Triastan Whitespire book, would you recommend?

Would you recommend The 84 Genies of Power by Tristan Whitespire? Did anyone had some good experience with it?


I worked through the entire book as a pathworking.

Yes it’s well written and effective, though leaves it up to you to figure out the best way to word your request and what working with each genius means- be it one time or long term.

Great! So it works well if you craft the desire in a good way?


It worked well the way I used it :slight_smile: He doesn’t give any advice other than to keep it to under three sentences on your requests so, I’m not sure there is a good or bad way :slight_smile:

Okay, Thanks! And it is a safe book, I suppose?

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It’s as safe as any other magic or spirit is. Some people get harassed by angels. Some people walk outside and a bus veers off the road and kills them too. :woman_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really?? I did not know that! In what way harassed?

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Search results for ‘harass angels’ - Become A Living God

No type of spirit is good or bad just because of what type of spirit it is classified as/what it’s race is. Same as people, dogs etc. There are bad people/psychopaths and murders in every race, there are kind loving people in every race, there are good dogs in every breed, and there are dogs that will bite a kid that looked at them wrong, in every race.

Spirits are the same way, and not everyone one likes every person, not every spirit likes every person either.

Spirits also don’t subscribe to the human morals and ethics. :stuck_out_tongue: They have their own.


It worked for me as long as I kept wording my requests in short sentences.

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He’s got some cool ideas and does his homework. I haven’t worked with it but it would be worth looking into for sure

I just bought this book the other day and I took notes. I guess this is a little nudge for me to put it into action. I kind of feel overwhelmed with all of the different genies to select.


So have you worked with the book since last year Norski? What have your experiences been?