Void Magick

So I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the concept of ‘The Void’, an infinite expanse of total creative power and unmanifested potential that exists outside all existence.

All infinite planes and worlds and gods existing inside the void. This has been spoken of in Shaivism as what Shiva discovered while he was meditating. It’s the return to nothingness that Buddhism talks about with nirvana, it’s the vast expanse of formlessness in the bible.

What has been any of your experiences with 'The Void", or spirits you’ve worked with that have spoken about it?


These are mine and my partners. I’ve also used the void to soul travel to Valhalla and The Building

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For me it has been exploring the totality of reality that is nothing and everything. The deeper you go the more you learn about your own potential.
This includes potential for strengths, weaknesses, ascent, descent, self-destruction, expansion of consciousness ect.

The power of this can be terrifing at time if only because of the realization that you are responsible for you, as kurtis puts it in his book " you are your own God AND your own Devil" so act accordingly as a god, what type of god is up to each person.

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I would say it isn’t. The bible pretends to offer ascent, but in fact offers only a nicely decorated prison. It is fallacious to equate it with the other two.

Also the “return to nothingness” is only half the story. One fact that I try to never forget is that becoming one with the Void isn’t the same as being a God. Too many settle on simply being one with the world. The sorcerer seeks to control it. Becoming one with that infinite expanse of power is a step in the general right direction, but you must also understand that extra effort, dedication, and work is required to be able to wield it’s power to shape the world. Too many people stop at mere union. Taking that extra step towards Power is where so many fall short.