The possible dictionary for demonic enns

Here is the continuation of the experiments started in this topic: Playing With Enochian & Belial I have summarized my findings as dictionary. The dictionary is formatted as following: The word from Enn (bolded) – The Enochian equivalent (italic) – the possible translation.

Akeneca — therefore
qa — creation, creation
Alora ollora — men, of men
Anaananael — wisdom
AnayEnay — Lord
Avageavavago — thunder
Ayeryarri — providence

Biasa – basada – glory

Catyaqa tia – creates unto us

Da – there
Deyan do oa in — in the name of

Etod – and
Ef — visit us
Eveta – ivemeda – is called

Forenvors – over

Ginacgi nonca – in you
Ganengah nenni – spirit you have become

Hoethoath – servant

Icarqaa – creator, creation
Jedeniad nah — divine knowledge

Keyanqa an – in your creation

Larisla ar es – first that was
LinanLi na-eel – the first power
Lirach – luiahe the song
LyanLaiad The secrets of truth

Melanmiam – continuous

Naca noco — servant
nonca — to you

On caoln ca – makes therefor
oln qa makes creation

Pretoreprge ors fire and darkness

RenichGran iehe – Elder thou art
Remeeran of truth
Ramecgran – elder
Reangran – elder

Secoresa – entire ors – darkness
Serenaser enay – Lord of sorrow

Tuthee, thou
TasaTabasa – governor governs

Ubereacaobeloc – graland, crown

VefaFafen – follow, follower
Wehlcvaul – work

And here are the translations for some selected Demons from Goetia:
Linan Tasa Jeden Paimon – The first power governs divine knowledge Paimon
Keyan Vefa Jedan Tasa Vassago – In your creation follows knowledge Lord Vassago
Ayer Secore On Ca Bael – The providence of entire darkness makes therefore Bael
Jedan Tasa Crocell on ca – Divine Knowledge governor Crocell makes therefore
Ana secore on ca Purson – The wisdom of entire darkness makes Purson
Dyen Pretore on ca Bathin – In the name of entire Darkness makes therefore Bathin
En Jeden oc ca Focalor – Divine knowledge makes therefore Focalor
Lirach Alora Vefa Sitri – The song of men follows Sitri
Rean Ganen Ayar da Agares – The elder spirit you become there Agares
Eveta Fubin Barbatos – Is called poison Barbatos
Lyan Ramec Catya Zepar – The secrets of truth of elders creates unto us Zepar


Nice work!

Enns are a relatively new ‘thing’.

Did you take a look at S. Connolly’s Demonolatry works? She has some translations for parts of the enns as well. Curious bout how your work lines up with hers.


Enns are a relatively new ‘thing’.

I have seen in the literature, that they first appeared in 16th century.The origin remains unknown, but the Enns work. My contact with Demons was improved after I started to use Enns.

Did you take a look at S. Connolly’s Demonolatry works

Yes, I have taken the Enns from the “Demonolaria Goetia” by S. Connoly. She provides a translation of Enns for four Demonic Kings (Belial, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Flereous) and Lord Satan. Unfortunately, the translations using debased Enochian and translations by S. Connoly don’t match.



Oh I thought the enns were newer than that.

Thanks for the illumination.

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Tremendous work. Very nice!

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great post

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Question, can I use this as a way to create my own enn?


can I use this as a way to create my own enn?

I have not tried this yet. You may use it on your own risk. The dictionary currently is not sufficient to write some spell. I am planning to compose some call using this dictionary for my next evocation. If I will have some results, I will share it.


Lordy, my last post got me thinking so I was googling based on this page:



Then this came up and I didn’t even realize it was BALG. I think I’ll compile this and others and look to find even more. I’ve always wondered what they meant and not being able to communicate or scry certainly had me thinking. If I can rationalize a meaning to the enn or chant in any ritual then it has far greater meaning to me as well since just chanting something I don’t know is like going to a Chinese restaurant and making up racist talk while ordering.

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What about eya? What does that mean?

Hi, I really like this.
Recently I ‘discovered’ that the word Tas(s)a is Italian and translates to Task or Duty.

So today I gave this a try and made an attempt at translating Lucifer’s Enn, using both modern Italian and ancient Italian (Latin…)

RE - King (Italian)

NITERE - Shining (Latin)

TASSA - Duty (Italian)

UBER - Plentiful (Latin)

AC - And (Latin)

A - From (Latin)

BI - Two (Latin)

ASA - Sanctuary / Altar (Latin)

I - The (Italian)

CARMEN - Song / Spell (Latin)

This could be formulated like this:

The Shining King (Whose) Duties (Are) Plentiful And From Two Sanctuaries, This (Is) The Song (Of) Lucifer

I think this Shining King and the two sanctuaries (Heaven and Hell) fits nicely. What do you say?


Looks interesting. Enochian also has some words with Latin roots. Also Latin formulas work good for my rituals, even spoken with mistakes. I also noticed some Latin words (for example Serpente, Pretore) in the demonic Enns. It’s need to try some further research in this direction. Concerning Two Sanctuaries this may be related to Thaumiel Qlipha (Twin Gods), where is the residence of Lord Lucifer.

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