Tutorial: Petition Spells


tell me about it, i was doing the prep work on my phone as well the other day :rofl:


Ok. I know that small requests are usually easier to perform is that true with a petition to the universe? Say that I asked for 1 dollar versus 1000 would the smaller amount be easier? I assume that the same rules apply if you ask an entity but I don’t know if the universe is different


No, you can ask the universe for whatever you want. As they say in LOA circles, “it is just as easy for the universe to deliver $100 as it is to deliver $1,000,000.”

However, the bigger the request, the greater the amount of time it will take to manifest onto the physical plane, and the biggest obstacle will be getting out of your own way. That’s why they tell beginners in the Law of Attraction methodology to start with small, realistic goals, and build up to the bigger things, because that builds confidence and belief in what you are doing.


Ok. I assume that you can ask for anything right? Not just money. Like you could Petition for a record deal or help with bringing clients/fans right?


This is true but it’s just because people perceived it to be! From my experience the entity usually ask you for something to do with accomplishing your task! Like help me help you type of thing! For example since I am so lazy but need to gym I got led to invoke for every session… I got members telling “you need to slow down”.


Yes, you can literally ask the universe for anything. It is unlimited.

If you petition the universe for a record deal, you will eventually find yourself in the right place at the right time to be heard by the right people. The time frame, however, could be years, until the final outcome.

It might be faster to petition in steps, rather than one big swoop. Petition for the inspiration to write an amazing song. Then petition to get some gigs to get the song out in the public sphere. Follow up with a petition to bring the right people to you to record a demo. Then petition to get your demo to the right people and so forth.


Ok how about this. Can you petition to Learn easier? I’m not learning guitar as fast as I would like to. Could I petition to learn that skill quicker?


i don’t see a problem with that, you can ask for anything (realistic goals), knowing guitar skills are very much real in achieving them on a physical plane. Yes you can.
(sorry if a beginner should not be answering to this question :wink: :rofl:


so i wrote my petition regarding my ex and had a spell cast on him and i’m wondering if talking to him is gonna interfere with the results…?


Yes. Most of my petitions have been for internal changes, so I don’t see why you couldn’t.


hello, can i make multiple petition with different request, like first petition about job and the next day i make petition about love? can i? thankss


As far as i know yes


No, talking to your ex should not effect the results of your petition.


Yes, you can.

Traditionally, they are done one at a time, and another wasn’t done until the result of the first came in, but there really is no limit to the number of petitions you can make.


Actually,I have a question pertaining to this.
In the Q&A thread started by @Lady_Eva, i had asked a question regarding how to understand if the spirit has accepted your request.
She advised to ask the spirit for a sign.
I am using the Demons of Magick book which too says that you should have only one request per petition.
So, is asking for a sign considered a separate request and therefore, should we have a separate ritual for this or can this be clubbed with the original request.


No, you would put the request for a sign in the original petition because you are looking for confirmation of the specific work you asked for.

For example, if you were petitioning Sallos for a lover, you could say:

“I, Frater Babaloo, ask mighty Sallos, in the name of the Most High, to bring me the most beautiful, sexy, and intelligent woman to fulfill my desires within a month. I thank the great Sallos for his aid in this, and ask that he provide a sign of this work on my behalf within one week. As it is my Will, so it is done.”


ahhhh thanks, 1 more question, can i make petition using my mother tongue not in english?


Yes. All magic can be done in your native language. English is never mandatory. What matters is your intention and emotion.

You can speak to spirits in your mother tongue and they will understand you and respond in kind, and if you are doing a generic petition to the Universe, language isn’t even a consideration because the Universe responds to intention and feeling more than words. Words are simply the vehicle used to convey those two things.


thanks :slight_smile:


mmm now the two weeks of time have expired for days … maybe I did something wrong, or probably HIM will have had his reasons for not accepting my request … I will try again! :blush: