Tutorial: Petition Spells


okay one more question. and i am sorry if i missed that one comment where it was answered, as i tried to look for it.

so while doing the petition, one draws the sigil/seal at the back of the paper, and when burn it, does it offend the spirits?
i mean burning a spirit sigil/seal is okay or not? while doing to petition.


No, you do not need to draw the seal on a petition at all. If you read the opening post, I said nothing about needing to put the seal of the spirit on the paper.

That is something someone else chose to do in a different thread:


sorry for the confusion on my side, as you linked that thread already, i was confuse because i had a feeling that i read about it but wasn’t sure where and tried to look for threads about burning a sigil/seal but couldn’t find much regarding petition spell. thank goodness you commented at the right moment. thanks again man. sorry been bugging you guys a lot lately.


@DarkestKnight Does this also work to curse someone and to eliminate an enemy?


Yes, you can. The defixones tablets of ancient Greece that I mentioned in the opening post were petitions to the gods of the underworld to mete out punishment to one’s enemies.


Maybe they would write it to the universe?