You aren't sure how to call a spirit? Why not write them a letter?

So since I see so many newbies like me who don’t know how to approach any entity! I thought I have to share this! It’s just what I do. You call on someone but you can’t feel them! The feeling of wasting everyone’s time is killing me! How can you do rituals and meditations when we live in a busy world! I get it I don’t trust my telepathy skills too! So this is my approach to contacting anyone. I contacted Lucifer just because I know he wouldn’t mind helping out here!
This is a letter I wrote to him and since I write to him alot I see it easier to have a permanent active sigil for a mailbox :rofl: I usually draw the sigil on the back and activate it! But this is easier for on the go letter since the sigil stays active! Just burning it on in the glass like so!

If it’s a request and I’ll put blood I have to draw the sigil on the back just to make sure. If i need him to tell me something he usually find a chance in my dreams or something unusual happens where I get some answers!
I find it easier to believe that you reached their mailbox atleast if you can’t call them to you!
I did this for Angels! Demons! Spirits! And got some reactions so I believe it works.
I don’t have any space for rituals anyways! Am using the toilet here! Just quickly burning letters and leaving a candle on the shelve afterwards. Then am out without anyone questioning it! If am burning more than a letter I need some incense burning too, just to cover up the smoke from the burned letters. :rofl: once you make contact you will feel the energy everytime you write Dear Lucifer!! :kissing_heart: you will hear the “yes dear” like me lol! I question if I need to burn the letter now but I do it anyway to keep the connection going!
I hope this is helping someone. It’s the intent and feelings that matters! And this just make you feel a connection.
Enjoy and hope you write tons of letters :heart:


So…you did a petition?


:rofl: exactly


Amazing actually! Really good job!
I’ll actually use that idea in the future!


Do you draw the sigil on the back? Why do you have a sigil underneath the glass?


Hi @DarkestKnight any idea what book Eric has the conjuration of all nine magical powers in it. It’s not in any of the books I have and have seen as many of his video’s that i can get my hands on but have never come across it.Thanks


I think you mean the Summoning of All Magical Powers and it is not in any book, but it is available on the forum. Just search for it.


Yes but only when it’s new spirit and am just gonna contact them for handful of time or I’ll put some blood on!

It’s a portal! I contact Lucifer alot and have no time to redraw and active a sigil everyday! :rofl: having one as a mailbox seems to work! Just visualising the letter passing through the sigil.



Do you guys know a fireless way

A petition is traditionally burned because Fire is considered to be one of the three major gateways to the spirit realm (the other two being Water and Blood).

However, you do not have to burn it. After you read it out within ritual, simply tuck it away somewhere it won’t be seen, like inside a book or something, and forget about it (or if you have an altar to the spirit in question, you can leave it on the altar). Once the result comes in, tear it up with a prayer of thanks, and cast the remains to the wind.


I heard that lemon juice works as well as fire and water… never tried yet.
Can you confirm it?

I don’t understand what you’re asking. Lemon juice works as well for…what?

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Yes, I didn’t say it.
When doing a ritual, or a petition spell, or whatever we need a paper and a request/letter for spirits, pouring lemon juice equals to let the letter burn.
I have my doubts on if they’re really the same thing.

No, I’ve never heard of that.

The only thing I have ever heard of using lemon juice for in writing petitions or letters, is as a type of invisible ink.

However, back in the days of using parchment, it could have possibly been used as an “eraser,” as parchment was hard to obtain and quite expensive so the citric acid might have been used to remove the ink, once the petition was read aloud. That is the only thing I can think of.


It actually makes sense, never thought in that way.
Thanks for the explaining.

If it’s water then technically I can just put I it under a faucet

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Have you tried it… @darkestnight isn’t Google you’re interested is

Hi, do you think I can ask Him to visit me in my dreams to talk about my request ?


Yes! But make sure to do your best to remember the dream!

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Hi iam also new here and i have a demon that i would love to contact but i dont know of the way to go about doing so but i sure will do what u said of writing a letter to him i have not came up with that idea before thanks.