Tutorial: Petition Spells


:rofl: I can see Lucifer mailbox full!!
I started doing this a while ago but in a normal letter format and still works. I write my letters when I feel like I wanna say something and just burn them when I get the chance. Usually when everyone a sleep. I would say it strengthened the connection to the spirits!
Sometimes when I write to one! Other names keeps popping in my head… I end up writing weird stuff because I really had nothing to ask or tell!! :rofl: mostly like this!

Dear X
Hope this finds you well. Just a simple missing you letter. Thanks.

:hugs: and then I enjoy their reply usually in dreams lol


Sorry for messing, but i could’t resist :rofl:

Sooo i will try :slight_smile:


I did petition for a exam last night… Went well today let’s see what results manifest… Literaly was up the whole night and went to sleep after the exam lmao


Can i ask sitri to get me sex in my life? Also can i use red marker pen?


@DarkestKnight Newb question. If I do a petition like your original example and address it to the universe, would I burn it or wait until my petition is granted?


It’s really up to personal preference.

If you burn it, you can visualize the smoke as bringing your request to the Universe.

If you tuck it into a book somewhere and forget about it, the Universe won’t.

I, personally, find burning a petition more “magical” because to me it is like writing a letter to Santa. Once the letter is in the mail (burned) you can assume Santa will get it so you cease to worry about it. You have effectively handed it over.


Thank you


I tried this recently and in really helped with letting go and letting the universe do its thing.
thank you for this post


Very useful! Thank you. Live long and prosper. :slight_smile:


I love this non-complex, very useful and helpful.


Thank you, I used to write down my wishes to “the universe” a long time ago and I didn’t even know that it was a spell!! Now I understand why it worked so many times…


If you make a petition to the Universe, can you put an time frame on what you want to happen or does the Universe not work if a certain time frame is given for the request?


Yes, you can put in a time frame. It should be a reasonable one though. Don’t expect miracles in a week. Depending on what I’m asking for, I usually say “within a month,” in my petitions.


Hey Man, hope you are doing good. So if you remember that i am new to all this and read this post of yours, wanted to ask you, what about a person like me who not done any evocation yet or reached out any entity ( oh i did something stupid and when i shared it with a friend, he said it was Dantalion telling you to not do this again in a friendly way) …so back to the question, is it advisable for us beginners of beginners to do this petition, when never have contacted any spirit before or even done some magick.


You have to start somewhere and petitioning spell is the easiest if you have a request to make and you are a newbie! It gets the job done without having to evoke!


Yes, you can do a petition spell if you have never evoked before or reached out to a spirit.

If you are scared of offending a spirit, try a simple petition to the Universe instead of naming a particular entity.


I have a question. If you just ask the universe and it happens does that mean the universe is an entity


Well, according to the Kybalion, the text most magical thought is derived from, the Universe is Mind, meaning Consciousness, so it is not an “entity” per se, with its own individual thoughts and emotions like a spirit, but that it is composed of the same stuff our own thoughts are made from, and so we can interact with it using our will and intention. That is why it will reflect back to us how we choose to interact with it. If we think the Universe hates us, that is what it will reflect back. If we think the Universe loves us and wants what’s best for us, then that will be reflected back to us as well.

The Universe is completely amoral. It simply gives back to us what is held in our own consciousness. If you ask the Universe for something with a petition, you are using your consciousness to implant the request into the Universal Mind, and it simply reflects that back.


not scared per se, but just don’t want to disrespect one. :slight_smile:
thanks for the quick reply as always! much appreciated. thanks
but Duke Sallos is a friendly kind though rite?


Just found this and tried it. Made a request to Suhn’Tal’Ock. Hopefully it will come true.