Thoughts on Lamashtu

One of the most feared beings of ancient times, the daughter of a sky God, Lamashtu was/is a demonic goddess who preys on mothers and children.

What’s everyone’s opinion on her? Do you believe she’s an aspect/mask of Lilith or a separate demon? If anyone’s ever worked or communicated with her, I’d love for you to share about your experience.

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It’s possible. From what era is she (Sumerian, Mesopotamian, etc)?

Featured in both I think

i feel that she may be compassionate.
Even the Wolf Mother of Monsters can
Have a soft side.

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“Lamaštu’s numerous, but rarely discussed, positive attributes bring her into focus. She is a victorious goddess, who listens to prayers, haunts both swamps and the mountain forests she loves, banishes lethal spirits, helps with the birth of wild animals and adopts stray piglets and puppies. She is a sacred woman, a priestess and a midwife to her brothers, the gods.”

From a review of the book The Seven Names of Lamashtu


I believe they are connected mainly due to a new discovery in mestpotamian research but the name dimme aka the sumerian spelling of lamashtu has been found to link with lilitu.


Yeah I feel like they are definitely linked somehow