The venom of Azi Dahaka

I just sort of go… hard to explain, but I’ve been doing it since I was little and then for a while I formalised it using methods taken from core shamanism, where I was using a “world tree” and stuff, but a spirit I trust told me that was limiting and I’ve gone back to “just do it” mode because of that guidance.

This is the method taught at core shamanic trainings: - ignore the stuff about the power animal because it looks like you have that sorted. :wink:

I’m rebalancing after some big energy shifts in the past few days and feel totally weird right now, I just spent most of this afternoon asleep and still feel zoned-out, but would definitely be up for a meeting in the astral later on.

Thankfully my energy level is back and even improved, although i must admit i also a bit more aggresive but totaly under control. So why dont we try out an astral meeting later on. Im going to talk with Ahriman and Azazel to see if they can help me go to the astral planes and help me find you. I keep getting an image that im a white dragon and ill send some of my energy to you to see if that will help you to find me in the astral plane. Its Five o’clock in the afternoon here what time would be good for you?

We’re 5 hours ahead (it’s 2am now) so maybe Monday evening my time, afternoon yours? I’ve been tired all day, partly from having to catch up this week on the things I postponed etc., and I want to spend tomorrow doing nothing more spiritual than watching TV! :slight_smile:

Okey no problem Lady Eva how about 9:00 pm your time?Is that alright with you?. Im a bit worried about your energy level, i can help if you want. You know LE one of the best things i have obtained after my transformation by AD is a sense of tranquility, i feel realy relaxed, i like many normal people have my fair share of day to day problems but all of a sudden i feel like a large load has been taken from, its hard to explain so i imagine its better to experience it. By the way i sent you a little message with Ahriman did you receive it?

I felt something actually, but not sure what - I’m just tired, it’s cool, I had to round up a load of stuff this week and the past 5 weeks have been fairly non-stop, so I’m taking some (tarot-advised!) downtime for Saturday/Sunday, probably offline and phones off too… bliss!

I had a pretty intense meeting last Tuesday and felt that exact feeling of tranquillity especially strongly on that day, I know what you mean - it was as though this everyday-world stuff fell into perspective, and I got some really favourable outcomes, so yes definitely! So your 4pm/my 9pm Monday then, I’ll check in Monday during the day and we can sort anything else then.

I sent you some of my energy so you could find me more easily on the astral plane. If you need an energy boost you can count on me.

The next phase with this for me is to work with Isis, every day through to the next Full Moon on 15th April - I’ve already started, and will start a new thread about it soon, keeping this one for the topic of Azi Dahaka and also stuff relating to the venom/energy.

Ahriman and Azi Dahaka are very poweful entities. I can feel that they are actively working with me to improve my future. Ive started to cumunicate with tem on adaily basis in the morning and i feel their powerful arrival in my temple. I have changed, i feel more confident and empowered thanks mainly to my spritual guides and friends i am truly lucky


I’ve got more used to these now, so sharing some experiences, also an exercise people could maybe try, and a new entity to check out:

If I enter the astral through my crown chakra (which I was never in the habit of doing, then it started to happen automatically), I immediately form into a black dragon with a somewhat different way of thinking than my normal one - I’m more aggressive, and also it seems to draw more attacks from all sorts of random places.

If I kind of shapeshift that down into a humanoid shape, instead of becoming my normal form, I turn into a sort of rotund black figure, who has almost bulging limbs (like a combination of fat and muscle) and the kind of belly you see on Buddha statues, he’s jet black & shiny, like petroleum, and has actual horns - the shortish stumpy kind you might see on a halloween demon horn headband.

This is TOTALLY weird (I’m a slim white woman - and no horns, I promise) so I’m not sure what that’s all about - in that form I think and feel more like myself, and the form changes back to my normal one when I enter the higher astral realms.

(Since we all use different terms, I mean the ones where I encounter godforms, the “higher self” of human people, and so on.)

I can enter the astral as “me” just by doing my usual method, closing my eyes and stepping forward out my body, so it seems like the physical location of that energy from the first “bite” has something to do with it.

I’ve learned to use the base chakra energy selectively, to pinpoint memories in the same way they teach in EFT, where you go back to the first time you remember feeling in a particular way or being affected by something, and only releasing those, which has been rather wonderful - to be healed of emotional imprints and stuff from the past, while retaining the memory and the lessons learned.

I’m wondering if that’s not a visualistion anyone could use, since the muladhara chakra relates to time, memory, and the physical manifestation of the self - here’s a link about how to find that seed memory just in case anyone wants to try it out: Finding the specific event.

It might be possible to manifest the image of yourself getting that first wound, standing on the lotus of the muladhara, and heal it, talk to it, or otherwise interact, and then let it be absorbed back into the lotus, changing the energy stored/channeled through that chakra - if the venom represents power of sorcery over randomly occurring reality (which I believe it does, among other things), it could work for other people as well, because the intent’s the same - to overcome “reality” through the exertion of will.


During the endless nights of vivid dreams during the first, Ahriman-invocation stage, I encountered Isis, and to cut to the chase I got the impression that she’s a godform who represents an era when humanity first began to understand both the “clockwork” natural order AND sorcery, and that (unlike later dualism) she teaches and represents mastery of both.

This is pretty much what I want, since I don’t believe sorcery is, or always must be, “evil” and destructive, nor do I think the “natural” order of things is always good or right, hence my rants about the idea we should accept “everything is exactly as it should be” and so on.

Her cult ran from at least the Old Kingdom in Egypt (circa 2400BCE) and survived on to the 6th Century CE, and during that era, although her cult consumed those of other goddesses and she occasionally took on their symbolism, her core attributes of both supreme sorceress and wife/mother don’t seem to have varied.

I checked this with all my trusted spirits, divination, and so on, so I’ve been working with her since last Sunday’s Full Moon, and so far we’ve done some work that’s included Belial giving me a new system of divination to try (more on that if it works out!) - he asked me what I wanted, I said a new coat (which is true, by the way) and he looked at me like my head was full of hamsters, and indicated he meant something spiritual… oh well! lol

I also found a muse-like entity called “Dorr” who IS a door, like the one in the old Twilight Zone titles - edit coz I’ve started a new thread for Dorr in Soul Travel, to keep this on topic - soz.


How’s it been since then from working with these energies of Ahriman? Isis?

All good, it was a definite stepping stone to the next bit of work I did, as that was to the next, etc.

I didn’t stay within that current as a quasi-religious devotee or anything, but I have retained the links and deepened my connection to the spirits at various times.

I abandoned the pathworking with Isis, and posted about that here (I feel like things that don’t go as planned have as much value for people to read about as successes, which can make things look awfully polished and smooth when that’s definitely NOT the reality!):

Since around spring 2016 I’ve been less invested in pathworkings to acquire allies and attain power and transmutation, and more focused on deploying the gains already acquired to influence things in my own life, and also, world events.

Such pathworking as I do conduct is now primarily linked to conducting real-life workings to influence events, such as this: Taking Down Pedogate - Operation Hera.


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I’ll check out those links as well. It seemed for a time Isis was calling me to work with her, but I didn’t feel ready at the time. It will be interesting to see how this played out for you.

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I made a sigil of Zahhak and had him bite into all of my chakras the snake looked like a light blue snake and the venom looked like a shadowy black color

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Looking back do you feel like you’re any closer to becoming a living goddess :heart:

Yes. :sparkles:

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Sweet! I always like to look back in the past and remember how far I’ve come

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I’m glad I came across this topic. Azhi Dahaka (who is like a spiritual father to me) has been dropping hints lately with regards to manipulation of the chakras. So I will follow the signs and study this thread :+1:t4:


I have had this many times before,but it has not happened in a while. Do you know a way to replicate it? Or even to make that feeling permanent

Awesome thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: