Translating Lucifuge Rofocale's Enn

Hey folks! Could some one please translate and tell what language the following meditative phrase actually translates to?

Eynn tasa Volacur Lucifuge Rofocale

I do not speculate, so please, if anyone has the translation/definition of this phrase and would share it with me, please do so.


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As far as I know the demons enn is in the demon tongue and it is unable to be translated into any language.


Enns originate with the religious practice of demonolatry and are in the demonic tongue. You may not like to speculate, but the fact remains that no one truly knows what the enns translate as.

S. Connolly has provided some translation attempts of enns in her work.

There has also been some attempts on this forum, but they are all speculation either way.


Thank you so much for the extra help!

I tried that. I am half Italian and thought it may be a form of Italianized Latin or something similar. What I’ve seen so far though is that it goes back much further than even Latin or any of our known dead languages. Most likely it is in demonic tongue and I haven’t studied that aspect of language etymology thus far.

I do appreciate the assistance however! Thanks so much!

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