Day of power May 10 according to E.A

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Halfway through or closer to the end, E.A. discusses how May 10 will be a day of great power, and a day to bring down barriers, end wars, and make things happen.

Well I personally plan on joining in on this and focusing on ending ignorance, raising the people and the planets frequency, and bring down the so called veil between the realms. Making the physical and the higher vibrational realms more of one and the same.

Do any of you have plans for this day?

Im into this also. Im currently working with the Nine Kings of Goetia and will be working with Furcas that is the ONLY Saturnian Spirit in Goetia, so he surely is important somehow to this.

Curiously enough, yesterday I received a message from the Kings where I should take a look at the Mother’s Path, which is the Tunnel of Set called Hemeterith (forgot the right spelling). It is the Kala that redeems the Mother through the birth of the Son, that is, it redeems Matter through the birth of the Spirit and Consciousness of the Magician in the Matter, in other words, its the Key to Become the Living God.

Im noticing interesting energetic changes in myself, my energy is getting both denser and more flexible. Interesting!

Same thing I do everyday, Pinky - try to take over the world.

I am actually being serious.

And I think anyone who’s really into this particular kind of goal (and maybe that’s not everyone here) is going to be a fool to themselves if they don’t watch this, and make some plans involving these dates, and maximise whatever goals we have through this in our own ways.

I’ve had a lot of UPG that kind of ties in with this “black sun” stuff, some of which I posted about already, some of which I’m not really into talking about because I like for people to not think I’m a fucking maniac.

Excellent vid, aside from the cool stairwell thing that I already posted about at length, there was a lot of food for thought there, and I didn’t actually know about that Venus thing yesterday (5th May) but it completely explains some weird shit that happened, so I’m very grateful for that.

I’ll maybe post about it at a later date, if it becomes possible to do so, but it made sense of stuff that goes back a few years and also relates to my daemonic child, and I have to protect her by not over-sharing things that relate to her genesis.

I’m mentioning it because this is my current ongoing magickal “project” but I’m fairly sure the repercussions of these cosmic events will be rippling out into everyone else’s reality and workings, in ways that are unique to each one.

And the totally casual line about “Now, I’m not going to say that you’ll need to perform a human sacrifice” - kind of like watching a cookery show, and they say “I’m not saying you have to use this type of frosting, you could use a different brand” - classic!

In my opinion, one of the best vids that EA has made. Full of hidden history and precious insight. I wonder if the power of May 10 can be channeled to fuel other kinds of workings other than of ending obstacles. Perhaps, creating an egregore, evoking a godform or something else awesome.

Same thing I do everyday, Pinky - try to take over the world.

I am actually being serious.[/quote]

I’m not so much interested in running the world as that seems like it could be a hassle as I am in having the people that do run the world work for me.

I think the point he tried to make and sort of botched is that Zazel or Azazel is the demon of Saturn in the Key of Solomon (his neglected cousin Agiel is the ruling angel). Saturn “rules” on Saturday, so you have this crazy “perfect alignment” coming up. If you really want to nail the traditionalist timing, on Saturday Saturn rules the first and eighth hour of the Day, and the third and tenth hour of night, those hours governed by Cassiel. Mars is 3 and 10 by Day, and 5 and 12 by Night, under Samael.

Just for the record, while Koetting’s system only recognizes nine, there are in fact twelve Kings in the Lesser Key/Goetia. Koetting leaves out Astaroth, Phenex, and Gremory, and while I know why someone would be disinclined to talk about Gremory in mixed company, I’m not sure on his reasons for leaving the other two out.

Didnt know Astaroth was considered a King in the Lesser Key, nor Phenex and Gremory. Well, I think I never read it anyway. Im actually using Rufus Opus Modern Goetia as basis, and I have a list of the demons of Goetia which I use for quick reference.
On Kasiel, I want to give this a more demonic touch, so I really dont know if I should call him in the final stage of the Operation, although.the experiences I’ve had with him were pretty Infernal per say.

And yeah, cool shit this happening on saturday, a Cosmic Joke I’d say.

I think I shell start 10 May of with the summoning of all powers and then see what gets presented to me and follow threw with the rest of the day with as many ritual to assist in me becoming a god.

Good news, i talked about this date on another site and the idea is literally spreading like wildfire, there will be a lot of involvement with changing things May 10 :wink: if anyone else reads this topic, you all are more than welcome to join us in sharing this intense energy when there will finally be a severe lack of limits imposed on us and what we wish to manifest! :slight_smile:

Don’t beat me up, but must this ritual be performed outside?

No, it can be performed anywhere, obviously outside would be best, but facing east anywhere in your house works just as well. Just try to be at a place where you can observe the sunset and time the ritual to when the sun is is close/right about to set, the twilight hour.

If you want to supercharge the ritual, watch E.A.'s video, he talks about a couple of different methods he himself will be using during his ritual.

yeah. He said watch the sun set then watch
Saturn Rise. If you have windows that face east and west in the
same room then, I think your good.

I still believe this whole huge ritual will be extremely Satanic.

I’ll be doing this anyways, but I’m pretty sure someones going to
get hurt some how.

What must be done will be done. There might be people that will do blood sacrifices for their personal rituals, but there are always people who choose that path and that is their choice. Just do the ritual the way you feel its best. Regardless of how we go about it, May 10 is literally GUARANTEED to be a supercharged day for magick, just from the fact alone that so many people will be performing a ritual all across the country/world at around the same time. If your ritual chooses to manifest something that many also desire to manifest, it is likely that it will come to pass and very quickly so.

My interest within the celestial event has grown much greater these past couple of days. I’ll be performing rituals over the seven human Calcaneus bones, waiting to be carved, in addition to the Fear Fetish already crafted.

I’ll most likely be working rituals to weave a few other objects as well…should be a fun night.

I’d like to participate in this ritual but it’ll depend of the Belgian weather. Lots of rain lately.

I am in. I will get in my circle and meditate on ending the wars currently going on, as well as focus on my own ascent, and destruction of a particular enemy.

Dude, we need those wars. is way too much for this planet! I’d say, bring us some more wars!

Destruction of an enemy is always good :wink:

[quote=“Bran, post:17, topic:3235”]Dude, we need those wars. is way too much for this planet! I’d say, bring us some more wars!

Destruction of an enemy is always good ;-)[/quote]

True bro! But war is slow. Plagues are faster.

[quote=“Bran, post:17, topic:3235”]Dude, we need those wars. is way too much for this planet! I’d say, bring us some more wars!

Destruction of an enemy is always good ;-)[/quote]

With current technological breakthroughs, the population would be sustainable so long as we actually pushed towards those advancements that completely render our more destructive ways obsolete.

Eventually, we’d have to slow our reproduction down and we would definitely have to solidify our cities in a manner similar to Dubai’s Ziggurat to bring back the ecosystem we’ve destroyed through the creation of sprawling cityscapes.

It’s getting people to do it that’s difficult.

That is so true. At the speed at which people move these days, some one with Ebola in Africa could be in any part of the world with in a day. With an incubation period of two days to three weeks, the infection could remain hidden until it’s too late.