energy and experiment with lunar energy.

This whole “demonic children” thing seems like a spin off from all that star children/elemental/fae/earth angel incarnate stuff you hear from the new age folks… I don’t dismiss it as I know not every soul incarnated is a human type soul, but I don’t like the whole “mission” “child” stuff


There are dark energy fae, all fae are connected to nature but there are many fae who are connected to various other elements. Dark energy, lunar, solar, light, etc. Fae are widely versatile and made up of various races.

However, Gaia may have a tie to fae in the sense she’s a primordial of nature energy/earth energy but not in the sense that they are the same, like the Tuatha De Danann who are both tied to fae and creators of various fae races.

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Right but based on my own experiences and whats been verified from others, I don’t have dark energy natural within my core…

I personally tend to feel an “earthy forestry” feel from myself, and others have told me that I have a “muddy earth feel”, someone else even went as far as to say a swamp like, or things along that line. So I think I’m just plain old earth energy type fae from what I know. Not dark energy. I’m just drawn to dark energy.

My own energy just reminds me of forests/mountains/earth. - what it invokes in me.


You don’t need to have a particular energy to be drawn to beings with said particular energy lol, there’s many possibilities past life, core life, simple affinity, or one brought on by working with said beings associated with that energy that overtime developed into being drawn to them.


I probably got the dark energy pull from being around spirits with that energy for so long. Since I know that’s where the energy I do have comes from (aka my lady and being I work with). Albeit external. Although I’ve been looking into something called blood transfusion (spiritual) that I learned about - since I had a similar experience. But I don’t think it was that.

I’ve heard of that and thought it was kind of interesting but funny as it just reminded me of a physical idea turned energetic but made some sense.

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Well the version I heard was from someone who had something connected to their foot during the transfusion/rebirth process.

I haven’t had that process done but my lady connected/did something to my left foot when we first connected (she surged energy through my left foot to body) which seemed similar to the experience described. However I’m sure I haven’t gone through any blood transfusions.

I’ve still been trying to find out what she did there :joy:.

However she has connected to my left foot. The experience I read about what was with the right foot so probably different.

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I’ve experimented with it a little bit, not with an external entity but with me and a friend or sorts lol.

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