The Truth Of The Crooked Man - I Faced Him

Damn man. That explains a lot of what happened during the evocation too…

Told me my mind wouldn’t comprehend his name and that he was an ancient god. More ancient than I knew.

Tried choking me too.

Great job brother


Kabbalah = Kaaba + Allah

@C.Kendall you are truly a powerful person. I expect great things from you. All I ask is that you use your power to help humanity’s ascent.


This is probably one of the reasons you’ve been getting drawn to the Qu’ran, NO I’m not bashing Muslims or the guy you know, lots of nice people are Muslims and obviously the normal ones want to share what they really believe is right, it’s human nature, but the forces will work through any contact with the Qu’ran to try and draw you in now that so much damage has been done to not just the core troll entity but also all the archons and various forces aligned with it that were feeding on all that faith and hope and worship.

I mean you probably want to be aware of this because if it could get you drawn in to Islam and really practicing, conceding its power, that’s the ultimate triumph over your father isn’t it? Plus it totally subverts your power, to complete the defeat on this plane.

You’re really weird in terms of your energy (in a good way) and the stuff you come up with is more like I would expect some someone in their 50’s even 60’s, older who’s been at this wearing down the veils in their mind and reality for years, so I’m totally not surprised by this in your OP and I did wonder if there was more to the forces behind Islam trying to lure you in than there seemed.

Edit to add, back in 2014 E.A. did a ritual that was to do with alignments of Saturn, Venus, and the Sun and the concept of “bind the name of god in chains” as a group ritual and invited people beforehand to take part, video below.

He does an introductory bit, then a short secrtion describing the Universal Circle (yeah it’s an advert, but I find that pretty endearing lol) and the invite to the group working that day begins at 46:00 but you want to watch it all to get the full story of the planets:

These are some of the threads about it from that time, the formatting might be screwy on the olders ones because software changes etc:

This is all weird as fuck.

Edit again to add, last night after you posted those three images of how he was appearing to you, I scrolled past them because I didn’t want to have to start drawing blinds again but then at one point after reading replies I scrolled UP and saw them all, and they all looked like really bright white energy was coming out, somewhere between an explosion and a mist.

I wasn’t really into digging into this any more because I was ridiculously busy BUT at the time I thought maybe it meant you were going to defeat the entity or something, or transmute it somehow, I didn’t really give it a lot of thought except to observe it.

I’m sharing it because it might be relevant to some future thing though, I don’t often see images like miniature movies like that without trying to scry at all.


Very interesting indeed…


Seems to have some similarities to my Shadow.


@C.Kendall Very interesting, and CONGRATULATIONS! I will have to digest what you wrote. I am still wondering why he was at the 13th gate when I did my downward spiral initiation to meet Hekate. Looks to me that he gets around alot.


:rofl: :joy::rofl::laughing: :joy:

Anyone want to hop on a rocket to Titan and tell the bad islamaphobic meta-deity off then? :thinking:

Fuck it, I’m only human, I promise not to laugh, gloat, or snark about this again.

Publicly. :smiling_imp:


The fact that i seen this while listening to “i’m only human” by rag’n’bone :joy: :joy: @Lady_Eva


The Builders of the Adytum is all about Tarot Majors, Qabalah, and Sacred Geometry…where Metatrons Cube is the Cube of Space (where Saturn is at the center), within a polyhedron or hexagram.
In the Book of Tokens, Death (Scorpio-Transformation) discusses in Nun the many masks which tie into reincarnation.


I read the other thread. Interesting what you all experienced. Interestingly no weird happenings or feelings here. So to me that is odd.


Did you read it at the time or just now?

Everything seemed to change for me after seeing those images glow with white mist coming out, I think whatever the tension was that was giving folks headaches and stuff is now resolved, now that he’s met with the entity.


Just now.

That would explain it.

Though my phone is acting odd now and only on this forum.


@C.Kendall @FraterMagni, I tought the same.

  1. Chaos (God of) and storm
  2. Attacks
  3. Statue buried
  4. God of middle east (Iraq for example)

Well as a middle and sometimes lefty :wink: I find this very funny @Lady_Eva


Sounds like Pazuzu

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I think older. What I like to call forgotten gods.


Geez! The energy is residual and it still lingers, similar to the death energy, yet different. More like chaos throwed into the blender. It’s trembling, makes me feel like I’m close to a panic attack. It’s very similar to how I feel when walking in crowdy places in the city.

Nothing scary about it, though. Slightly intimidating, yet interesting at the same time.


Does the force that embodies the essence of each mask “remember” the attitudes and memories “possessed” by each mask?

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Is it just me or does something feel a bit off like the puzzle pieces don’t quite fit. Been reading this and the other thread and something just tells me I am not seeing somthing that is starring me right in the face.


Makes me think of set.