Void meditation Voices

Hey all,

Just did another void Meditation and I figured I’d make a place for myself and anyone else’s experiences and what they heard.

“I see you.”

Me: “Speak to me, who are you?”

“I am 1 and 3 and 6 and 6 and 6. I am the dark. The shadowsss.”

Me: “Are you the serpent from earlier?”

“Yesss and no. We are all and we are none. We are the void”


~end of meditation~

@AdamThoth, your thoughts?

Cheers everyone, and Happy meditations.


Mate, how do you go about doing the void meditation? Would you or Adam please explain further?

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Cheers, and happy meditating :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting, and correct.

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Did another… Not sure what to think about this one. Was less potent as i had an interruption, but pushed through anyways.

~meditation begins~

“I told you not to disturb me here boy. What say you?”

me: What is your name?

“I take on many forms but Satan (the name Satan echoes in the abyss) is the one you know.”

Me: Why did you scare me away last time?

“I was testing you, and you did not disappoint.”

~end of meditation~

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Told the entity to give me a sign if it really was Satan, to which all of the incense smoke in the room went from going away from me to going over my shoulder, which I felt something over and began to get chills on that side. I felt an immense pressure in my head until I looked over my shoulder where smoke is still gathering and forming what looks humanoid. Then I heard a thump outside, the wind picked up and the power which had been out came back on with a “beep”.

Not sure if I’m paranoid or what.

Welcome to the world of magick :joy:


Congratulations. Your life will never be the same.


My partner and I did one together.

This is their experience:

After about one minute of imagining myself stepping into and dissipating into the void, I heard distant hissing sounds, then various words starting with “S” trying to be spoken… I felt a sudden pressure over my entire body, particularly my head and chest area. To which my eyes started to involuntarily flicker. I was immediately met eye to eye with a snake, silver eyes. It hissed… and as if smiling said “You are not welcome here- yet…” My body started to tingle, pressure from the energy started to multiply, and I began to feel heavy… It then began laughing… I decided I would end the meditation there. What the fuck?"

I then said aloud “Satan, is that you? If you’re there give me a sign. Give me a sign in the smoke.” (as I had incense burning) I then saw horned serpents rising out of the smoke.

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What’s that supposed to mean? :joy:

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Thats normal believe me sometimes some voids talking or walking after meditation more than when I meditating for me it is fun but idk rly what they saying sometimes I know but much time I’m preparing coffe and something talking and idk what that things talk then I think what it could say “Hey you bastard you drink coffee without me, asshole” and I just get more humor :smiley:


I summon @Anziel_Merkaba

Thought you might have some insight


Sounds like you were deep into a trance state, and drew the attention of a spirit of some kind. I am assuming when you said ‘void meditation’ you are talking about a specific meditation on the ‘Void’. I practice void meditation as in ‘empty mind’, where there is nothing but the absence of thought and awareness.

When you are in a deep meditative state without a focal point, it is very easy to communicate with spirits. A deep void meditation state (my definition, not yours) is also very good for altering thought processes, spiritual alchemy, and improving emotional control.


My focal point has been to learn to communicate with them. The void meditation I do is this:

Both my partner and I met the same entity and it claims to be Satan. I’m glad that I was in a deeper trance than I thought I was. I also met another one and couldn’t tell what it was.

Thank you for your insight.

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