The venom of Azi Dahaka

Hi Eye, i cant wonder about the astral plane so far but what i can tell you is when i contact an entity i appear almost inmediately in my temple sitting in the middle of azazels circles of pacts. The entities come walking in through a gate and as they come nearer i can feel their energy, ican clearly see them in my third eye.

Thanks Angel

By the way i asked azazel about the venom and he mentioned that the venom makes the mage very powerful but the effects are irreversible.Its good to have that in mind.

Cool, if you go ahead with this I look forward to reading anything you can share.

I don’t have any advice on the main topic, but on practical stuff, ask in advance how long this is likely to take and whether you need to make any practical arrangements - I didn’t do that and ended up having to go shopping halfway through, which was fine but if I’d known I needed to avoid sunlight-drenched food, I would have been able to prepare in advance, and I did have to cancel and postpone stuff because my question “What’s next?” turned into a full-on 2½ day event.

Milk was off the list for me (I have no idea whether you’ll get the same instructions), so if your day starts with coffee and you have milk in it, find a non-dairy substitute, or experiment with egg yolks if they’re reasonably safe where you live. Coffee’s kind of a big deal to me! Again, ymmv. :slight_smile:

And if you have pets, maybe lay in some treats to keep them happy if your emotions get weird like mine did, but I guess you know that already if you do much work where they have to be put in another room or whatever.

This sounds absolutely amazing. I may undergo this when my current prosperity work is complete.

Lady Eva, please do yourself and other readers a favour and write a book on your magickal life. You have the experience and the gift of the written word.

Oh that’s really nice of you to say, thanks! I’m all embarrassed now… :o)

Dear Lady Eva is that two and a half days continuos or in parts.I ask you because i live with my family and i would only have about 4 hours inthe morning so i think i would have to one or two chakras at a time anyway ill talk with azi to get more instructions.

Continuous, plus no restful sleep during the nights to speak of, just one major dream after another, and when I surfaced to a waking state I was writing them down, then lying back down again… and on, and on.

It’s a major change, and it is permanent - and it might be different for everyone else, I don’t know, but I will say that this isn’t a trusted grimoiric pathworking where everything’s already mapped out and other people can talk you through it, and share their experiences to help you out - not even me.

Check with your most trusted spirits - I’ll go out on a limb and say not JUST ones who are defined as being “demonic” - and do divination before you make this choice.

If you’ve never negotiated a pact with an entity you might also want to do your research there, because they have ways that don’t automatically make sense - I’ve done this before, and I had compelling reasons to think this was right for me, but don’t rush into a permanent connection unless and until you feel 100% certain.

I read somewhere that one test is to walk away for 7 full days, and don’t even think about it - if you can do that, it will clear your mind and you’ll know you’re not being influenced against your will or caught up in something and rushing headlong without having time to look at other possibilities, so that’s something to think about maybe?

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Im going to contact a spirit called Althalln and ill ask him, being a neutral spirit who has a lot of knowledge of dark currents. I already have made a pact with Azazel, and what can i say, hes always been there for me and always has told me the truth when i ask him through divination means. My journey with Azazel has revealed to me my true identity that is why im kind of rest assured of working with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka. But theres nothing bad about getting a second opinion. So i write after i get in touch with this spirit whic i found in the KOF.

Well just got off the phone with this great spirit called Althalln and accordining to him hes quite familiar with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka. He said to me that i should receive this venom that it would make me an even more powerful magi, this venom would very much improve my future and future projects both spiritual and material. He told me that it would in no way harm me or my family (which is very important for me) And finally he recommended that i should accept the venom. So this second opinion has left me a lot more at ease .So along with Azazels and Althalln opinion i should accept Azi Dahakas venom.So thats what i exactly am going to do. Ill get in touch with him to get the details on how we should proceed. Ill tell you tomorrow Lady Eva and my fellow magi hows it going.

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This has evolved into a new thing throughout today, especially last couple of hours (it’s 3am here), and now I’m like

I can’t say any more but erm, yeah! :slight_smile:

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So its 9:30 in the morning here in my home in Chile So the countdown begins. Im going to meet with AZI and see what he needs so that what we are ggoing to do is completely succesful. Last night i contacted him and he said at least to me that the process is adaptable and due to my time constraints well be doing one chakra at a time. He said the important thing is that all the chakras must be treated accordingly. He near my friends must go, ill tell you how iwent with my first chakra bye!!!

Well here i am two hours after receiving Azi Dahakas first portion of venom in my crown chakra. Before starting i had a meeting with Azi to see if i had to do any prep work before doing what was planned. He said i didnt have to do any prep work and all i had to do is relax. So finally we agreed to do it in my living room where i would lye down on my couch in a dark ambience. So i laid my self down on the couch and began to relax and see what azi was doing in my third eye. By the way he appered to me in his snake like appearance where the middle head was like a great cobra head and his body had like a copper tone to it. I could see he was standing upright and then he crouched and i could see a pair of white metalic fangs come out and then he bit my first chakra. I felt some pressure on top of my skull but no pain at all. Then i started to feel very sleepy and i went into a dream where i found myself in a black hall with a flight of stairs at the end. I went up those stairs and i saw how my ambitions were laughing at me and telling me that i would never reach my dreams. there and then i got annoyed and told them to fu… off that i would reach my goals sooner or later. I could feel my crown chakra started to change and a strange energy go down my body. when i woke up i thought i had slept only five minutes but i looked at my cel phone and more than half an hour had passed. there at my side i saw Azi watching over me and he asked if i was alright and i said great im okey. Then i wanted to sit up and then i got really dizzy and suddenly a nauseating sensation appeared i really wanted to be sick. I stood up and my head really started to swirl around as if i had been to a party and gotten really drunk. So my recomendation is that if you can rest at least an hour after doing this so the side effects disappear, i would have liked to but being a dad of a family you have a lot to do. Now two hours after i feel better but a bi light headed more clear. I talked to Azi and he said that the first part had been succesful and we will be addressing the Ajna Chakra this afternoon.

Fellow mages i have advanced quite a lot with Azi Dahaka and hes treated me very wel but i havent been feeling very well. All the energy changes have been a bit rough on me but Azi told me that this would fade soon, i have the last chakras to attend (Root Chakras) then i will feel the full effect. Ill write later.

One week after this finished, I’ve found the following I can share:

  1. my dreams have normalised somewhat from the 21 days with Ahriman inside my spinal column and then the high-intensity days and nights of this work, but they do still tend to address “issues” in my past and present more strongly than ever before, and they’re more memorable - also, dream portrayals of family and friends are clearer and more realistic, less clouded by sentiment and childish fondnesses, and have been quite emotionally difficult but still very valuable in getting clear from the usual baggage etc. of life and background;

  2. since this “venom” thing started, boy do I dream about horses! Big horses, racehorses, small shaggy ponies, cart-horses… I’m just waiting for the poopy pink ones to show up! O_o

Seriously, I read on wikipedia’s page for Azi Dahaka (the historical Zahhāk) before I started this:

In Middle Persian he is called Dahāg or Bēvar-Asp, the latter meaning "[he who has] 10,000 horses".

I don’t know, yet, exactly what these are about, or if there’s any relation to that concept, but every dream has become very horsey, and I liked the idea of horses as a kid (like most little girls) but aside from fairground pony rides, I had one riding lesson as an adult and didn’t really enjoy it, so why my dreams have gone equine is anyone’s guess - Angel Caido, has this happened to you? It could just be simple symbolism but I thought I’d put it out here.

That’s been this week, the “venom” energy (and by the way, isn’t it an interesting inversion of the vampirism tendrils thing - to be stabbed and have energy poured IN?) seems to get restless if I don’t find ways to use it, so I’m exploring that as well.

Lots of UPG and stuff I’ve been told to stay schtum about, as well, but the main feature has been the horses, so I thought it was worth sharing because it’s so out-of-character to my usual dreams.

Well good news, today in the morning, Azi finished injecting his venom in my last chakras. again the woozy feeling and suddenly a nice energetic sensation as if an electric circuitry had been completed. Its a bit too early to fully evaluate the effects of this but this afternoon i have felt very peaceful very tranquil as if a heavy burden had been taken off me, i see evreything more clearly as if evreything was in 1080p high definition. The link with Azi Dahaka is very close now, i just have to name him and he arrives really quickly. My power has been turbo boosted. I usally work with a pendulum along with my thir eye visions and boy does that pendulum sucker move or should i say fly off my board. When i began with the pendulum it hardly moved at all. now the sucker flys off the boar, sometimes im afraid if it moves to strong it may fly across my desk and land god knows where. It has also boosted my comunication with other entites and Azi told me that my workings would be more effective and entites would respect me more. So resuming my experiences untill now that during the period of venom injection your body changes and you will definetly feel it (sickness and urge to vomit), so i strongly urge anyone who wants to go done this path to keep this in mind. But the rewards are high, especially when you are working with entites so powefull as AD and Ahriman. AD mentioned to me that Ahriman is already modyfying my future and the power you absorb also tends to alter reality around you in a pasive way. Regarding you Equine experiences Lady Eva no unfortunetly i havent experienced them but my dreams seem to be clearer and i am sleeping much better.¿What UPG stuff have you been expeiencing LE? Lady Eva could we share any more private notes? I asked AD to train me now so i can use all this power to its fullest. So ill be writing all my experiences here.

Dreaming or horses especially running towards you is a sign of power, enjoy it :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s interesting that the horses are always mine or I’m in some way responsible for them, I’ll try and type a halfway intelligent post on the “sacrifices” thread about power when I can string my thoughts together sensibly :o) but I think a lot of this is “about” power and about using natural forces to gain that.

Angel Caido, one of the things that’s happened is that when I enter the astral now, I often find I’m automatically in the shape of a big black dragon - a rather elegant one that’s somehow recognisably “me” and yet also dragon-like. Weird.

It just happens and I have no idea why. I’ve spent the past week catching up from the everyday-life stuff that got pushed out the way, and still have so much to explore, I’ll update on here with what I can.

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Hey what a coincince Lady Eva ive also seen myself as a Dragon , im not sure a normal one or a three headed one. Wow now thats interesting. How do you go into the astral planes Lady Eva if you could help me we could have a astral meeting of some kind. By the the way im also english (i used to live in Bournemouth) but now i live in Chile. But soon im aplying to a job which just might take me back to england. I hope so.