Hey folks! I’m a native of Kansas CIty, MO, though I 've lived all over the country through both the military and then working for an airline (which was destroyed by 9/11). I went back to bartending which is a passion of mine.

I just turned 48 on the 17th of July though I feel more like 25 and the mentality of a 25 year old.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church which I was a real hell, because I always knew I was Catholic, finally confirmed. Now, after being on that setting for a few years, I saw the hypocracy and that led me here to the Left Hand path… I"ve never felt like I would be in a family of sorts within BALG and the various other folks in Satanism, regardless of the many types of Satanism out there.

I came to this group about 4-5 months ago using my real name, but I have since moved on to my name Optillion or Opto Tillion on facebook- Please help me out on it, I need more friends on that page.

I’m an avid reader of this group and the many texts available, which I’m devouring!!!

I also have a TON of questions which I will post in the forum. It’s amazing the pure honesty and kind comments that I’ve been getting. Thank You to everyone!

Outside of this group, I’m an entepreneur, a pilot, and I’m disabled from the “No Tolerance” policy of people like me in the military. Before don’t ask, don’t tell came into 3 years later. I thought about going back in, but then, like now, it’s a difficult and very arduous process for me to open up. I am by no means denying who I am, and am involved in the community here in OKC…

Again, I’ve been so impressed with the outpouring of kindness and honest answers that I definitely make me feel welcome here. ]

My family disowned me several years ago which actually was a good thing (although I have my misgivings and resentments toward them. nut the good part is that I have learned to be a grown up and take responsibility for my actions. It’s been a total catharsis for me.

I tend to get wordy in my posts so please heed my warning now, if I have a question, comment, or answer in the forum please understand that about me. There are usually nuggets of truth or insight in what I post, so again, I’m a wordy guy.

If anyone has questions about me or my practice, feel free to be as wordy as you want, and I WILL answer ASAP. Shakespeare said that “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. Personally, that just ain’t me.

I look forward to growing with everyone here. It really is a family! Just what I needed and I don’t think it was an accident that I came here. Ciao, ciao everyone! Bella amore!