Taking Down Pedogate - Operation Hera

This is a working against what’s been called PizzaGate, and more recently, PedoGate – the trafficking of children for sexual abuse, some of it ritual in nature, in various “corridors of power.”

(As with all working threads, this isn’t a referendum of any kind, please PM me with any questions, or do your own research.)

Due to the remit I have been given, trafficking children for other purposes falls outside the scope of this – the focus of Operation Hera lies on the nexus of ritualised abuse underlying a host of other ills, purposefully and consciously conducted in a manner to draw on “dark forces” or to affect reality and increase personal magnetism and power.

Those dark forces? Yeah, they shifted allegiance recently, and are now ready to flip the script.

I’m opening an invitation to enjoy a piece of this action, for anyone reading this who wishes to see those involved in the ritual abuse of pre-pubertal children, for the purposes of occult power-raising and reality imprinting (via subjugation of another human, a reality-creator, to a state of depersonalisation and ego death) and for the purposes of offering the children to all forces considered demonic, “Luciferian,” and occult.

I do not consent to this happening in my reality.

So, the intention of Operation Hera (which name I got directly from spirits, including the Queen of Heaven Herself) is this:

  • to remove, reverse, and deny further access to any degree of power raised by the infliction of sexual activity, and/or related pain and suffering, on a child below the age of puberty, banning such actions past the rise of this New Moon on the 25th May 2017
  • and to return upon all who have benefitted from this, or who intend to do so in future, their portion of the massed pain and massed helplessness, powerlessness, and death inflicted at any point in the past, dating back to the Day Of The Lotus.

(Questions and details answered below.)


Raise the most powerful dark forces you can command, using the methods you find most reliable and powerful, and send them against all who have been involved in the sexual abuse of pre-pubertal children for purposes of acquiring magickal power, reality-imprinting, and self-glorification.

The Goddess Hera, Queen of Heaven, is overseeing this (She whose wrath even Zeus feared) and among the most eager participants will be Belial, Óðinn, Freya, Frigga, Thor, Heimdallr, Kek, Aset (Isis), Varnaxis, Asmodai, and the other Nine Kings of Azazel’s demonic hierarchy, many beings associated with the Ahrimanic path, who saw the sacred power torn from humanity’s grasp, and all the Names of Marduk mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon.

These are just the spirits I know and work with personally, who dropped their names into the aether for this working – if you have a drastically different group, and divination or spirit communication says they’ll help, then work with them – I was unable to poll all beings in time to post this.

It’s best to avoid all angels whose names end in “-el” unless you have reliable reasons to trust them, for the purposes of this working, and also avoid any of the Abrahamic godforms and things related to them.

The working will be done over four days, and, given its nature, is best done at the times where you have the most power and the greatest ability to evoke or act, beginning with tomorrow’s New Moon – you can look up what time that will be in your location here: TimeAndDate.com.

So, the earliest start date is 19:44 UTC, which is 20:44 in London, and here’s a time difference calculator for all other time-zones: Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

The window for this specific working will close at Moonset four days later, which is 00:32 Tuesday 30th May in London, you can work out that time for your location with the link above.

Choose the time/s within that window of around four days that are most powerful and suitable for YOU.


I’m going to avoid naming specific targets to comply with the forum rules, and also, more importantly, because the over-arching statement of intent against the people doing this should capture the guilty and spare the innocent – but if you have a specific name in mind, feel free to include them on the basis this isn’t an open-ended curse, this is intended to reverse the aspirations of, and fuck up the power and lives of, only those people engaging in specific behaviours.

What Is Intended:

Removal of power now, and permanently past the May New Moon of “2017” Common Era, from any person who has commited actions involving the sexual abuse and infliction of pain, suffering, fear, and death, on pre-pubertal children for occult/magickal reasons, and for the purposes of imprinting reality.

And retribution in full against those who have partaken of this rite, by returning this malfeasance upon them.


Cleanse yourself, and make some small act of atonement if possible prior to this date – we live in a society sufficiently saturated by this filth, that it’s possible some former boss or maybe entertainer we’ve liked or supported has been engaged in these activities, and in a sense we benefitted through our wages or enjoying their art.

Don’t get overly caught up or paranoid, but perform some action to cleanse yourself of this tainted energy, such as a confession or small sacrifice, ritual bath, or fasting, or whatever fits your belief system and your intuition. I’ll be doing this myself, have already done some of it, it’s important and best safe than sorry.

We’re going to leverage all that action on the deepest levels and turn it back on people, and like going to see Magneto when you have keys in your pocket, the smallest thing may be unduly influenced if it’s not cleaned out first.

Why? And Other FAQs:

I don’t like this kind of act, and more than that, it’s been shown to me that it’s directly holding humanity back, meanwhile the chances of a decent FBI or other investigation that busts this wide open are slim, given the way it’s insinuated itself into society and especially, into politics, NGOs, charities, and the civil service. Too much would be destroyed by concerted overt action against it – but occult, magickal action, that’s a different thing.

It needs to not only be stopped from paying out, in terms of power, but also reversed – to be made a well so toxic that those who have drunk so greedily from it now fall sick in their own time, and quietly fall away.

Law enforcement can’t do this, white-light healers can’t do this – WE can.

WE have mastery over the very same forces some moron has petitioned by attempting to be “evil” or, on a deeper scale, by imprinting their will onto the broken mind of a child, through trauma and specific types of abuse, to use that child’s living and godlike power. And we’re better than this, and have attained more power, more cleanly, so they’re now a losing bet, yesterday’s man, and a liability to the very forces and beings they once sought to court.

To avoid the “open circle” thing, I want to make it clear this working is only open to human beings whose heart beating now was within their mother’s womb – strange, but, I’m told, necessary.

(If you’ve had a heart transplant, sit this one out.)

A ring of iron links, already, the forces of darkness and power who are engaged in Operation Hera.

The specified intent mentions pre-pubertal children due to the variations in “laws of consent” around the world, and the necessity to draw a line that relates to a causal, rather than calendrical or legal, definition of what is a “child.”

“Day of the Lotus” was the date I was shown as representing, in the causal realms/aetheric records, the last date upon which mankind wasn’t plagued by those who wish to enslave and damage others in this way. It is what it is, spirits seem to see things in chains of cause and effect rather than calendar time, and this is what I was given, from spirits I trust.

Finally, to be comprehensive, if you at any time in the past were involved with (and therefore, benefitted from) any group working, coven, or other group who did this, even just on their fringes, and are duly regretting it now or at least, no longer involved, you have until the start of this ritual to make amends and cleanse yourself of the energy, to get good with your own conscience, and make a vow to whatever you respect to not do it again. I’m not massively bothered who gets hurt as collateral due to past poor choices, but I’m issuing fair warning.

Of note: earlier this year, and then just this week, various events occurred that were clearly attempts on my life, very near misses from lethal things that were related to this – to Operation Hera.

I’m not joking or exaggerating here, this is a serious and HUGE big deal, and so take every precaution, or sit this one out, because we’re going against some rather nasty stuff, and even with all their main forces either on-side or destroyed, there’s still a lot of residual crap floating around.

Be safe, get cleansed first, and be strong!

The Statement:

I, I summon the Queen of Heaven, I summon the forces of hell, I summon the darkness and I summon the rage, to turn back upon them the pain and the degradation, the suffering and the loss, of those who ripped children’s bodies like tissue in their fabrication of lies, of false clawing for power, may Lucifer’s light excoriate them, that took the divinity from within a child and used it to their own aims.

I summon the full forces of hell aligned with Belial the Over-Turner, the Worthless, he who cannot be bought at any price, to come against them now, to remove forever their energy and power, banish their incarnations, to defame, destroy, and kill them by any means necessary, and using all forces of both the darkness and the light.

This is My will, Rosani, dated this prelude, the 24th May 2017CE.

It is so.


This is a great operation. Thank you. I’ll figure out which spirit I will ask for help tonight.


im in. we’re in.


ill also create an egregore for this very thing.


Ok im in.


I’m in. If any of you wish to work with my godform, Drakerni Hosti, he is the devourer of sexual predators and protector of the young.


Super - I did an invocation of Hera dedicating to Her this morning, I’m going to chill for a bit then kick things off here at 20:44, maybe a little before then, and then go with the flow for evocations, invocations, and other work “as the situation requires” over the next 4 days. :slight_smile:

Btw I woke a few days before with the outline of this working, including the name and details of length, already in my mind like you might have the lyrics to a song you love just THERE waiting to be called up, and then Hera did a spontaneous manifestation in my Temple later that day just to affirm the whole thing!

I was hoping you would when I saw your thread! :smiley:

All the forces and probabilities seem to have aligned to this moment, I’ve been told for ages now to keep a fairly hands-off approach on this, and then BAM - everything changes and I’m getting a full download of details and a completely unexpected link to Hera who I never even really worked with much before, certainly not as an adult.

It’s looking like right time, right place, right people, so I’m cautiously confident we can make some real changes here, get some stuff bedded in to poison that particular well forever.


Thank you @AdamThoth



I’m thinking Nemesis and The Furies might want in on some of this action as well… :slight_smile:


I did a preliminary cleansing and fired off the intent of the operation into the unconscious. Spent an hour highlighting the problem and projecting into situations like a rolodex and spoiling everything. From law enforcement raids, to suicide, humiliation, and vigilante payback. After rolodexing through a dozen situations I stood in the mouth of the abyss and made my call to arms. The rumblings made it clear not everybody cares.

I was a victim too. Not at the hands of some power hungry occultists, but by a disgusting adult in a position of power.

I’m choosing my soldiers as they make their presence known today.

By Lucifer’s light and Hera’s whim, those that would rob children of their light shall be burned and forsaken, their lives forfeit and memories banished. Those involved in the ritualized abuse of children shall be spiritually torn from limb to limb and left impotent and unwanted.


I will perform rites for the next 3 nights to contribute my power to the cause.


Charles Cosimano has his free psionic books that detail putting pictures of death, accident, illness, and such things on a picture of your chosen target.
Also imagining death, accidents, and destruction on the object, person that you wished to be harmed.
Of course, he is using psionic equipment to do this. But, as the Joy of Satan says, "the working depends on the strength of one’s mind and aura."
I have pictures of people in “high places” and am already at work sending destruction on them. Daily.
This is curse is another great way to hex them crooks. I am doing it. And will use it to empower Death Energy against these people as well.
Of course always making sure the person hexed is ‘‘guilty’’. I personally do NOT want any “Collateral Damage” (no innocents harmed).
Thanks for this opportunity EXACTLY what I am looking for.


I’m in.


I’m in. You have help of all spirits in my home. My first ritual workings were in binding entities. I like to think of my home as a dollhouse of leashed spirits.

My town is a swirling torrent of heroin and child abuse. I’m used to attacking these types of people. To the core, their vices make them flawed.


I’m in.

I’ve also had Anat, Bes and Sekhmet tell me they would want to help, so if any of you are willing to work with them.

Oh and @Lady_Eva you’re amazing for putting this all together.


Looks like Andromalius is perfect for uncovering wicked deeds. He can grant that ability, and can also make people suffer from the ability, meaning, the wicked can become beacons for their own misdeeds.

Nobody came to me last night, so I had to figure this one out myself.

Missteps, mistakes, rotten auras, trails, tracks, prints, identification, computer viruses, creepy feelings, paranoia, … these are all beacons that attract the proper focus onto the perpetrators of ritual pedophilia.

Andromalius can impart his sight and can sour evil deeds so that they may be uncovered.

We reread Lady Eva’s statements and oration with Andromalius’ attention on me. Then went on to projecting to the personalities that would cause harm to children for the sake of power.

I have never worked with this entity, but he seems infinitely suited for this operation. He seems to enjoy being greeted as a hero, with chants and praises for his skills. I gave him a hero’s welcome. Think of a tavern erupting in chant as the hero Andromalius walks in.

Let the pedo ring unravel under the weight of its wicked deeds as this is precisely the force that attracts Andromalius.


Spirit: Gamoraan
species: dragon
appearance: twin tailed dragon spirit. has black scales large horns red eyes has a gigantic scorpion tail and a dragon tail and scorpion pinchers. four legged.
animal: scorpion, serpent, dragon, lion, moths, worms
zodiac: Scorpio and Taurus (from what i was told)
color: blue black red
assist: baneful work, death magick, necromancy to a minor degree, most forms of black magick, vampirism
numbers: 4, 5, 9, 20, 45
offerings: nails, candles, broken glass, alcohol
planets: Saturn and mars
sigil is on the way. happy hunting.


fyi ill be doing a ritual as well i just wanted to do that.


As soon I started studying magic I had a recurring dream about Paedo sigils and breaking kids out of harms way.


Still in the design stages, but I’m putting something together.