Playing With Enochian & Belial


All Enochian below taken from this site.

Demonolatry Enn for Belial:

Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial (Modern Demonolatry PDF)

Enochian words below in capitals:


LI= L, LA, LO first (variation of one of the names of the xtian “god”)
RACALIRE= weeping
RACLIR= weeping


TASATAXA= precede
TASTAX= precede; going


FAFEN= to the intent that, followers


VAUL= work
(or OALI= I have placed)

LI= L, LA, LO first (variation of one of the names of the xtian “god”)
(or LUIAHE= song, a song of honour)

“God (within?) weeps, before intoning (bringing into being) the sacred name Belial.”

Undeniably a big stretch, purists PLEASE don’t hate, but the possibility of enns as a debased form of Enochian is one I wanted to chuck and out and see if anyone has thoughts?

Demon Enns
First Summoning of Belial - Advice
The possible dictionary for demonic enns
My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update

This is great Lady Eva!

Did you see any results from that yet? Perhaps I should give a try on your enn’s once you release them, I have a personal enochian project going on and those might be helpful xD


I literally just happened across it Friday morning a short time before posting that, it’s not a major project or anything, I was reading that Enochian dictionary page and found Fafen and thought, “that sounds familar” then the penny dropped about enns and I cross-referenced abd found the enn for Belial.

I’m neither an expert on enns nor on Enochian, so I’m going to look into it more before getting too enthused, BUT I did have the experience (UPG alert) that I mentioned in another thread, of witnessing Enochian being used to convey ideas to a demon (grimoire-named) by the Archangel Raphael - ideas I’d previously failed to explain myself despite having decent communication skills - and while the story behind that is a bit long and convoluted, it made me think that Enochian might be the best way to communicate with demons in at least some circumstances.

If enns are all translatable as (perhaps slightly debased) Enochian words, that opens some possibilities.

But it’s just an idea and there may be nothing behind it when I dig deeper, but I’ll update this if/when I do more work on it, and please feel free to add anything if someone else wants to get into this - meanwhile the enns do seem to work, regardless of their background, so no reason to use anything different unless you want to. I don’t use them that much, simply calling “N., come” seems to do the trick most of the time.


I was saying his enn last night and I thought to myself as I was repeating it, Oh… i wonder what this means? Annnd I come here today and through another thread find this by accident. Thank you Belial! I am beginning to get the picture! And thank you @Lady_Eva for your hard work and sharing!


@nikki that’s really interesting it always happens in working with spirits


Looks great! It looks like German and Bavarian dialect :grinning: Let me share some my attempts to translate the Enns for Lord Lucifer and Duke Danthalion. I am not a linguist or expert in ancient languages, so it’s only my amateur translation. I used Enochian dictionary by D. Laycock.

For Lord Lucifer

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Renich = gran iehe — Elder thou art
Tasa also could be Tabasa — governor
Uberaca = obeloc — garland (maybe synonym for crown, diadem? )
Biasa = basada — glory or bia — voice
Icar = eka, ca, eca — therefore, as, another

Connecting everything together, we have:
Elder thou art glorious crowned therefore Lucifer

I think this phrase not so good in grammar, but reflect the nature of the Lord Lucifer.

For Duke Dantalion

Avage Ayer Dantalion on ca

Avage = Avavago — thunder
Ayer = yer — roar
on = on — built, made
ca = eka — therefore,as

We have:

Thunder and (?) roar makes therefore Dantalion


Recently I made some other translations also using the Enochian dictionary by Leo Vinci. The translation remains quite uncertain, so it may be not correct. Here are my results:

The correction for Duke Dantalion

The Ayer may be also yarry — the providence. We have:
The thunder of the providence makes therefore Dantalion

My findings for four Arch-Demons according S. Connoly. Translation for Lucifer and Belial see above, here are two remaining:

For Lord Leviathan

Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan

Jeden = iad nah — the divine knowledge
Tasa — governor, governs (see above)
Hoet = ge iad — our Lord or hoath — worshiper, the first variant looks better
Naca = nonca — to you or noco — servant

Divine knowledge governs the true worshiper (and) servant (of) Leviathan

For Lord Flereous

Ginac Tasa Fubin Flereous

Ginac = ge noco — in, with servant
Fubin = Faboan — (with) poison

In your servant governs the poison of Flereous — it may reflect some concepts of LHP concerning the initiation trough poison (not literally).

The Lord Satan

Tasa Reme Laris Satan

Reme = eran — of Truth
Laris = la ar es — the first that was
Governor of Truth, the first that was Satan

Some other demons from Goetia

Prince Seere

Jeden et Renich Seere tu Tasa

tu = ta, tu — you, thee, as the
et = od — and

The divine knowledge and Elder thou art Seere, you Governor

Lady Astaroth

Tasa Allora Foren Astaroth

Allora = ollora — of men, men
Foren = vors — over

Governs over men Astaroth

Marquis Phenex

Ef enay Phenex ayer

Ef = ef — visit
Enay = enay — Lord

Visit (us) Lord Phenex with providence

Lord Asmodey

Ayer Avage Aloren Asmoday Aken

Aloren = ollora — men, of men
Aken = eca — therefore

The thunder of providence (is) Asmoday therefore


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This is great! :+1:


Thank you for the acknowledgement of this work! So, summarizing the findings above, we can conclude that Enns contain the most probably the glorification of the demons. There is at least one Enn that doesn’t match this template:

For President Ose: Ayer Serpente Ose The Serpente is 100% Latin word (means the snake). But it is translatable as The snake (of) providence, Ose

I will probably add more test translations later.


I did some puzzling with Enochian too. It probably has been done by others for this incantation, I just couldn’t find it.

A Lash Tad Al Ash Tal Ashtu

A = with / on
La(n)sh = in power exalted
Tad = (Chistad = are as the third, Chis = are, therefore TAD = as the third)

A Lash
Ta = as
La(n)sh = in power exalted

Tu(rbs) = in beauty

Stretching it, seems a bit repetative: With power exalted as the third, on power exalted as power exalted in beauty.