Tutorial: Petition Spells


okay one more question. and i am sorry if i missed that one comment where it was answered, as i tried to look for it.

so while doing the petition, one draws the sigil/seal at the back of the paper, and when burn it, does it offend the spirits?
i mean burning a spirit sigil/seal is okay or not? while doing to petition.


No, you do not need to draw the seal on a petition at all. If you read the opening post, I said nothing about needing to put the seal of the spirit on the paper.

That is something someone else chose to do in a different thread:


sorry for the confusion on my side, as you linked that thread already, i was confuse because i had a feeling that i read about it but wasn’t sure where and tried to look for threads about burning a sigil/seal but couldn’t find much regarding petition spell. thank goodness you commented at the right moment. thanks again man. sorry been bugging you guys a lot lately.


@DarkestKnight Does this also work to curse someone and to eliminate an enemy?


Yes, you can. The defixones tablets of ancient Greece that I mentioned in the opening post were petitions to the gods of the underworld to mete out punishment to one’s enemies.


Maybe they would write it to the universe?


I’m so thankful for this thread. so i wrote out my petition and i dressed it in oils too. i want to release it into the universe but i can’t have my parents see, they’re very nosy and does not respect privacy, also there are several cameras in my home. what do i do?


If you can’t burn it, simply hide it away somewhere where you can forget it about it. Stick it into a dusty old book, or a trunk in the attic. Out of sight, out of mind.

The universe already “got” your petition as soon as you wrote it and then read it aloud. What you do with the written petition is the part of the spell where you release your hold on it.


I did a petition spell but i think my desperation & depression fvck the spell up perfectly. so is it ok/necessary to do it again?? or just abandon all hope??

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@kimtazi, you can do another petition. It’s perfectly fine.


I have a question. Is a letter of intent the same thing as a petition spell?


Such as in succupedia’s ritual to Lilith? I would say yes, because in that case you are “petitioning” Lilith for one of her daughters.


Also do you have to read it out loud? I live in a Christian house so I don’t want to get kicked out😅




:rofl: funny thing! I once wrote a letter in my phone and got someone before even doing a ritual… I was just preparing for what I’ll be writing!


When I learned how to do petitions, I was told to do them out loud, but yes, you can state them in your mind as well. Stating them out loud simply gives them more gravitas, and it is easier to envision that you are speaking to the entity in question.


All right. Sorry for the questions but can you ask both the universe/Universal Mind and an entity/other force?


even evocation, it solely depends on you, if you are offering something in return of the kind help you are getting, i have seen people creating posts to appreciate the deities, some people give food etc. it is on the individual whether they give or not.
tell me i am wrong. @MiKu


On topic questions are perfectly okay, @dagar :slight_smile:

Yes, you can. You could even address them both in the same petition.

For example, you could say, “Dear Universe, and mighty Prince Sitri,”