Demonic Souls & Their Mission

Hi, I read a post on this forum where someone talked about demonic souls and demonic children, she said that she got the information from a website or YouTube channel called “The serpents key”. In the information, there is a list of different traits or other things that are specific to these demonic children/souls. I think many others and myself could relate to a lot of the things on the list, but one of the points on the list that stood out to me, said:

O) You feel like you have a purpose in this world or an actual mission
to accomplish.
If you don’t know what it is, it literally drives you crazy trying to
figure out what it is, but you are 100% certain you were put here for a
reason. -Because most of you do have an actual mission to accomplish
or an assignment of some sort and even if you have no specific
assignment, on some deeper level you still feel the need to help the
spirits with their movement to become free because of your connection
to them.

I felt this all my life and was completely convinced of it, I just had no idea what I was supposed to do, just recently I actually found out what my mission is. I never thought I would. This was one of the things that I knew since a child that I needed to find. There were 2 other things I needed to find that were not mentioned on the list, I found those 2 things before I found the list. I also always felt in my soul that I was looking for one specific person in this world and I found that person, and I knew I needed to find this path and magick. These 3 things must have been programmed into my soul or something, and I feel as if they must be connected.

Has anyone else out there had identical or similar experiences with a feeling of being programmed from before incarnation to find a specific soul or accomplish a specific mission during your lifetime?

It would be nice to know how many more have had this happen to them, and it would be interesting to see if any people might have the same mission.

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To be honest, this happens to a lot of people, it’s also common in the starseed, lightwork, healer and other communities with a more spiritual focus, and these folks tend to call it “the mission”. There’s the yoga people that say many people here these days are Bodhisattvas, then you have new agers talking about the Dolores Canon work re the “waves of volunteers” (I’m third wave in that model), it goes on and on, so you’re very much not alone, and it’s not really confined to “demons”.
I think these are all variations of the same idea just using different worldviews.

So, it’s my feeling that there truth to it, and as humans are already higher beings, it’s possible that some humans came to help raise vibrations. From the Theosophy mystery schools and Rudolph Steiner’s work in the 1920s to shamans to the end times Christians, to the Mayan calendar ad the Age of Aquarius idea and more, there’s a lot of noise that something about these times is special and some of us came here only to help, not because we needed to be.

For me, I have no specific task, all I have to do is stay alive and be here, and I don’t have too much of a conscious-ego choice about it either. I found that out the hard way when I wanted to leave, but it was also the start of my spiritual journey to understanding.

It’s also possible that you have a personal agenda you wanted to fulfill, in which case getting in touch with your inner/higher/god self to remember that becomes important.

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Everyone seeks purpose and meaning in life. It is only a modern occurrence that words such as starseed and lightworker have been assigned to them.

The answer is to simply find what you want to do in your life. To find this you need to know yourself, the positives, the negatives and everything in-between. Accept who you are. Once you do that you will be able to find your passion and let it guide you forward in life. There will be ups and downs still, but you will always have a sense of yourself.