Pathworkings that didn't work out

I thought it might be interesting to talk about this, and I’ll go first:

After I finished working with Azi Dahaka and had rested and sorted myself out a bit, I had planned to work for a lunar month with Isis, because she had appeared during one of the dreams I had at the start of invoking Ahriman, and I already had some knowledge of her and affection for her.

BUT: I didn’t somehow gel with the work, maybe it’s a flaw in me and maybe sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, even when the divination’s positive and the spiritual side of it seems interesting.

The first week was good, the second very patchy, and it just felt like a mismatch in all kinds of ways: I still love Isis, and I’ve done a couple of things with her, but this pathworking as it had been given wasn’t feeling right.

I called that plan off, after a bit of soul-searching, and instead began in a different direction. In this case, I didn’t abandon the basic concept of doing intense and almost daily workings, because I was building up towards the daemon child project I’d had in mind for months (update asap) but I did change the whole set-up and at the moment, I plan to approach her again and ask for help some time later this year.

So, I thought it might be useful to share some times when things didn’t go quite as planned, and how we handled it, and what happened next?

Am I gutted I don’t have a 28-day pathworking with a goddess who is, arguably, Queen of the Sorceresses, under my belt by now? A bit, yes.

But it just didn’t work, and sometimes you have to push through the barriers, other times it can feel like a better use of energy to focus on something else.

And I’ve had this happen before - years ago when I was first learning healing, I was offered a pathworking through the elements by entities I’d met through trance work, and I did the opening ritual and offerings for this, and started the work, but again it wasn’t the RIGHT kind of hard work, it felt wrong, and I called it off.

I probably lost some knowledge by doing that, but I got lucky and learned some different methods further along that might have filled the gap - I’ll never really know. I felt like a total failure back then - this time round, and with work to be done, I just figured it was one of life’s little speed-bumps, and carried on along a new route.

Maybe that’s the fruit of having a lot of experience, and not having my whole identity tied up in being right and “powerful” and perfect 24/7 - humility not based on self-abasement, but on the knowledge there’s always another way to do things, and that it’s okay sometimes to let go of one plan, in order to devote yourself to another.

So, has anyone else here had a planned pathworking or something not go as they’d hoped?

How did you handle it, and what did you decide based on that?

Did it make you review your path, your approach or anything else?

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So I got this injury in Afghanistan (not any kind of awesome war wound, it was really, really dumbly unglamourous actually) and ended up working with the healing angel Rantka from KoF for healing. Rantka’s specialty though is -teaching- about healing, and I did learn quite a lot. Also this was my first serious attempt at collaborating with a specific grimoire spirit for a given task, and I was eager for the possibilities this path had in store.

So next I started hearing a lot about different people’s dramatic successes with Raphael, and I got a case of the ‘occult shinies’ and wanted to experience this powerful angel’s healing. Now mind you, with Rantka’s guidance I had already healed to an extent that after returning from deployment the orthopedic surgeon was incredulous that such progress was made “naturally” and without immediate corrective surgery and constant therapy. They didn’t exactly have facilities available out there to do jack shit about my torn ligament, so this visit to the surgeontook place months after getting back, and she just said there was nothing she could do to improve on how it had healed; she was very mystified. She gave me a couple of stretching exercises to do and that was that.

But since I’m impossible to please, I thanked Rantka for his help, burned the sigil that I was carrying on me, and restored to my altar shelving the little wooden Seal of the Sorcerer I had carved to also carry. And got ready to evoke Raphael to really see some fireworks!

I had drawn out the sigil and was contemplating it without activating it, getting into some preparatory immersion and a message occurred to me about what I was doing. I sensed no hostility from Raphael, quite the opposite, but what I can best equate as a gentle but stern admonition of what was really at play here. You see, I had been informed of those last few stretching exercises by the surgeon, but had I done them? -Fuck- no, at that point my mind was already revelling in how -easy- it was going to be to simply evoke Raphael, let -him- do all the work, and not bother myself with something as petty and mundane as actual “work”!

Would Raphael be unable to help me if I didn’t do the silly stretches? Absolutely not. Would have chosen or been able to refuse to heal me anyway if I had gone through with the evocation? I don’t believe so, at least if I had known more then about assuming complete power as the god in the circle. But what I was being told while preparing for this work, as a -favour-, was that I would not live up to my own ultimate goals of myself if I took this easy route when I had already been given so much by Rantka to just do already!

I hope to work with Raphael in the future, I like his way of teaching even someone whose spirit communication was really shitty back then. But, lesson learned, and here I am learning way more important things for me personally, with the knowledge that when it’s time to do so, the healing or whatever else will come -so- easily.

Hope that’s a worthwhile response to the topic, and I apologize for any typos I failed to hunt down, this is from my phone while eating lunch. Take care guys.

I had planned to do a pathworking with Belial earlier this year. The point of the pathworking was for him to help me understand how to release myself from my own shackles and be without a master. I had been doing prep immersion and what not, reading all I could on Belial and meditating on him, his correspondences and his sigil. I had even decided on what I was going to offer and sacrifice for him and he seemed pleased with what I had planned to do.

A week or two before I had I was scheduled to begin this pathworking I received a dream that was quite emphatic that I not proceed as planned. I can’t recall all of the details of this dream but that part clearly stood out. I rarely remember dreams and when I do there is usually some kind of message behind it so I decided to listen.

I decided instead to work with Michael to help me actualize my goals and progress and enrich my life both spiritual and mundane. I really wanted to work with Belial and I likely will in the future but I do feel that this is the right step to have a more solid relationship with Michael and understand more about myself and my goals before diving in with Belial.

My work with Michael has been so far very fulfilling and a bit strange and surprising at times. I’ve found a new respect and admiration for this spirit as well as seen new sides of him I’ve not seen or heard of before.

So I’m pretty satisfied with how things are going with this.

I’ll post my findings when I get this all wrapped up.

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